Areohimeeoh and Jayyoueleyeeetee

Summary: Note: _ = censored. Not for your eyes. But it’s not vulgar…   Beckett was on a mission. And very […]

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Note: _ = censored. Not for your eyes. But it’s not vulgar…

  Beckett was on a mission. And very important it was too. Did it matter that Artemis would be mad at him? No, it was worth every second of the yawn-inducing lecture he would receive. Myles didn’t know. No one knew. It was that important.

  His pudgy fingers scrabbled along the table, reaching for a pen way higher than he could touch. But he was devious in a away even Myles wasn’t. He kicked the table twice, and the pen skittered down onto the floor. He grabbed it and his picture book and took off to find Myles.

  Where was Myles anyway? He wasn’t in his room or in the garden looking for bugs to dissect. Ah, he must be online. Beckett didn’t quite know what that meant, all he knew was that Myles loved it. What was so good about sitting there and moving your fingers?

  Beckett was more of a hands-on guy. Not that he knew what it meant. He just liked the sound.

  “Myles? How do you spell _____ and ______?”

  “It’s _-_-_-_-_ and _-_-_-_-_. Hey, you can go ask JuJu if you want,” Myles replied, never once taking his eyes off the screen.

  JuJu. Juliet had never known how evil younger siblings could be, being too busy being the evil younger sibling to Butler. But now she even kind of pitied Artemis. Well, if he hadn’t scolded her for wearing read nail polish that morning. She scowled at her polish-less nails. So ordinary.

  That was when Beckett urned up, alone. She was instantly on her guard. One of the twins alone? Never. Something must be wrong, or it was another trick.

  “JuJu? How do you spell _?”

  She grabbed a piece of paper and wrote it. A-R-E.

  “_?” O-H.

  “_?” I-M.

  “Okay, what’s wrong with you? I recall that Artemis wrote his first word when he was thirteen months.”

  Beckett teared up immediately.

  “Okay then! What’s next?” Juliet forced a smile. If Beckett went wailing to Artemis (obviously it would be Artemis, since he had the most power in the house) then Artemis would stop her clothes and make-up allowance. And she needed them!

  Beckett perked up visibly.

  “_?” E-E. Was that even a word? Ah, well.

  “_?” O-H.

  “_?” J-A-Y.

  “_?” Y-O-U.

  “_?” E-L. What? That was a word? Whatever. Beckett would never know.

  “_?” E-Y-E.

  “_?” E-E.

  “_?” T-E-E. By which Beckett meant the shirt, right?

  “Thanks, JuJu. Can I have the paper?

  “Nope, unless you tell me what it’s for.” If it got Artemis angry, she’d be on the receiving end of the why-did-you-disturb-me-don’t-you-know-that-what-I-do-is-important lecture.

  “If you give it to me then I’ll call you Juliet.”

  “Deal,” Juliet said as Beckett snatched the paper and ran off giggling. Great, she thought. I fell for it again.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Romeo and Juliet, yes? It’s the letters…
    You’re a really good writer! I can imagine that plot being written really badly, but that was good!

  2. yep i guessed as soon as i saw the title.
    hilarious i lov beckett his soooo cool.
    lol i lov the way u wrote it, it’s such a good fic.
    FCD for artificial Asian
    Second comment coke dance

  3. 3rd comment dance!!! Beckett is SO cute =)=)

  4. Princess Joob Joob January 17th, 2010 at 8:01 am 4

    I love it that was adorable!

  5. awwwwwwwwwww. beckett is so adorable!!!

  6. Artiholi180 the epic person of epicness! February 9th, 2010 at 10:08 pm 6

    AWWWWWWW!@!!!!! wait…an @…wtheck….anywho, I WUUUUB IT!

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