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Summary:   Song by SHINee, my Obsession. Get it? Haha! ‘Cause the song’s… the song’s… *cough* the song’s called Obsession. *looks […]

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Song by SHINee, my Obsession. Get it? Haha! ‘Cause the song’s… the song’s… *cough* the song’s called Obsession. *looks away and coughs again*

~My hands tremble more
~I’ll lose my focus shortly

Holly quirked a brow, inquisitive. “This is getting quite awkward,” she said, grinning.

Artemis laughed nervously. “Yeah. Guess it is.” You messed up, he told himself.

“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you liked me.”

~Why are my broken legs standing here
~I can’t even remember
~I become scared

He could say it now, but he didn’t. Change tactics; revert to plan F. He shook his head and attempted to roll his eyes, but he felt as if the movement wasn’t as fluid as it should’ve been. Could she tell he was trembling or was he just overthinking things? “Holly, we’re friends.”

She tossed her hair back, smile still in place. The smile means you’re safe. Safe for now. It’s the quiet before the storm. “You know what I meant, Arty.”

He shook his head and averted his gaze, forcing a smile.

~Where are you; who was laughing until just now?
~Have fun noises left me? You’re far away

Silence reigned. Minutes slid past. Artemis lifted a hand and scratched the back of his neck. Holly licked her lips, scrounging for a topic. When she found none, she checked the time. Every movement seemed to have been calculated beforehand, as if they were cautious around each other. Which was ridiculous. Right?

Artemis’ social awkwardness seemed to have solidified into an object that dug into his side. His breathing would catch and hitch; the uncertainty unnerved him.

And around them, the wind would only whisper. Promising? Ridiculing? Guiding?

Pushing them away. Away from the calm garden, perhaps from each other.

Was nature against him? Most probably not. Did he feel it to be so?

Yes, yes. The ache in his side intensified, burning afresh.

~Is it getting dim?
~These scars are like shackles

He couldn’t deal with this. Love sucked, didn’t it?

It did.


“It’s getting late,” he said at last. Artemis stood up, wondering if he should offer his hand out. One last try, one last go.

Holly rose. She had made his decision for him – without even trying; how did she do it?

~Curse me, curse me for letting go
~My collapsed heart is screaming
~Don’t throw me away, don’t leave me alone

Oh well. Artemis shifted from foot to foot, attempting to shove his hands into his pockets. He missed and fumbled about before letting his arms drape at his sides. From his vantage point, two and a half feet above Holly, she seemed so small. Insignificant.

But she was fierce, and he appreciated that about her. And she’d stirred something in him that no one else could – that was something in itself.

“Goodnight, Holly.”

“’Night,” she muttered. The elf shielded swiftly. Curtly? Brusquely?

Perhaps she wishes to leave.

But she’ll come back…

~Want you, I want you like crazy
~Your lips that left me shouldn’t love me
~Don’t love me, I threw you away

Artemis was a coward.

It’s easier this way, he told himself. Easier if you’re to face rejection, look it in the eye like a soldier. March on.

You’re not a soldier, Artemis.

He knew she took her shower at six fifteen, so he called then.

~I’ve only ever wanted to give you my love
~I didn’t know that too much of it would strangle you
~These days, I’m torn from my wounded heart

She had responded by seven.

She wouldn’t be coming back anymore.

~A love has lost its way; I fill up
~With tears…

*~{Day After}~*

A knock sounded on the door. Artemis gave himself several seconds to steel himself before lifting his head. “Yes?”

“Arty… it’s time to eat.”


A weighted pause, then: “Shall we wait downstairs?”

“No. Proceed without me.”

~Is it that I still only bring out sad hellos
~Just until today, don’t push me away

*~{Three Months After}~*

Perhaps he did make the atmosphere about him gloomy. He couldn’t help it. He was wasted.

Waste of time, waste of space, a waste…

Trash. Garbage. So useless.

Such a burden.

~Curse me, curse me for letting go
~My collapsed heart is screaming
~Don’t throw me away, don’t leave me alone

*~{Nine Months After}~*

Persistent… all Fowls were. Why wasn’t he? When did he give up, stop trying?

Why did he stop?

Or… or why should he go on?

~Want you, I want you like crazy
~Your lips that left me shouldn’t love
~Don’t love me, I threw you away

*~{Two Years After}~*

What mattered to them didn’t matter to him. Not nearly as much. The toilet’s malfunction was so minor, so trivial. Who cared of it? They did. They had sent for someone to repair it.

He didn’t care. He’d use the other toilets. The event did nothing to change his ways.

He focused on other things – small details, small moments of happiness. He hadn’t savored them and now he didn’t have them.  He couldn’t remember, couldn’t bring himself to care or do anything about it. He spent too much time hoping, wishing, thinking, and losing himself.

Fairytales… they really were wonderful. He understood Orion, understood his ways and why his counterpart loved the stories so.

It was him who’d been wrong. He’d missed all that was important.



He meant it.

~I hope that you’ll catch on
~That I’m a different you
~I even embrace your
~Nightmare from last night
~Don’t let go of my hand

Holly fidgeted as No1, disguised as a human clad in blue overalls, approached the Fowls’ front door. The demon set down his “plumbing kit” and rang the doorbell confidently.

Works out best this way, she told herself. You’ll alleviate his pain.

And yours will grow. That’s a side factor.

Oh well, right? No plan is perfect.

~Curse me, curse me for letting go
~My collapsed heart is screaming
~Don’t throw me away, don’t leave me alone

Holly counted, breathing fast and shallow. She lost track several times.

No1 soon emerged from the house, safe. “Let’s go,” he said.

~Want you, I want you like crazy
~Your lips that left me shouldn’t love
~Don’t love me, I threw you away

The group was led into the living room, where all seven inhabitants of the manor lay on the couches, stunned. Artemis Senior, Angeline, Juliet and Butler, the twins, and Artemis.

~Your side, your side that has become cold
~Don’t leave me, my torn heart
~Don’t become even further away

She took in his features, his expression once more. This wasn’t the Artemis she knew, but the Artemis he’d become.

It’d been two years. Shouldn’t he have moved on?

Truthfully, Holly didn’t really want him to.

~Although I’m holding your hand
~Remember, end it, I can’t forget you

“Nice knowing you,” she whispered.

She wiped his memory. The actions were simple, but the things that they brought on boggled the mind. Boggled the mind, ripped out her heart. Crude. Painful.

~I won’t forget my pain of being thrown away
~I can’t forget it, you gave it to me

Easier this way. Coward.

You’re a coward, too.

Cowards’ love.

She smiled. It faded as she turned away, ready to return from whence she came.

~Even the reason I love became a sin
~The deep wounds slowly
~Burnt up and turned to ash

“I don’t understand it,” Artemis said, brow wrinkling in suspicion. “I’ve awakened to this malnourished state, and yet I haven’t been kidnapped or mistreated. The only way I could explain it is if I said that I brought it upon myself, but I have no reason to do such a thing. What say you, Butler?”

“I don’t know.”

No one knows. Or, more correctly, they don’t remember. So lucky, so fortunate; now only I must forget. Holly bites her lip and flies away from the window. She shouldn’t’ve come in the first place – it reminded her of what could’ve been, what would never be.

~But to forget will be more painful than to lose it
~As I kill my breath, I’m going to die
~From the agony of goodbye
~Bring it back (To that moment)

*~{Ages After}~*

“He insisted that he see you,” Juliet murmured to the man in the cot. “I couldn’t stop him.”

Artemis frowned at the creature before him, for it couldn’t be human. It was short, but with a full-grown beard, and its clothing was stained heavily with dirt. And it reeked.

Artemis fought the urge to cover his nose or request for a breathing mask. “Who are you?”

“’Ello, Arty-boy.” The being grinned. “Happy birthday.”

It dug into its coat pocket and offered up a coin of some sort. Very simple technology to Artemis, of course, but he hadn’t a clue as to why this thing possessed it. So he asked.

And the stout little man only smiled. “Keep it. Watch it. Consider it… a gift.”

“Thank you,” Artemis said politely. He coughed harshly and the creature was ushered out.

~Don’t throw me away

*~{And Days Later}~*

“Find him? Arty –”

“I don’t care.” Hacking ensued, rough and harsh. “Find him. And tell him I said thank you.”

“Artemis…” Juliet grappled for words. She looked over at the man. He lay on his back, though his chest did not heave as it usually did after a bout of coughing.

She did not need to walk over and check for a pulse to know he was dead, but she did so anyway.

And Holly, from her position by the window, turned away. So close. So close.

He died knowing, but only because of Mulch. You stayed a coward ‘til the end.

Remembrance hurts. Cowardice hurts more.

She’d made a mistake. Oh well. Can’t fix it now.

She turned away again.

And their story overbalanced and fell over, too wounded to pick itself up.

The end… the end… the end.

Holly wondered why her throat was so dry, why the air was so cold, crackling with tension.

Why did her eyes sting so?

Why did her stomach hurt?

Why couldn’t he come back?

*grins* Who caught my Fort Minor reference? Whoever finds the line gets a virtual cookie.

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. O_o Wow, poor,poor, Orion.You did a good job WE!

  2. Oh my Orion is going to give you a hug and then kill you. In other words he will love it! This is really good, WE. I couldn’t find any mistakes (naturally) so no con crit. Just 5/roses! 😀

  3. Impressive. I’m not in the mood to type something longer, but I approve.

  4. I REALLY REALLY LIKED IT. Um, let me just rephrase: I REALLY LIKED IT. I don’t even have anything to say. It’s just, I LIKE. I would put the ‘like’ in italics, but oh well.

    (Secretly fangirling over SHINee and everything. I love Taemin.)

    I didn’t… no… psht~
    Yes! KPOP FAN. *epicglomps Raspberrih*
    XD thanks ~WE

    *approves* ~Fowlie

  5. Great post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful info specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this certain information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

    I tried posting this (just Romeo and Juliette) on livejournal, and do you know what it SAID?
    Error: post too large.
    I MEAN, WHAT NOW. AGH. WHY. WHY. WHY. *headdeskpalmbook*
    *keyboard smash*

    Kristin: Thanks~

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  7. Geart but… You killed Orion!

  8. imfowltothebone January 29th, 2012 at 9:01 am 8

    great but they never even kissed!

  9. Absent_Minded_Professor February 20th, 2012 at 1:53 am 9

    Oh, great job WE, I’m depressed now. Thanks a lot.
    Con crit? I can find NUTTING, except that last part about Juliet came out nowhere. Made sense, surely,
    and a great ending, bit it was unexpected. (I’m just grasping at straws here.)

    Beautiful. It was worth all the work.

  10. Chickie: Ahahah… perhaps…
    … Yeah, I did.

    imfowltothebone: I truly don’t believe kissing to be important, but alright?

    Profesora (that’s your new nickname now): Hahah, I kinda like A/J. I just wanted to throw in some irony.

    I’m planning on editing this.

  11. That was awesome! Very good! *clapclap* and I LOVE SHINee! No complaints!!!

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