An Artemis Fowl Christmas

Summary: Artemis Fowl is back to no good again, plotting yet another crimminal sceme, but one might affect Christmas forever. What is his motive? Holly Short is sent investigate, but she didn't realize she was walking straight into a trap.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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Holly Short was in high spirits. She returned to the LEP to find Trouble Kelp in command instead of the idiot Sool and all of her former colleagues welcomed and embraced her with open arms, Foaly among them. With her strange new freedom, she was no longer reprimanded for being a few seconds late when Root was in control, nor was she placed under constant suspicion like during Sool’s tyranny. Now, the entire LEP was given additional salary and more vacation days (Foaly could have died of happiness, with the size of the budget he was having) during Trouble Kelp’s highly anticipated and celebrated rein.
Holly was enthralled by the idea of rejoining the LEP, but now that she was back on the job, she loathed it. True, this was for the People, but boy, Commander Root wasn’t exaggerating when he said he hated the idea of being a Major. Holly was driven mad with boredom. Honestly. If Foaly didn’t arrive here with a field assignment this instant, she would have pelted herself out the window. Thankfully, she didn’t have to wait long. Roob (remember? Foaly’s assistant from the Opal’s deception?) burst into the room and Holly leapt from her chair in relief, thus knocking over the e-forms she had been filling out. Thank Frond for that.
“What’s the situation?” Holly inquired. Her jargon had upgraded quite a bit ever since she was promoted. “Anything I should know about?”
Roob took several deep breaths with sweat cascading down his cheeks. “I don’t know. Apparently, it’s an Fowl alert.” Holly groaned. Ever since Artemis had discovered the existence of the fairies, she was being dragged with him one scenario after another. Still, a field mission was a field mission, and Holly would’ve been mad not to accept it when she was filling out traffic regulation forms. She handed in a substitute approval form to Captain Grub as she head to the operations booth, who was only too happy to be behind the desk instead of in the line of fire with his normal field duties.
Meanwhile, Holly banged the operation booth’s door open in Vinyaya’s face (who was just about to fetch Holly) and apologized quickly.
“Foaly! Tell me what you’ve got this instant!” Holly shouted as she recovered from embarrassment. Every time there’s a Fowl incident, you know it can’t be good, with a fairy exposure threat at the very least.
Foaly turned around in his swivel chair (Holly noted he was wearing a reindeer antlers headband), with Caballine massaging his shoulders. Amazing how he valued personal comfort even in times of stress. “Anyways, I felt a little ambitious lately after patenting a few upgraded programs and hacked into the Mud boy’s secret drive, containing all completed and planned schemes.” Foaly did not continue, seeing that an infuriated Holly cut him off.
“You have no right to do that! I thought after the artic thing, we were done with watching him. Now, you’ve decided to step it up to hack into his computer!” Holly grimaced.
“Well, counting that Hybras incident where he hacked my Section eight files, I’d say we’re even.” The centaur replied smugly before his mood shifted to serious. “We’ve found potential files and documents that could prove to be a problem. I’m not sure if this could be a problem to fairy exposure, seeing that Artemis had never spoke a word to the other mud men, but still…” Holly cut him off again. “Wait. Are you trying to tell me that Artemis is trying to exploit some other species? I won’t believe it!” Holly retorted.
Foaly pulled up a window on his computer. “Oh, believe it” Holly gasped as several manuals of camera formations, data forms, and photos were lain before their eyes. All of them focused on one objection: capturing the latest living descendent of San the Deluded. Apparently, Artemis had not quenched his thirst for knowledge. Just around the holidays, too. With Artemis’s brains and “Santa’s” naive nature, Clauss would be walking into a bear trap.
“I thought the whole Santa thing was just a tale mud men and the People told kids to be nice on Christmas. Even if San exists, how can it be true that an old elf riding a toboggan fly with reindeer attached to it flew around the world in one night?” Holly inquired. She recalled her own parents telling her the story every Christmas before their untimely deaths. Foaly shuffled uncomfortably. “I’m only the technical consultant. If you want to know, ask Quan.” Holly smirked. Foaly was not used to being modest. Quan slipped into the operations booth.
“Simply put, “Santa” does exist. Most of the story is made up, but the overall story is true. Descendents of San D Clauss traditionally rewarded the selfless of the world. “Santas” had much greater time-stop magic and could freeze a whole continent. He could work for a while, and take a break as often as needed. Some trips took several years.” Quan paused to let this sink in. Holly whistled. “That’s one busy fairy.”
“As a matter of fact, Santas aren’t fairies or human. They are demigods. However, during Christmas and Christmas eve, they are stuck in human form and have limited magic potential. ” Quan finished. Holly gnashed her teeth bitterly. How was she to arrest her friend? On the other hand, she couldn’t just stand aside and let Fowl destroy a tradition held for centuries.
Foaly, knowing Holly’s friendship with Artemis, resorted to a different approach and course of action. “Okay, I know you’re not comfortable with throwing the mud boy in a prison, so here’s the deal. You stun him at Fowl Manor while he’s snoozing and grab him. We’ll take him in custody for two days to be on the safe side. After a few lectures, we release the mud boy, and everyone’s happy. Agreed?” Holly didn’t like it, but what choice did she have? It was either imprison him for a while or he gets arrested. Holly considered dissuading Artemis on his fairy communicator, but if the council got wind of this when she was offered a better chance, she’d be surprised if the mud boy didn’t get thrown in Howler’s Peak.
Holly was lead into the gadget storage room while she half-listened to Foaly babbling about his “amazing” new inventions for what seemed like an hour while she worried about Artemis. True, Artemis had gotten himself in (and out of) worse scenarios, but that still wasn’t very reassuring. She selected the weapon that would do minimum damage and pain to Artemis (which turned to be a grave mistake, as she later found out). Holly was sure they were not needed though, and got a clearing for a shuttle to the surface.
“-so, these new pods I’ve patented can handle ten thousand degrees, blast oncoming obstacles out of your way, and get you to the surface in five minutes!” Holly didn’t wait patiently for him to finish. She strapped herself in the restraining harness, closed the pod door, and took off to the surface when Foaly had his back turned, leaving him with a wounded ego and a soot-covered face.
* * *
Artemis Fowl was meditating in his bedroom. The LEP would be coming after him at any moment now. Obviously, he had hacked into the LEP system that Foaly consequently had forgotten to upgrade. Holly’s assignment was not filed in yet, of course seeing that she was given it only two minutes ago. Nevertheless, now that he had put his plan in action and with those unguarded files on his PC, the LEP were sure to come calling. Holly would probably be sent, seeing that she was the one who knew much about the architecture of Fowl Manor after the initial kidnap. He waited until his parents were asleep, and waited patiently for Holly.
Captain Short was flying across the countryside in pursuit of Fowl Manor. She took off in the sweet air of the surface. Holly spotted hundreds of burning candles.
Holly finally arrived at Fowl Manor and gasped. She had never been here during the holidays besides the Fowl Manor siege, and now that Angeline Fowl returned to sanity and Artemis senior had been saved, the house abnormally cheerful. Twinkling lights winked at her and wreaths plastered the place. Holly laughed. Artemis probably wasn’t too pleased with his parents’ sense of décor. She chuckled. With all the Christmas lights, even her shield shimmer wouldn’t even be noticed. She fluttered to Artemis’s windowsill. Artemis was still up, typing at his laptop. Holly held her breath as she fired up her Neutrino 1000 to the lowest setting. She was here to stun Artemis a little, not fry him, and if he was expecting her, he might have mirrored contacts which rendered the mesmer futile. Holly aimed charily, fully aware that if she missed the first time, there might not be a chance for a second and the fact that if Foaly’s plan did not succeed and if Fowl retaliated, he could end up behind bars.
Pftt… the dart’s launch volume was only 0.000001 decibels, yet Artemis Fowl sensed a disturbance with his newfound fairy intuition and with a blur, Fowl disappeared. No. Not disappeared. He’s probably shielded, or-
SPLAT! Holly was struck with a strike that forced her to the floor. Holly had enough experience with magic to understand what was happening immediately. Artemis’s new-gotten magic must have increased his speed, perfect for a out of shape boy like him. She began to cough blood as she fell into a state of unconsciousness. Artemis gently scooped her up, his features static, but within him, his mind was in turmoil. He hadn’t expected his magic to make it that powerful. Amazing how a modest jab at the speed of sound could generate so much damage. Artemis called Butler to bring Captain Short to the prison, leaving the email he was composing earlier still up on his screen as he headed to his study. It read:
Dear Livian,
How are you, dear cousin? I’m fine over here (aside from those irritating caroling elf ornaments Juliet managed to string up near my room). Thank you for your last letter, although I must say that your latest news of your cancer treatments were quite depressing. Sorry that no one has the time to come England time for Christmas to keep you company, but I’ve arranged something that might compensate. Don’t give up hope yet.
Sincerely yours,
Artemis Fowl II

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8

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  1. I’m already on the third chapter, so if I can get at least 20 requests to post the second chapter, I will do so. The second is mainly about when the LEP (and Fowl) takes action. 😀

  2. i really liked it! post the next chapter!

  3. Interesting. It seems to me that Artemis is a bit OOC for a post TLC story- he’s grown more moral since the demon incident. And the plot seems rather… unlikely, to say the least.

    That aside, it looks like it’ll be good and when/if ever you post the rest I’ll be sure to read.

  4. What’s OCC? And also, to say the truth, exploiting Klauss wasn’t his true objective. That’s a secret. There is no way Artemis would devote his time in Santa Claus. San’s decendents had certain powere, and I forgot to mention that. He is “probably” going to try to exploit them. There is more deeper meaning than just extended knowledge of the fairy race.

  5. Oh, and he’s supposed to be more morale after the Opal Deception.

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  7. OOC stands for out of character: meaning that Artemis seemed to be acting unlike himself. But given what you’ve said above, I suppose I’ll have to take back what I said and reserve judgement until I read more (which, by the way, is why I haven’t rated- I like to rate after reading a few chapters and getting a feel for the story).

  8. I like it! very creative and to say the least a very good story taking in consideration that this is your first! 😀

  9. I suppose, seeing from the lack of comments, I should wait longer, but judging from the ratings, I will load up the second chapter. It’s filled with more action. Expect it after I finish my homework 😉

  10. It is not lack of comments because I think ppl in America r sleeping.

    Try going there to figure out how to add new chapters.
    What I do is just post my next chapter in the same box, then I go an place my cursor in between the two chapters and hit the chapter button.
    Hope that helps!
    Oh, and I added on your other chapter for you.

  12. OHH I’m hooked I have a guess as to whats going on so please add chapter 3 so I can see if I’m right. I love the way you have expanded on the use of Artemis’ magic that he stole in The lost Colony, great idea.

  13. yes die sool

  14. Thanks, BlackOpal! Sorry guys, chapter 3 is taking me a little too long, but it introduces more charachters and lays on the foundation for the approaching climax. It will probably be the best one so far

  15. Oh, I really like this story now! It has a good plot, and you’re a talented writer. I’ll be watching for updates. 🙂

  16. i am sorry I didn’t comment earlier but I read this as soon as I got on and LOVED IT!!!!! I can’t WAIT for more! 😀

  17. Sorry, there was a repitition of the second chapter. It’s fixed now. Also, for you Mulch lovers out there, don’t worry. He’s going to be in it, just later.

  18. mahi101 AF Fan December 13th, 2007 at 4:11 am 18

    loved it!

  19. I have noticed lately that the ratings have dropped. I am not concerned for the popularity of this fanfic,but concerned on why. So far, mahi101 AF Fan remains the only one to even comment on this fanfic. If anyone could spare a few seconds to give feedback, it would be greatly appreciated.

  20. Star, You need to relax. lots of people are reading your story. sometimes though it just isn’t really necessary to comment if things haven’t changed. you story has gone through a few changes. People have commented. also this is your first story. First stories don’t always get a lot of comments. idk y that happens but it does. It happened to V,Kgerrad,me, HS9, and SOOO many other ppl I can’t think of right now. also it IS pretty much Christmas time so I am guessing ppl r either spending time with family or working on their own stories.

  21. Jelly’s right. There’s lots of new stories, and not lots of time for most people to read them. Not to mention that there aren’t THAT many people who visit the archive in the first place, though it is growing. Be patient. I know it’s nice to get instant feedback when you update, but it rarely happens.

    I just read chapters 3 and 4. They’re good, but not as… polished, I think is the word, as the first two. I think you may be rushing to update, and it shows. There’s nothing specific I can point out, but sometimes the phrasing or dialogue is rather awkward.

  22. mahi101 AF Fan December 16th, 2007 at 9:03 pm 22

    hmm.. Well , Ya know wut happens somtimes is that you have a great idea and when you ut it diown od papaer youn dont get everythingin so its not as good , so always take your time , but ofcourse , I liked the update!

  23. Ohh… yeah…sometimes, I get embarrassed and awkward at what I wrote and refuse to even look at it. Thanks guys! I guess I was getting a little worried about the deadline. I’ll polish it up after everything’s in place, and remember, I am still needing comment contributations (yeah, I’m really insecure)

  24. Okay, and I have a faint idea what’s so awkward, but could everyone voice it so I can be sure? Please just tell me what places need a remake. 🙂 The changes may or may not be made until I am finished and have time.

  25. Okely Dokely

  26. Please someone point out the awkward parts? I can’t see them myself, and as they say, the spectator sees the chess board better than the players. I’m blind as a bat when it comes to my own mistakes

  27. idk wut they r tking bout. i don’t c ne mistakes.

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  29. Ummm… I don’t get what you’re saying Jelly.ARGGHHH!! NOOOO!!! THERE’S ONLY ONE DAY LEFT!?!? ARGHHH!!! *slaps keyboard*

  30. Congratulations! I just heard about you winning the story! 🙂

  31. 1crazyhollyfan January 2nd, 2008 at 3:46 am 31

    That is so wonderful! You really deserved the Christmas story prize. Definately a five out of five!

  32. I loved how you quated from the first book. The conversation held between foaly and Atemis while broadcasting on revolving freqencies was exactly the same as the one you put in this story. If any of you care to checks this it can be found in chpt.9 ace in the hole Pg.241. And Know i’m not looking at the book or anything that has it recorded.I’m a freak i know but i find certain things worth retaining. I swear on Commander Roots Grave. By the way congrats on winning.

  33. sorry i spelled quoated wrong spelling is not one of the things i find worth retaining.

  34. ok so my retentchen was a little off but most of it is what was said in that conversation i mentchend earleir but yah really good fic

  35. Great, post the next chapter!
    Also, Artemis doesn’t use PCs, he uses powerbooks, macbooks, and imacs (apple computers). Great job!

  36. I liked your story, but I have a question. After Butler defeats LEPRetrieval one, how does Trouble flt through the window? Butler knocked him out didn’t he?

  37. Yeah well, Trouble’s tough and Holly must have been some added motivation. I will post the whole thing now (I am so insecure about plagerism)

    P.S. I love Trouble!!! 😀

  38. I couldn’t even tell this is your first story. I loved it!

  39. I said I didn’t see any mistakes in your writing. no awkward parts or anything! I read this story before and enjoyed it very much! I think about 3/5 would be just! because that is like a really high percentage, because I guess there were some quirky parts but overall as a story it was pretty good! 😀 I hope you right more!

  40. Nope. AAFC is finished. I’m currently working on Blood lily, though. If you’d like to read it.

  41. Man, this stori’s awsum!!! I still don’t kno why Atry went bad again though

    I mean it’s cool and stuff, but I don’t kno why Artemis is tryin 2 kidnap San D. Klauss
    Sorry Im talkin 2 much, but one last thing.

    I saw in chapter 5 why Artenis is OOC. ok, that should be it. I’m not tryin 2 critisize u, I just didn’t understand some parts.

  42. Um…Artemis’s motives are clearly stated in the last chapter. And he performed the kidnapping because he needed a big enough time stop that not even the LEP can give him.

    No offense, but wow. You sure are like Foaly. You posted 7 comments in a row!

  43. I have only read two chapters so far but the story is excellent. You have the prose of the original writer of the series and I am going to enjoy the rest of the story.

  44. I finished reading the whole story and I have to say it was well done. The first couple of chapters really set the plot for the last chapter. It appears you knew what the ending was going to be before you started the first chapter. Nice ending.
    I really enjoyed the story. Keep writing.

  45. lol nice story even though i didnt finish, i recommended the book artemis fowl to this guy in my class cuz we’re doing a book report .i just started the series and im almost done! hope you write more stories cause im probably gonna enjoy your story by the sound of these comments.
    -your cousin DT, from Canada
    (figure it out your smart “star jinin”)

  46. YAYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! DIANNY!!!!!!! *SCREAMS LOUDER*

  47. Hey !
    Cool story. But Artemis seems a bit OOC. He’s kinda too morale in this story. Anyway, I liked it. I really hope you write some more.

  48. HaHaHa I am the randomtropy demon who has come to infect these comments with randomness!…
    Well actually I’m just a bit bored but still! Randomness will overwelm the comments muahahahahaha!
    Banana phone! Ha!
    123456 Pokemon! (Btw search on utube hillarious!)
    Blu Ray!
    Halo 3!
    Black Mesa!
    Imma firin mah lazaaaahhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Shoop Da Whoop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    . .
    . . .

    . . .
    You have just been…
    Infect other people!

  49. Love the story 🙂 I gave it five stars

  50. hmmmm, last years is……pretty good!!!

  51. this is really cool!!!!!!You should write more like this!!!if you want to you can read mine!! its on the latest list cause i just updated it and wrote it not to long ago!!!And it’s the only one i wrote(except 4 the update notice)!!! Your story rocks!!!kudgw!!

  52. the chptr 2 is the best yet!!(im only in chptr4 though) it still rocks!!!

  53. oh……my…….God! That was awesome!I just finished it and you need to make more!!!!!(seriously, if you din’t i will hunt you down and kill you!)Great story!

  54. Billy-Bumbler March 5th, 2009 at 5:17 am 54

    This is one of the best Christmas stories I have read in a long time 5/5!

  55. RandomReaderGuy May 27th, 2009 at 2:33 pm 55

    Wow. That was one good story! At first Arty seems really OOC but the rest of the story went smoothly. Arty’s motive is quite touching.But the Ark Sool thing is so random.And you’re contradicting TLC’s ending having Mulch living in Vegas. He’s continuing the PI firm, remember?
    but other than that the story is AWESOME!

  56. Awww… Arty… that was soooooo sweet of you…..
    I would try to do that if my cousin had cancer or something. I really would at least I would try…. really I would…
    that was kinda sad though. but magnificient 😀

  57. hitsugayatoushiro June 9th, 2009 at 5:11 pm 57

    i kno wat u mean it was gr8

  58. this story is really fantastic!!you’re a very good writer,man! but who is livian?is she a cousin of artemis?

  59. Star Jihn like Jelly said, you don’t usually get feedback as soon as you post, when I do story I have to wait a day, except for my most devoted followers, perfect few mistakes throughout the whole story

  60. It was pretty good. It took me about 40 mins. to read the whole thing, and that’s saying something since I read most books in just over 2 hours. I only found a few mistakes throughout the whole story… HI!

  61. That was awesome Star Jinin! I really enjoyed it! I hope you write more stories!

  62. Okay your story is really good but one thing that really bothered me was that Artemis’ password was his birthday. I think that is really obvious, and a little too obvious for him because everybody uses thier birthday. That is the only con crit I have because it’s the only thing that actually bothered me. Pretty good spelling and punctuation sooo… Sil out.

  63. Totally agree with them, this is awesome.

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