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I do not own Artemis Fowl. 


Captain Holly Short sat quietly beside her good old friend Butler as they both starred at the ridiculous scene in front of them.

“I never said that, Mud boy!” Foaly stamped his hoof in anger.

“Oh, but you did. You told me we always have these arguments and that I always win them because you know you can’t win. It’s great really, as soon as you said that, something in my head popped up. A memory, if you will.”

For a brief second Foaly looked hopeful, “what was the memory of?”

“It was a memory of when I was a child and I had my first taste of horse meat. Quite delicious.” Artemis was seated on the floor in pajamas, his hair sticking up at the back. It was decided that until Artemis fully regained his memory he would stay down in Haven.  Even Butler thought it was the best way for him to get his memories back, he was making progress. He remembers Butler and all his human memories, like his family and all his criminal acts.

“That’s not funny, Fowl. If you don’t take this seriously I’ll just erase you memory once and for all.” The threat sounded empty even to his own ears though. Foaly didn’t ever want to lose a friend, especially one as smart as himself.

Artemis laughed and pulled himself off the ground, stretched out and turned his attention to Butler and Holly. Holly couldn’t help but feel a little disappointed when she looked at his eyes. Both blue. Both his. Holly used to enjoy having her own eye look back at her, creepy as it might be.

“I regained a few other things as well. I remember some pixie by the name of Opal Koboi. I have no idea what importance she has but her name and appearance keeps finding its way into my head. I get this weird feeling every time it happens… Hatred I think.” Artemis raked a hand through his messy hair and sighed, “That’s about all I remember so far.”

Holly hated herself but she couldn’t help feeling jealous of Opal. He remembered Opal before his best friend. “Don’t worry about her, she’s dead. She’s the one who tried to kill everyone… That’s probably why you hate her. She sure hated you.”

Butler looked at his young charge and smiled. Catching the odd look from his bodyguard, Artemis raised an eyebrow, “what is it, Butler? Do I have something on my face?” he put his hand to his cheek.

“No, old friend, it’s just funny seeing you dressed like that. You almost look like a normal teenage boy.”

Artemis gave him an acid glare that would have burned through a wall. “It’s your fault for refusing to bring me a suit, Butler. You live up there, why can’t you bring me some proper clothes next time you visit? Those jeans are so uncomfortable I’d rather look like… This… All day.”

Holly had been with Artemis ever since he was laying at Fowl Manor telling them they didn’t know what they were dealing with. You have no idea, she wanted to say at that time. That was two months ago and ever since then he had been forced to wear normal clothes. It really wasn’t Butlers fault, Angeline Fowl said Artemis had promised to wear the clothes she bought him. I guess Angeline knows how to punish her child, Holly thought with a chuckle.

Butler smiled at the boy, “Oh but you look so handsome wearing teenager clothes. They could put you in a public school and you’d fit in.”

Holly burst out laughing at this, “Yeah, right, Artemis Fowl blending in…” She trailed off with her laughter.

Artemis sighed and rubbed his forehead, “Oh, the cruelty…. I save the world from complete destruction and this is how I’m treated? Somehow I think a life of crime is the better way to go.”

Butler chuckled, “Fine… I was hoping to save this for later but…” Butler pulled a transparent bag from his coat, but it what was inside that made Artemis gasp and smile. His favorite suit sat folded expertly waiting to be taken out of the bad.

“It’s like Christmas” the boy clapped and ran awkwardly to the giant manservant. “You even brought my favorite loafers! Old friend, we really have to talk about that salary…”

“No need, really. Go get changed while the grown ups talk, alright?”

Usually Artemis would argue that he was above any adult, but he needed to get out of these stupid pajamas. Artemis knew Police Plaza like the back of his hand and made his way to the closest men’s room which was out the door and around the corner. The whole way there the boy was examining his lovely suit.


Back in the operation room Butler, Holly and Foaly stood in silence.

“Good kid” Butler said, just to break the silence.

“Good kid! Ha!” Foaly yelled angrily.

“Do you guys think he’ll ever remember?” Holly said sadly. She was looking down at the floor, her hands hanging loosely at her sides.

Both Butler and Foaly knew she didn’t mean all their adventures, A.K.A near death experiences, Holly was talking about herself. She didn’t think Artemis would remember her.

This left them in another awkward silence when a loud wailing noise erupted from Foaly’s computer.

“What is that” Holly yelled over the loud noise.

Foaly’s hands were a blur as he typed on his computer, “Somebody’s hacking my system!” He shouted back. Suddenly everything went quiet and every monitor was blank. “What in the…”

“Foaly, what happened?” Butler asked.

“This isn’t… What are they… “Foaly trailed off as all his monitors slowly turned themselves back on. A video was playing, the words “live” flashing in the top left corner.

“What is this?” Asked Holly, “that’s Police Plaza, right around the corner… Is this some kind of joke?”

The video was never still, always moving. Somebody was holding it. A portable video camera. The video swerved to look at the doors the the bathroom just as a young man stepped out admiring his newly donned suit. He had a marvelous grin on his face.

“Artemis!” Butler shouted, already running for the door. Holly was close behind his.

Butler threw himself at the door, but it wouldn’t budge.

“Foaly, what’s happening with this door!?”

The Centaur was sweating and typing furiously when he answered, “I have no idea! This is a new bug I’ve never seen before!”

On the computer monitors Artemis looked up at the camera and raised an eyebrow. Suddenly something struck him across the face and he toppled over, blood trickling from his temple. That’s when they all saw the strangest thing. Holly appeared on the screen holding her Neutrino 3000 at the unconscious boys head. She seemed to have come out of nowhere. She looked directly at the Camera and smiled.

“What the hell…” Holly exclaimed. There was something the Holly on the screen had that Holly didn’t… Extreme blood lust in her eyes. She smiled and mouthed a few words, in gnommish obviously. Holly was never very good at reading lips but somehow she managed to understand what the impostor was saying.

I’ve got your genius, now I’ll make you all pay.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. Hallo, I’m going to read this after I get home from school.

    But as I skimmed through it to get to the bottom, if it is after TLG, please leave a warning that it is after it. Sadly, some people have not read the book yet.

    Please categorize your story. If it is not categorized by 4:00 PM Friday, December 14, 2012 (EST), I then will do so. I categorized it and thanks for the warning!

    I really want to read this, it looks very good. 🙂

  2. This looks very good, as Amy said. 🙂 I can’t rate it now, but I would say that is a very good start.
    UPDATE!! <3


  3. Nice Fic. This is seriously good. Can’t find any mistakes as of now-:D


    ^lollipop for you.

    -Orion Fowl

  4. Very good. I have simply skimmed it, but from it I can tell that the story is of great quality. Many authors portray Artemis as too young, but you have managed to avoid this. I like how you had Artemis plan to argue that he was higher than an adult. That matches his personality. I have not noticed any major typos. Altogether a brilliant story.

    I have just read the rest of the story, and I think the plot is very unique and very well put together.

  5. this is one of the most AWESOME stories on this site! the last guardian isn’t the end after all:thanks to you people. great job.i love this story,it’s too good for words

  6. sexxicosmologist January 4th, 2013 at 10:49 pm 6

    I love this! Please update soon 😉

  7. Awesome update can’t wait to see tHe rest so update or ill email you song lyrics! The threat is lame, I know. But update, I await it!

  8. You should really think about updating this – it’s amazing and your leaving us all hang.

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