AF and Co. — SHINee’fied

Summary: WE, in. You ready for this? TITLE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. It’s a really sad pun. *cough* blargh~ DISCLAIMER: In Soviet […]

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WE, in. You ready for this?

TITLE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. It’s a really sad pun. *cough* blargh~

DISCLAIMER: In Soviet Russia, WE owns AF.

I DON’T OWN SHINee. I DON’T OWN THEIR SONGS. I can’t even sing along to them *crai*

First up — Quasimodo, a song I did for Appellations. It’s been cleaned up and revamped, though. Obviously, this ain’t for the challenge anymore. Feedback, please?

Edited while I listened to a song about Satan. Haha, prolly  shouldn’t’ve, but I love it. You’ll be seeing it later. *creeper look*

Also on the forum~

~Your traces that my heart is filled with
~Allow me to breathe

Plain. Boring. Monotonous. He thanked his boorish counterpart’s vocabulary — yes, that’s what it was – and scattered punches across the walls.

His hands ached. Excellent.

Orion ran in circles, panicked, before collapsing once more. He stared up at the ceiling, which had always been the same color as the walls around him. There was an absence of things here, a blankness that drained one’s energy.

It wasn’t enough after he’d seen so much more, even in those few brief hours. It was never enough.

Can’t miss what you’ve never had, but once you’ve had it, there’s no going back.

~When the long night is colored by the moonlight
~Will the inescapable wait all end?

I should probably die. He hummed. Yes.

Die in the empty recesses of his mind. Ha, I bet he’d like that. No more “voices” in his head. I’m an alter ego, not just a voice. I have feelings.

He should know. Supposed genius.

~I wish for a miracle and ask and answer myself

A haughty sniffle permeates the air, and then it is snuffled out once more. No one cares. No one cares about Orion. Save Artemis, keep Artemis, kill Orion off. Orion is… invading Artemis’ mind.

And he’s insane. At the end of the day, Orion most certainly is insane.

~Oh, I can’t tell you about me, who wants to reach your heart
~Like the starlight hidden behind the cold clouds


He sits up instantly. Though he was bound by these blank-plain-boring-monotonous walls, he could still see her through the eyes of the hunter; hear her lilting tones through the other’s ears.

~I love you

If you were only speaking to me and not him; for

I am here.

I will, after all this time and through all this strife, still be here.

~In the end, this painful confession that lingers at the edge of my lips
~Slides down in tears

Not like I can go anywhere, mm? When something wet trails down his face, he pays the sensation no heed. He’s used to it by now. Whatever.

~This arrow that’s reached my heart
~Feels like a part of my body now

And now, here – from the other side of the screen, where he could not reach – the corners of her mouth upturned and she laughed. He gasped – why didn’t she laugh around him? – pressing his hands desperately-longingly-reverently against the screen before him, his only window and link.

~Even though it hurts to death
~I can’t remove you, who’s stuck in my heart

His color.

It painted his imaginary world and he loved that world dearly. It was a nonexistent kingdom where nobles (who most certainly weren’t out-of-date) carried princesses up stairwells and sunsets existed to signal a close, an ending. A happy ending – it was required.

Every day has an end.

Yet, every day also has a beginning. The sun will always, always rise.

~Because it’s love
~Because, for me, it’s love

So she’d reciprocate. She’d have to.

But she wouldn’t because he was Orion. Insane, insane Orion. He liked that, but evidently, she didn’t.

~Even if I can’t have you, even when my heart
~Is blocked in the end by the wall of sad connection
~I love you, though I can only watch you from here
~Because you’re my everything

Would she love him if he acted more like Artemis?

If he changed?

~I stay up for so many nights
~While the starlight becomes rain that doesn’t stop
~Like my tears
~Remember that I loved you

Could he change?

He would. If he could.

But he can’t. Can’t and couldn’t.

Save Artemis, keep Artemis, kill Orion off. Orion is insane. Orion is insane. Orion is… insane. Orion is insane.

~Even if I can’t have you, even when my heart
~Is blocked in the end by the wall of sad connection

So they worked on his death. He knew that.

Time was running short like a 500-yard sprint in track, going long like a linebacker on the football field, cutting off like a rope bridge, and restarting…

But it never stopped. Time never stops.  

~I love you
~Though I can only watch you from here
~Because you’re my everything

Artemis’ eyes fluttered open to see Dr. Argon hovering above him with an oversized syringe clenched tightly in one fairy-sized fist. The lights had been turned on, but outside, it was still dark. “Ah, Mr. Fowl! You’re awake.”

“Fascinating, Argon. Tell me something I don’t know.”

Would it hurt to be nicer?

Why does Holly like you? Holly shouldn’t like you.

She deserves more.

~Even if I can’t have you, even when my heart (I need you)
~Is blocked in the end by the wall of sad connection,

Argon flustered and straightened his lab coat, almost dropping the syringe in the process. “My apologies. I’ve finished the chemical formula, though, and you told me to administer the drug as soon as possible.”

A relieved smile ran across Artemis’ face, and he offered his arm to the pixie.

“Alright, Mr. Fowl. This may –”

“Just do it!”

~(I am trying not to cry over you, baby)
~I love you, though I can only watch you
~(I love you, I love you)
~Because you’re my everything

Dr. Argon’s brows furrowed as he carefully inserted the needle into a vein. He emptied the syringe quickly, pushing the gelatinous fluid into Artemis’ bloodstream.

Orion experienced a quick tug, then a drowning sensation.

The defeated, the hopeless, the man that lay on the ground, unconscious, heartbeat faint and unsteady. His blood would bubble up slowly as his chest heaved, fighting for air. His fingers would clench, try to move, try to fight when it was all too late. He, Orion, was one of them now.  He was being drained. He was being pulled in too many directions.

Orion the warrior… he’s grown old at the age of fifteen. He can fight no more, see no more battles. Orion the knight, felled like a tree.

~It’s not tough, oh no
~Because you have to be mine
~In order for you to be you

I haven’t been loved yet… I haven’t had my chance.

Don’t I get a chance?

Something lodged its way into his windpipe and the lack of oxygen made him feel dizzy.

Spots dance behind closed eyes. Mocking, malicious. Everything flashes.



But no color.

No more color.

No more Holly. I will never see Holly again.

Just nothing…

~Even if it hurts
~Even if you make me cry
~I love you

That day, to him, the sun did not rise, for he could see it no more. He did not reside in his cell.

He did not reside anywhere.

Blank, plain, boring, monotonous. Even more so without the insanity and undiluted love that had once painted it, once painted it colors.

Pink-green-orange-yellow fades into white. Just white.

Pure. Calm. Sane.

Blank. Plain. Boring.


Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. O_o Wow, poor,poor, Orion.You did a good job WE!

  2. Oh my Orion is going to give you a hug and then kill you. In other words he will love it! This is really good, WE. I couldn’t find any mistakes (naturally) so no con crit. Just 5/roses! 😀

  3. Impressive. I’m not in the mood to type something longer, but I approve.

  4. I REALLY REALLY LIKED IT. Um, let me just rephrase: I REALLY LIKED IT. I don’t even have anything to say. It’s just, I LIKE. I would put the ‘like’ in italics, but oh well.

    (Secretly fangirling over SHINee and everything. I love Taemin.)

    I didn’t… no… psht~
    Yes! KPOP FAN. *epicglomps Raspberrih*
    XD thanks ~WE

    *approves* ~Fowlie

  5. Great post. I was checking constantly this blog and I’m impressed! Very helpful info specifically the last part 🙂 I care for such info a lot. I was seeking this certain information for a very long time. Thank you and best of luck.

    I tried posting this (just Romeo and Juliette) on livejournal, and do you know what it SAID?
    Error: post too large.
    I MEAN, WHAT NOW. AGH. WHY. WHY. WHY. *headdeskpalmbook*
    *keyboard smash*

    Kristin: Thanks~

    StarFire: Thanks again~

    Falcon: … thanks? XDD

    Helen: OH YEAH. THAT’S RIGHT. WE SHAWOLS SHALL RULE. I’m not too much of a Taemint, though. Just a serious Flame ^^

    high heels nike: Ah… I don’t quite get what you’re saying. What helpful information? … but thanks. I suppose? *confused*

  7. Geart but… You killed Orion!

  8. imfowltothebone January 29th, 2012 at 9:01 am 8

    great but they never even kissed!

  9. Absent_Minded_Professor February 20th, 2012 at 1:53 am 9

    Oh, great job WE, I’m depressed now. Thanks a lot.
    Con crit? I can find NUTTING, except that last part about Juliet came out nowhere. Made sense, surely,
    and a great ending, bit it was unexpected. (I’m just grasping at straws here.)

    Beautiful. It was worth all the work.

  10. Chickie: Ahahah… perhaps…
    … Yeah, I did.

    imfowltothebone: I truly don’t believe kissing to be important, but alright?

    Profesora (that’s your new nickname now): Hahah, I kinda like A/J. I just wanted to throw in some irony.

    I’m planning on editing this.

  11. That was awesome! Very good! *clapclap* and I LOVE SHINee! No complaints!!!

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