Alice and Eric Short(i need a new title, i’m really bad at titles! suggestions please!)

Summary: Holly had twins, that Artemis didn’t even know existed, much less where his, until he came to haven 13 years after Holly left.

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Author’s notes: Hi, I’m new to this website and to all fan-fiction. I read some of the stories by other’s on this website and was inspired to make my own. If you’re reading this: thank you so much for taking the time and I hope you enjoy it.

I would appreciate if you would leave comments on what you think of this, I really want to know. (and is says present day, but in the ’13 years ago’ it’s actually a  few years from’ the Atlantis Complex’ but it was less confusing, in my opinion, to say present day then ’15 years into the future’)


Prolog: 13 years ago; the Fowl Manor

Holly Short:

I slipped slowly out of the bed, away from Artemis. I tucked one of the many pillows into the crock of his arm, where I had been.  I walked quietly over to the closet, pulling a box out of a panel in the back.

I blew the dust off the lid and slowly opened it. My LEPrecon suit lay folded up in the bottom. I let out the breath I didn’t realize I was holding. I felt guilty about what I was doing, but we were just too different for me to stay, and Artemis didn’t even know that I still had my LEP suit; he thought I had gotten rid of it a year ago, when I left the LEP.  But my keeping of the suit wasn’t the only thing that Artemis was oblivious to. There were other things to, that I was leaving, that the LEP said that if I ever wanted to come back that I would be hired with the same rank as when I left.

“I’m sorry Artemis,” I whispered as I slid on the suit. I glanced at the clock, midnight, he wouldn’t wake up anytime soon, he would be asleep long enough for me to finish and get out.  I sat down at the small desk in the corner, pulled out a piece of paper and a pen. I jotted down my good byes to Artemis; if I did it in person I would cave in and stay.

I folded up the paper, set it on the foot of the bed, and walked out the door for the last time, in what might be forever.

That morning; the Fowl Manor

Artemis Fowl II:

I awoke that morning, blurry eyed. I looked over to see Holly was no longer there, but in her place was a pillow. Okay… she just didn’t want to wake me, I thought, she must just be down stairs.

It was a reasonable enough thought, she woke up long before I on most days. I peeled back the sheets and slid out of bed. A note drifted down from the foot of the bed onto the floor.

I bent down and picked it up, worried, Holly was gone, she had placed a pillow in my arm where she had been, and there was a note.

I slowly opened the note and dared reading it.


You probably noticed that I am not there by now. I left. I’m sorry that I didn’t say this to you in person, but if I had I would have never been able to leave. We are just too different, not even of the same species, for one. I’m almost sixty years older than you, and three feet shorter. We are just too different for us to be together. I’m sorry, but I just had to leave. Please don’t come looking for me, it would do nothing but make it harder, on both of us.

Tears slid down my cheek and onto the paper.

Chapter one: Present day, Haven city; Holly short’s residence

Holly short:

“Alice! Get down here!” I yelled up the stairs, “You’re going to be late for school!”

“Maybe I’ll just drop out of school!” she yelled running down the stairs, her raven hair that fell around her waist, bounced up and down with each step, her blue eye reflected the light in the stair case. Her hazel one hid in the shadows.  “It’s common enough with humans!”

“Stop saying that!” I told her sternly, “I know you have some issues at school, but I can’t even imagine what Artemis would do if he heard his own child saying that!”

“Really! You can’t use that reason anymore! He hasn’t even tried to contact us in the twelve years I’ve been alive! For all I know he doesn’t even know I exist!” she yelled back at me.

“You’re over reacting, Alice,” Eric said walking in, looking much more like me, except for being taller than me, in fact both were, and having his father’s vampire-like skin, “it’s not that bad being a Halfling.”

“Yeah! When you’re you!” she yelled back at him, “everyone loves you!  And everyone hates me!”  Tears started trickling down her cheek, “everyone always compares me to Father when he was our age!”

“Oh, you think they don’t do that to me too?” Eric complained.

“It’s. Different for you!” she yelled, tears spilling out faster, “to me they say ‘oh don’t kidnap me!’ or ‘don’t get the complex!’  Or ‘don’t take my gold!’ for you they say ‘you can kidnap me anytime,’ or …”

I cut her off, “okay! You can stay home today, but you can’t drop out!” she gave me a half smile and ran back upstairs into her room. “Come on Eric, get going, I need to get to the Police Plaza, there’s a meeting, I’m already going to be late.”

We headed out of the door and went our separate ways.

Chapter two: About an hour later; the Police Plaza; Haven city

Holly Short:

 “Sorry I’m late I had some problems with…” I said walking into the conference room, catching the eyes of someone I hadn’t seen in thirteen years, “my kids,” I finished the smile that had appeared on his face when I walked in disappeared, “I didn’t expect to see you Artemis.”

“Well I needed some help with this issue, and I told one of the new-bees to tell you that he was coming, but obviously they didn’t,” he said eyeing a fairy in the corner of the room.

“Well, it’s…. okay… I guess…” I said awkwardly, still embarrassed at the mention of my kids that Artemis didn’t know he Fathered.

Though Artemis hadn’t paid attention to anything after the mention of my children.  “You have children?” he said in disbelief.

Artemis Fowl:

I was lost at the thought that after Holly had left she had children.

“Yes, I do have children,” she said, embarrassed.

“Wait you mean you didn’t know?” a pixie yelled.

“I haven’t even talked to her in thirteen years!”  I hissed back, irritated that I hadn’t heard from any fairy but Foaly in that thirteen years, and he had never mentioned Holly’s children.

Holly sat down and looked uncomfortable as I was at the topic. Everyone was talking amongst themselves wondering how I couldn’t know about her children.

“Can we get started?” Holly yelled over the talking.

“I concur with Holly,” I said, leaving many to wonder what concur meant and whether or not I was mistaken with the translation, and many judging my ability to speak gnomish properly.

“Fine, we are behind schedule as it is,” Foaly said and he began to talk about the problems that threatened Haven.


Holly Short:

I sat awkwardly thru the entire time. I really hadn’t meant for Artemis to find out about the children, at least he didn’t know that they were his, he would be even more persistent to meat them.

All I wanted was to deal with this and then have Artemis return to above ground and leave me alone for another thirteen years.

Foaly dismissed us. I walked out the door as fast as I could, trying to avoid Artemis talking to me alone.

But my attempt was worthless; he caught up with me in a few seconds, before I could even get out of the hall into my cubical.

“Holly?” Artemis said, getting my attention and seeing if I would acknowledge him.  I turned around.

“What do you want, Fowl?” I asked looking up at him.

“Fowl? Really Holly?” he asked with a sad tone.

“Yes, really,” I answered in a sneer, as I walked into my small cubical.

“Stop being like that, we haven’t seen each other in thirteen years and you act like you don’t want to see me.”

“Maybe I don’t, Artemis! Maybe I was fine before you came back into my life!” I half yelled half whispered.

“Well it didn’t seem like that, one Haven is in trouble and two, apparently, you’re having issues with you children!” he answered in the same tone that I had used, “the children, I may add, I didn’t know you had!”

“Well… it is your business but I’d rather you stayed out of it!” I said truthfully.

“I can’t believe you got married after you left!” he hissed at me, “is that why you left? Because you found someone better?”

“Okay, two things! One, I didn’t get married after I left you! Two, I didn’t leave you because I found someone better! I left for the exact reason I stated thirteen years ago! We are too different to be together!”

“Okay, then who’s the father? If you didn’t find someone better how do you explain how you have kids?” he yelled at me, way too loud for an office.

“Erg!” I complained, “The father was actually in that conference!” I said, telling the truth, I didn’t say it wasn’t him, but I didn’t say it wasn’t not him.

“Do I know him?” he asked.

“Yes, you do, you know him,” well he does know himself.

“Wait! Foaly?” he asked, “really? You left me to have kids with Foaly! He’s more different from you than me!”

“The father isn’t Foaly!” I yelled at him, quietly. “They may be half elf, half something else, but that something else isn’t centaur!”

“Well the only other person in there that I know is Trouble Kelp!” he said, I rolled my eyes, “oh my! It’s Trouble! You were with him again!”

“It’s not Trouble! And you’re really bad at guessing!” I yelled at him.

“Then who is it! Was Mulch in there too?” he asked, “oh my god Holly, Mulch, really!”

“No, not really! Mulch wasn’t even in the conference!” i was getting more than annoyed with his bad guesses.

“Then who is the father?” he asked impatiently.

“Find out for yourself, it won’t be that hard if you’re even half as smart as you were thirteen years ago!” I said, challenging him to leave me alone, but he didn’t, “leave I have work to do!”

“No I won’t leave! One of the reasons is because we’re supposed to be working together on this!” he said.

“Fine! But no more questions about o-my kids!” I said catching myself before I said ‘our’.

Artemis Fowl:

I agreed to not question Holly further, but that didn’t mean I wouldn’t wonder, Nᴼ1 wasn’t there, I knew that for sure.

I wondered who the father was, how old the kids were, what they looked like.

I was completely out of it, came up with nothing, and heard hardly anything. Holly yelled at me more than a few times about not paying attention.

Chapter three:  That night; walking thru Haven streets and at Holly Short’s residence

Holly Short:

We stayed, working, long after the normal hours of the day. It was past midnight by the time we were dismissed to go back to our families and rest.

Artemis followed me out the door, dodging fairies and pixies and everything else that was flowing out the door, trying to catch up with me.

I was only a block from my house when he finally caught up with me.

“Just leave me alone, okay Artemis!”  I said, even more irritated then before

                “Not until you answer some of my question!” he demanded, wanting answers.

                “No!” I said continuing to walk towards my house

                “Please Holly?” he begged.

                I rolled my eyes. “Fine, yes or no questions only, and if I don’t want to answer the question, then I won’t. the ones I answer , will be honestly”  I said trying to make it so he couldn’t just ask flat out who the father was, and if he got close enough then I wouldn’t answer. “First question.”

                “Okay… ah… were they adopted?” he asked hoping they were.

                “No,” I answered.           

                “Okay, second question…. Ah… yes or no only… are you sure that I know the father, and he was in the conference?” he asked, hoping to expand the people it could have been.

                “Yes, he was there, and I would worry if you didn’t know him.” I said

                “Third question, it’s two children, right?”


                “Are they twins?”

                “Yes,” I said starting to walk away. To my surprise he stayed.

                I was a few steps away from my door when his voice rang through the street, “are they mine?”

                Those three simple words stopped me in my tracks. I swallowed down the lump that was forming in my throat.

                I started to walk towards the door, not wanting to answer that question, it was fun to hang the fact he didn’t know they were his children over his head, but when he got close the fun stopped.

                “Holly?” Artemis said softly, “are they mine?”

                I opened the door and walked inside, closing the door behind me.  I sunk down with my back against the door.

                “Holly? Are they mine?” Artemis said gently know on the door.

                “Go away, Artemis!” I said though the door, keeping my voice normal no matter how sad I felt at that moment.

                “Artemis? Did you say Artemis?”  Alice asked coming down the stairs.

                “Ah…” I said not knowing what to say and thinking oh Frond! This is not going to end well!

                “Yes she did!” Artemis said through the door, I knew he wasn’t going to leave without answers, and Alice wouldn’t leave with her father right outside the door.

                “Mother! Why didn’t you tell me Father was in Haven!” she yelled excitedly.

                I buried my face in my hands. “Oh…” I said disappointed.

                “Ah ha!” Artemis yelled through the door, happy at being right. “Ah…” he said much less exited.

                “Eric! Get down here!” Alice yelled up the stairs.

                “Holly! Let me in!” Artemis demanded.

                “What’s so important that you woke me up in the middle of the night? “Complained a very tired Eric, who was coming down the stairs.

                “Father’s outside!” Alice yelled jumping up and down with excitement that I hadn’t seen from her in years.

                “What!” Eric yelled, very suddenly looking a lot less tired.

                “Holly! Let me in!” Artemis repeated.

                “Mother! Let him in!” Alice begged.

                “fine!” I whispered, stood up and opened the door.

               (this is outside the story) it’s not done yet but i’m working on it, and i wanted to post something today, i’ll post more tommorow or the day after.

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11 responses to “Alice and Eric Short(i need a new title, i’m really bad at titles! suggestions please!).” Join in!

  1. TungstenMessiah July 8th, 2011 at 4:04 am 1

    Good, very good. This is one of the best starts I’ve seen from a new author. Well done. Some grammar and spelling stuff, easily taken care of. Good amount of dialogue, but, more description. Overall, 5/S. Well done, and do update.

  2. artemis_fowl_the_second July 8th, 2011 at 3:41 pm 2

    Thanks! 🙂
    that means a lot, i know the grammer’s really bad and i don’t have much detail, i’m working on fixing that.

  3. I really like it. You have a great plot line going. I was actually thinking about doing a similar story. You had a couple of slow parts in there and some parts need a little more explaining. Also, Artemis was not very in character. He is suppose to be a genius and it took him a long time to figure out that they were his kids and we don’t even know why he is there. But keep going it is REALLY interesting. Update soon please!!

  4. artemis_fowl_the_second July 8th, 2011 at 3:40 pm 4

    and the reason Artemis didn’t figure it out was that he was really out of it, he was just too shocked that Holly had children, and even she didn’t know she was pregnent when she left.
    and i realized that i didn’t put why he was there in the first part and i was going to add to it but it was already midnight where i am.

  5. Hermione Fowl July 8th, 2011 at 6:30 am 5

    Couple of problems:
    Chapters can be seperated.
    Holly would just let her kid skive off school.
    Loads of grammar problems, maybe get a Beta??
    Very cliche.
    Other than that, it’s good. I didn’t read the whole thing, sorry, I didn’t have time.

  6. artemis_fowl_the_second July 8th, 2011 at 3:36 pm 6

    @hermione fowl
    yeah i’m really bad at grammer, and i didn’t know if i wanted to make it a seperate chapter each time it switched person, and Holly stayed to make sure they went to school because Alice had skipped many times before.
    i’m really glad you enjoyed it 🙂

  7. Amber Root (hollyfan) July 9th, 2011 at 12:52 am 7

    Wow I really liked that. A couple of grammer and spelling problems, but hey your new it’s ok. I have to say this but thats way better then my fist story. I kinda think that you have good detail, but thats just me.

    By the way Hi I’m Amber Root or hollyfan call me eaither. Also I love TACOS!! I have a gun that shoots tacos( It’s pink!).
    * Show pink taco gun*

  8. FowlsGirl123 July 9th, 2011 at 3:26 am 8

    Hi! Welcome, newbie! Anyways, you don’t write like a newbie. This was amazing!Much better than my first fic. Your grammar actually wasn’t too bad, either. I just mostly saw homophone mistakes:

    meat that should have been meet
    thru that should have been through.

    That was really all I saw. Oh,and you don’t really have to put that it’s outside the story as long as its in bold at the end. You can usually tell when you’re writing, and when you’re just talking to us.
    Great first fic!Keep it up!UPDATE!


    Ooh. Sorry about the double post, you can combine them if you want.

    Okay, so for a title, I kind of need to get a better feel for the story. But right now, I would call it ‘Secrets’ or something cuz she kept it a secret that she had their kids. You could also incorporate more secrets to make it fit better too. Just an idea. To me it’s really bad, but you can use it if you want.

    Update, please!

    Be careful next time, eh? 😉

  9. artemis_fowl_the_second July 9th, 2011 at 5:19 am 9

    @amber root
    thanks, i’ve read a few of your stories there really good, and… i like tacos too, but a pink taco gun? that’s just a bit over the top, i’d much rather have any fairy issue weapon that shots tacos.

    thanks, i’ve been doing alot of writing my whole life, i just never ahd the nerve to publish it until now, and i saw thosse mistakes too, i’m working on fixing them. and i really like that idea, calling it ‘secrets’, well i’d probably use ‘secret’ i actually like that one, i’ll change the title when i put up the revision. and thanks for the tips 🙂

  10. trollslayer5 July 16th, 2011 at 12:46 am 10

    AWESOME!!!!!!! UPDATE!!!!!!!!!

    Keep your comments constructive. This is spam. ~ Fowlie

  11. I love the story!!! update soon please!

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