An Artemis Fowl Christmas

Summary: Artemis Fowl is back to no good again, plotting yet another crimminal sceme, but one might affect Christmas forever. What is his motive? Holly Short is sent investigate, but she didn't realize she was walking straight into a trap.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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Artemis Fowl did not make mistakes, or at least in his mind. Everything in his plan was executed as he had orchestrated. Butler was monitoring the cameras (which had been upgraded to reject loops since Holly’s kidnapping), Juliet was off on vacation with Angeline and Artemis senior, and Artemis had contacted the LEP on Holly’s communicator with the voice-changer every half-hour or so. He had even employed the old trick of removing the locator to attach on a moving object which in this case, was a computer-controlled mini jet that tried to mislead the LEP, attached with a lab rat to provide the helmet bio statistics.
Artemis took over for Butler at around ten o’ clock. He glanced back at Holly, who was still knocked out. He was still feeling uncomfortable seeing Holly in a cell, but now it was even more so now that they had become friends. He thought of all the things they’d been through. The B’wa Kell revolt, the quest for the C-cube, the return of Opal, and the journey to Hybras.
Holly began to stir back in the prison. She noted her back was neatly bandaged, even though her magic had healed most of the injury. Holly sighed. Her worst fears remained unconfirmed. True, Artemis probably did not intend damage of this magnitude and tried to fix his error, but on the other hand, she was still in a cell. Holly didn’t notice that when she got up, her body obstructed the ion beams and Artemis’s specially planted audio chip was activated.
“Greetings, Captain Short.” Artemis’s voice came in an icy composure out of the speakers. “Undoubtedly, your little LEP friends have discovered my little file whose security I had purposely weakened and they took the bait.” Holly groaned. They were in the same position as six years ago when Artemis was one step ahead of them as always. The amplifier continued, “You might want to stay still and refrain from anything like last time, seeing that I have reinforced your prison with-“
Holly did not wait to let the amp finish its sentence. She rammed the steel bars she felt a slight prickle on her shoulder which came in painful jolts shortly thereafter. “ electric bars” the loudspeaker continued with a hint of smugness. “Undoubtedly, with a rash personality with yours, you tried to break out before I finished. Sometimes what you don’t hear is almost as important as what you did hear. I hope you have a nice stay.” The audio clip ended with Artemis’s cold chuckle, leaving Holly to sweat it out on the bench.
Dar’vit. That shock had paralyzed her entire arm, which added another disadvantage to boot. Escape seemed almost impossible. But then again, people thought returning from Hybras was impossible too with only three warlocks and a mud boy was unfeasible, so this was at least worth a shot. She was trapped in the hands of a former ally, Foaly and the LEP thought she was fine but delayed, and her prison was as tight a gnome’s wallet! Dar’vit.
Worst of all, what of all those young fairies and mud children waiting to receive their gifts on Christmas Day? The little ones will be devastated. Curse that mud boy! The fact that Fowl hadn’t killed her already and the wrappings on her back served as a slight glimmer of hope that Artemis hadn’t completely gone “evil” again. In reality, the only reason she wasn’t throwing a tantrum over the whole affair was that she couldn’t. No, wait…Wouldn’t believe that he had reverted to criminal mastermind, is seeking to revise a tradition humans and fairies have held for years, and had no trouble sticking his beloved friend in a electrocuted cell. Last year’s Artemis probably would have balked at the very idea, but this Artemis certainly wasn’t. This Artemis was almost exactly like the one when he was twelve. Evil, highly intelligent, and determined.
Back at the operations booth, Foaly was smart enough to suspect something was up. Holly had visited Fowl Manor twice (once during the artic incident and another time after Butler was shot by Blunt). There was no reason for her to be this delayed. What was more suspicious was that every time she called back was that there were no sarcastic comments about his equipment. Now that the position of technical consultant had been highly esteemed now that it was Trouble’s supremacy, Foaly was able to summon the commanders in a heartbeat. “I think we have a problem” Foaly started before Vinyaya cut him off. “What, has your hoof moisturizer expired?” Trouble smirked with her.
“Ha ha, very funny. No, we have a situation aboveground. I have reason to believe Holly is in trouble.” Trouble snorted. Centaurs. Paranoid as they come. “So she’s just been a little late, but she’s filling us on all the details so we know nothing’s up”
“But would Holly normally tell us every little detail?” Foaly interrupted. “Furthermore, last time Holly had arrived at Fowl Manor in a couple of hours. Even in all those inconveniences, she still would have returned fifteen seconds ago.” Trouble’s and Vinyaya’s jaws dropped to the floor. “I-it can’t be…” Foaly didn’t smirk, even though he was right, but instead pulled up a window.
“Fowl didn’t realize that I had thousands of satellites at my disposal” Foaly didn’t boast with the usual smugness of his voice. Trouble regained his composure, only to lose it again. “Fowl? I thought he was past kidnapping fairies for ransom!” Trouble managed to sputter.
“Well, we obviously thought wrong. Who else would have the motive, means, and ability? Not to mention Holly was gone while trying to capture Fowl!” Vinyaya cut in. “Foaly, how do you know for sure it isn’t just your normal paranoia?” Instead of replying with a whinny, he poked his screen (despite his complaints of the expensiveness when Sool prodded them).
“As I said before, I planted satellites all over the surface. I had a hunch that Fowl was expected us to go after him, and after zooming in on Holly near Collon, well, you’d surprised.” The commanders went for a closer look, and then…
“Oh, gods above…” Trouble gasped. Foaly’s satellite reading showed a flight device with a rat attached with Holly’s helmet. “Amazing.” Foaly muttered. “Fowl attached a live specimen to the helmet to provide the bio -readings and the gizmo to mislead us. Holly isn’t the sort of officer to give up her equipment easily. She’s either dead or captured, the latter is more possible.” Foaly gritted his teeth. “At least we know what we’re up against, and won’t make the same mistakes” Foaly noted.
“Wow, that’s a lot of comfort to me” Trouble said gritted his teeth. “Now you might want to suit me up for retrieval. I’m heading for the surface.”
Foaly interjected. “Trouble, we can’t just stampede in there like that. We need to think about our options. Fowl has already become the first mud man in history to beat us, and we don’t want to make him the first mud man in history to beat us twice.” The pair grudgingly agreed. Trouble went off to apply for surface visas, Vinyaya took over monitoring the satellites on Fowl Manor, and Foaly flexed his fingers apprehensively and began to toil. There had to be some files the mud boy couldn’t protect.
Jaki Klauss was a busy fairy. For one night he labored around the world to reward the acquiescent little children by and be back at the underground of the North Pole by curfew. The fireplace was an ideal method of transportation. The idea of traveling around the world by fireplace was inspired from those ingenious Harry Potter books; even if they got his cloak quite sooty (much to the displeasure of Mrs. Klauss, who did his laundry). Reindeer sleighs? All credited to crazy old grandpa Tirese when the fireplace collapsed and he accidentally flew off a cliff on a sleigh pulled by wild deer, and a legend was born.
Jaki was no stranger to current fairy technology. In fact, he purchased new inventions of Foaly’s under assumed names. They were invaluable after he twiddled the gadgets with his own special magic. Instead of those “nice/naughty” lists humans had fabricated, he used a electronic notepad (Foaly patented it to store 500 gigabytes) with his aura sensor. The names light green if it is pure, and flashes red if the child is tainted with evil (or at least going through a rebellion period).
Jaki had just been scrolling through the list when- Ack!… Jaki spilled coffee on himself. This was shocking (the list, not the coffee). Nothing like this had ever been seen before. Artemis Fowl II’s name came up green! Nothing like this had ever happened before. Jaki smiled. The mud boy’s change might’ve been credited with Artemis senior’s newfound attitude.
All right. Jaki climbed out of his armchair. This calls for something special. The mud boy will be the first to receive his present. No one else would obtain their loot until Artemis Fowl gets his. He headed to the present storage without checking the list…Artemis Fowl II’s name changed from emerald green to a neon ruby. You can tell how big of a mistake he made…
Foaly was close to shattering the keyboard after forty-five minutes of pointless hacking. The mud boy’s files were impossible to impenetrate. In Foaly’s mind’s eye, this was a battle of intelligence. If Foaly hacks in, Fowl loses. If Fowl keeps his defenses up, Fowl wins. The centaur liked seeing it as a challenge.
Foaly was about to give up all hope of breaking into Fowl’s indestructible fortress until a thought occurred to him. The mud boy may have bulked up his defenses on his PC, but his internet files were a different matter… Foaly snooped around until something caught his eye. His eyes widened in surprise and horror.
“Commanders! Get in here!” He summoned as Trouble and Vinyaya rushed into the operations booth. Foaly gesture to the screen, but it took the overexcited pair several seconds to realize what they were seeing: Artemis Fowl’s email. Trouble responded first.
“Fowl has a cousin? What an evil delinquent she must be!”
“Wait, Trouble, there’s more… you might want to see this…” Vinyaya started.
Trouble finished reading the email and fell silent. He almost sympathized with Fowl. On Christmas day, fifteen years ago, Ellie Kelp fell ill and died after the radiation explosion that also killed Holly’s parents occurred. Ellie was lucky enough to survive, but she was too young and her immune system almost completely collapsed. Over the course of twenty years, she constantly suffered from viruses that even the best warlocks had trouble halting it. It was a slow and painful death for the poor elf.
“What concerns me is the last sentence. All those files I’ve dug up were related to the capture of Klauss. I’ve been thinking that Fowl must have left them unguarded purposely for us to send an officer as a hostage. Now that we’ve found this, I am thinking this is not a bluff. Fowl’s not the type to leave personal data around, so his system must have been weakened. What if the mud boy’s trying to reveal Klauss to his cousin for a Christmas “surprise”?” The commanders opened their mouths to speak, but forced their words back into their mouths after Foaly continued.
“This could be extremely dangerous to fairy security, and if one of Fowl’s systems has weakened, I bet so will the rest of it. I’ll scour the mud boy’s hard drive. Vinyaya, you go get section eight to do a quick reconnaissance to check for booby traps, while you-” Foaly gestured to Trouble. “-go with Retrieval One. It’s time for action.” Trouble nodded. Foaly was often confusing with his scientific jargon, but this time, he heard the centaur loud and clear.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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  1. I’m already on the third chapter, so if I can get at least 20 requests to post the second chapter, I will do so. The second is mainly about when the LEP (and Fowl) takes action. 😀

  2. i really liked it! post the next chapter!

  3. Interesting. It seems to me that Artemis is a bit OOC for a post TLC story- he’s grown more moral since the demon incident. And the plot seems rather… unlikely, to say the least.

    That aside, it looks like it’ll be good and when/if ever you post the rest I’ll be sure to read.

  4. What’s OCC? And also, to say the truth, exploiting Klauss wasn’t his true objective. That’s a secret. There is no way Artemis would devote his time in Santa Claus. San’s decendents had certain powere, and I forgot to mention that. He is “probably” going to try to exploit them. There is more deeper meaning than just extended knowledge of the fairy race.

  5. Oh, and he’s supposed to be more morale after the Opal Deception.

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  7. OOC stands for out of character: meaning that Artemis seemed to be acting unlike himself. But given what you’ve said above, I suppose I’ll have to take back what I said and reserve judgement until I read more (which, by the way, is why I haven’t rated- I like to rate after reading a few chapters and getting a feel for the story).

  8. I like it! very creative and to say the least a very good story taking in consideration that this is your first! 😀

  9. I suppose, seeing from the lack of comments, I should wait longer, but judging from the ratings, I will load up the second chapter. It’s filled with more action. Expect it after I finish my homework 😉

  10. It is not lack of comments because I think ppl in America r sleeping.

    Try going there to figure out how to add new chapters.
    What I do is just post my next chapter in the same box, then I go an place my cursor in between the two chapters and hit the chapter button.
    Hope that helps!
    Oh, and I added on your other chapter for you.

  12. OHH I’m hooked I have a guess as to whats going on so please add chapter 3 so I can see if I’m right. I love the way you have expanded on the use of Artemis’ magic that he stole in The lost Colony, great idea.

  13. yes die sool

  14. Thanks, BlackOpal! Sorry guys, chapter 3 is taking me a little too long, but it introduces more charachters and lays on the foundation for the approaching climax. It will probably be the best one so far

  15. Oh, I really like this story now! It has a good plot, and you’re a talented writer. I’ll be watching for updates. 🙂

  16. i am sorry I didn’t comment earlier but I read this as soon as I got on and LOVED IT!!!!! I can’t WAIT for more! 😀

  17. Sorry, there was a repitition of the second chapter. It’s fixed now. Also, for you Mulch lovers out there, don’t worry. He’s going to be in it, just later.

  18. mahi101 AF Fan December 13th, 2007 at 4:11 am 18

    loved it!

  19. I have noticed lately that the ratings have dropped. I am not concerned for the popularity of this fanfic,but concerned on why. So far, mahi101 AF Fan remains the only one to even comment on this fanfic. If anyone could spare a few seconds to give feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Star, You need to relax. lots of people are reading your story. sometimes though it just isn’t really necessary to comment if things haven’t changed. you story has gone through a few changes. People have commented. also this is your first story. First stories don’t always get a lot of comments. idk y that happens but it does. It happened to V,Kgerrad,me, HS9, and SOOO many other ppl I can’t think of right now. also it IS pretty much Christmas time so I am guessing ppl r either spending time with family or working on their own stories.

  21. Jelly’s right. There’s lots of new stories, and not lots of time for most people to read them. Not to mention that there aren’t THAT many people who visit the archive in the first place, though it is growing. Be patient. I know it’s nice to get instant feedback when you update, but it rarely happens.

    I just read chapters 3 and 4. They’re good, but not as… polished, I think is the word, as the first two. I think you may be rushing to update, and it shows. There’s nothing specific I can point out, but sometimes the phrasing or dialogue is rather awkward.

  22. mahi101 AF Fan December 16th, 2007 at 9:03 pm 22

    hmm.. Well , Ya know wut happens somtimes is that you have a great idea and when you ut it diown od papaer youn dont get everythingin so its not as good , so always take your time , but ofcourse , I liked the update!

  23. Ohh… yeah…sometimes, I get embarrassed and awkward at what I wrote and refuse to even look at it. Thanks guys! I guess I was getting a little worried about the deadline. I’ll polish it up after everything’s in place, and remember, I am still needing comment contributations (yeah, I’m really insecure)

  24. Okay, and I have a faint idea what’s so awkward, but could everyone voice it so I can be sure? Please just tell me what places need a remake. 🙂 The changes may or may not be made until I am finished and have time.

  25. Okely Dokely

  26. Please someone point out the awkward parts? I can’t see them myself, and as they say, the spectator sees the chess board better than the players. I’m blind as a bat when it comes to my own mistakes

  27. idk wut they r tking bout. i don’t c ne mistakes.

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  29. Ummm… I don’t get what you’re saying Jelly.ARGGHHH!! NOOOO!!! THERE’S ONLY ONE DAY LEFT!?!? ARGHHH!!! *slaps keyboard*

  30. Congratulations! I just heard about you winning the story! 🙂

  31. 1crazyhollyfan January 2nd, 2008 at 3:46 am 31

    That is so wonderful! You really deserved the Christmas story prize. Definately a five out of five!

  32. I loved how you quated from the first book. The conversation held between foaly and Atemis while broadcasting on revolving freqencies was exactly the same as the one you put in this story. If any of you care to checks this it can be found in chpt.9 ace in the hole Pg.241. And Know i’m not looking at the book or anything that has it recorded.I’m a freak i know but i find certain things worth retaining. I swear on Commander Roots Grave. By the way congrats on winning.

  33. sorry i spelled quoated wrong spelling is not one of the things i find worth retaining.

  34. ok so my retentchen was a little off but most of it is what was said in that conversation i mentchend earleir but yah really good fic

  35. Great, post the next chapter!
    Also, Artemis doesn’t use PCs, he uses powerbooks, macbooks, and imacs (apple computers). Great job!

  36. I liked your story, but I have a question. After Butler defeats LEPRetrieval one, how does Trouble flt through the window? Butler knocked him out didn’t he?

  37. Yeah well, Trouble’s tough and Holly must have been some added motivation. I will post the whole thing now (I am so insecure about plagerism)

    P.S. I love Trouble!!! 😀

  38. I couldn’t even tell this is your first story. I loved it!

  39. I said I didn’t see any mistakes in your writing. no awkward parts or anything! I read this story before and enjoyed it very much! I think about 3/5 would be just! because that is like a really high percentage, because I guess there were some quirky parts but overall as a story it was pretty good! 😀 I hope you right more!

  40. Nope. AAFC is finished. I’m currently working on Blood lily, though. If you’d like to read it.

  41. Man, this stori’s awsum!!! I still don’t kno why Atry went bad again though

    I mean it’s cool and stuff, but I don’t kno why Artemis is tryin 2 kidnap San D. Klauss
    Sorry Im talkin 2 much, but one last thing.

    I saw in chapter 5 why Artenis is OOC. ok, that should be it. I’m not tryin 2 critisize u, I just didn’t understand some parts.

  42. Um…Artemis’s motives are clearly stated in the last chapter. And he performed the kidnapping because he needed a big enough time stop that not even the LEP can give him.

    No offense, but wow. You sure are like Foaly. You posted 7 comments in a row!

  43. I have only read two chapters so far but the story is excellent. You have the prose of the original writer of the series and I am going to enjoy the rest of the story.

  44. I finished reading the whole story and I have to say it was well done. The first couple of chapters really set the plot for the last chapter. It appears you knew what the ending was going to be before you started the first chapter. Nice ending.
    I really enjoyed the story. Keep writing.

  45. lol nice story even though i didnt finish, i recommended the book artemis fowl to this guy in my class cuz we’re doing a book report .i just started the series and im almost done! hope you write more stories cause im probably gonna enjoy your story by the sound of these comments.
    -your cousin DT, from Canada
    (figure it out your smart “star jinin”)

  46. YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! DIANNY!!!!!!! *SCREAMS LOUDER*

  47. Hey !
    Cool story. But Artemis seems a bit OOC. He’s kinda too morale in this story. Anyway, I liked it. I really hope you write some more.

  48. HaHaHa I am the randomtropy demon who has come to infect these comments with randomness!…
    Well actually I’m just a bit bored but still! Randomness will overwelm the comments muahahahahaha!
    Banana phone! Ha!
    123456 Pokemon! (Btw search on utube hillarious!)
    Blu Ray!
    Halo 3!
    Black Mesa!
    Imma firin mah lazaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shoop Da Whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    . .
    . . .

    . . .
    You have just been…
    Infect other people!

  49. Love the story 🙂 I gave it five stars

  50. hmmmm, last years is……pretty good!!!

  51. this is really cool!!!!!!You should write more like this!!!if you want to you can read mine!! its on the latest list cause i just updated it and wrote it not to long ago!!!And it’s the only one i wrote(except 4 the update notice)!!! Your story rocks!!!kudgw!!

  52. the chptr 2 is the best yet!!(im only in chptr4 though) it still rocks!!!

  53. oh……my…….God! That was awesome!I just finished it and you need to make more!!!!!(seriously, if you din’t i will hunt you down and kill you!)Great story!

  54. Billy-Bumbler March 5th, 2009 at 5:17 am 54

    This is one of the best Christmas stories I have read in a long time 5/5!

  55. RandomReaderGuy May 27th, 2009 at 2:33 pm 55

    Wow. That was one good story! At first Arty seems really OOC but the rest of the story went smoothly. Arty’s motive is quite touching.But the Ark Sool thing is so random.And you’re contradicting TLC’s ending having Mulch living in Vegas. He’s continuing the PI firm, remember?
    but other than that the story is AWESOME!

  56. Awww… Arty… that was soooooo sweet of you…..
    I would try to do that if my cousin had cancer or something. I really would at least I would try…. really I would…
    that was kinda sad though. but magnificient 😀

  57. hitsugayatoushiro June 9th, 2009 at 5:11 pm 57

    i kno wat u mean it was gr8

  58. this story is really fantastic!!you’re a very good writer,man! but who is livian?is she a cousin of artemis?

  59. Star Jihn like Jelly said, you don’t usually get feedback as soon as you post, when I do story I have to wait a day, except for my most devoted followers, perfect few mistakes throughout the whole story

  60. It was pretty good. It took me about 40 mins. to read the whole thing, and that’s saying something since I read most books in just over 2 hours. I only found a few mistakes throughout the whole story… HI!

  61. That was awesome Star Jinin! I really enjoyed it! I hope you write more stories!

  62. Okay your story is really good but one thing that really bothered me was that Artemis’ password was his birthday. I think that is really obvious, and a little too obvious for him because everybody uses thier birthday. That is the only con crit I have because it’s the only thing that actually bothered me. Pretty good spelling and punctuation sooo… Sil out.

  63. Totally agree with them, this is awesome.

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