A Tiny Problem…The long awaited Audition story!!!!!!

Summary: The story written from the charcaters several different people donated. Thank you to all of them! :)

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HOORAY!! I got this out a lot earlier than I thought, of course it is a Saturday night.  Stay up late!!!!!  Writing in my case.  I want to send out thanks to Jade Malice, Arty’selffriend, lil. Arty, Jelly, Artemis, Lydia Tall, 017350, end.WITH.a.BANG, Olive, mayqueen17, happyhypnosis, and PRG.  Thank you ALL for your wonderful contributions to this story!!  I loved all the characters, and the decision was hard.  I tried not to be biased, and if you don’t know which characters I used, you CAN look at my auditions page.  Thank you and enjoy the story!

It was a normal winter day at Fowl Manor.  Normal meaning that Artemis was sitting at the computer, and his little twins were wreaking havoc all over the place.  At first he had been excited with the prospect of twin brothers, but they were still young, and they were a royal pain.  He sat tapping away at the Mac’s keyboard, and trying to ignore their fighting.  He was particularly interested in a picture of a scientific article written by Einstein himself. 

This theory stated that there were objects in the universe smaller than a cell, smaller than an atom, smaller than a SUB-atom; these infinitely small, perpetually moving fibers were called simply strings.  They moved in an infinite number of ways, completely impossible to determine, and they worked based on the chaos theory.  They never moved the same way twice.  This theory also suggested that the movement of the strings created the warmth necessary for life to exist on the earth.  How they came into existance, not even Einstein knew.  He did know, however, that these strings were an essential part of life as we know it. 

The article was very vague on some of these concepts.  They weren’t exactly acceptable in his time.  I will be the first one to prove these strings’ existance Artemis thought.  And then I will be remebered forever as the person who saved the world as we know it. He thought of the money that could get him.  Guilt tugged at him for a moment.  He hated these emotions.  Salvation came to him in the form of both of his parents taking the twins to a movie.  Thank the Lord. 

As soon as they were gone, he heard a knock at the door.  He opened it, and found he was staring into the anxious ice blue eyes of a girl about his age.  She seemed a bit more than that, though.  “Hello?” he said.

“Hello, Artemis Fowl.  I’m Charlotte.  Nice to meet you.” Her voice was level, controlled, even though she radiated a strong sense of worry, she wouldn’t let it consume her mind.  “May I come in?”

“Of course,” he said simply with the same controlled tone.  She came inside, promptly wrapped in a blanket, and seated herself by the roaring fire. 

“Something’s wrong,” she said, sounding worried now.  “Soemthing’s wrong with nature…”  she dazed off.  She sat like that for a long while.

Artemis cleared his throat and she snapped back.  “The strings!!!” she shouted unbidden. 

“What about them?” Artemis said, remembering the article earlier. 

“……” she hesitated.  “They’re…..speeding up….”

He looked her straight in the eyes.  “What do you mean?”

She met his gaze without flinching.  “They’re vibrating faster, going throught the sequences of the chaos quicker.  Soon they’ll stop moving altogether and…” she cut off, well aware that Artemis knew what was next.  

“And we all freeze,” he completed.  She nodded mutely.  Unknown to them, a pair of eyes watched them from the fireplace, shfting through several colors before settling on gray, reflecting the tenseness and anxiety in the air.  If only it was warmer…..    

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Very intresting.. please continue. I want to know more about this. Does charlotte noe artemis from before or something?


  3. Oh I love it! It must have required research and the work you did is appairent. Great job!

  4. yay u used my character. just the way i imagined her as well. hope the rest is just as fabulouse :P:P

  5. Well, I already knew about the string theory, and I applied it to my own needs. Realy the whole idea of the existance of strings is still very controversial, so it worked perfectly.

  6. lol the fire has eyeballs!~ that was really good! (…) We will all freeze. She nodded Mutely (…)

  7. wow.. i thought u meade up the thring theory… ccool! ITS REAL!

  8. This is cool! And I thought the string theory was made up too! ^^ Update more! ^^

  9. I really like it, especially she knowing more then Artemis. Priceless humor!

  10. ooooooh! I get it! its like the atoms are all moving around us and if they ever stop moving they die and if they move to fast they run out of energy and die quicker so everythings atoms r moving quick and will die soon!

  11. mahi101 AF Fan February 4th, 2008 at 4:20 am 11

    I LOVE THE SCIENCE IN THIS! , but it’s kind of… well she IS putting into ELEMTARY school terms for artemis, its really funny, saying that artemis wouldn’t “understand.” or that his brain couldn’t handle it.lol,, I LOVE THIS!

  12. absoulutly luvvvvvvv it…like the sientific parts in it as well

  13. Hee hee, Arty got outsmarted! The fire birdie is pretty! ^^

  14. I actually made up the witch term, because…well I inadvertently changed the string thing to no friction and then thought “no friction equals no heat! AAAAAAAAH!!!!!” So I thought that up in like two seconds. lol 😛

  15. COOL! r u going 2 update 2nite?

  16. is this gonna be continued??

  17. Minerva Paradizo June 8th, 2008 at 5:52 pm 17

    Not so sure I liked this one…

  18. AHHHHHHHHHH!I LURV IT! Total cliffhanger!!! update…..now….please?…..Thank youz.
    And I like Charlotte, but I haven’t seen the auditions yet, so I will look. this is really good! 5starz! =)

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