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A Small Adventure

Summary: A free-verse poem telling the story of an average fairy-world-saving adventure

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Inspired by a conversation with Finn. Can take place anywhere in the series, probably somewhere after The Opal Deception, but before the last book.

A sunny day
Few clouds in the sky
People outside
But not Artemis.

Bright sun
Children are free
Adults are free
But not Artemis.

In his room
On his computer
Type, type, typing.
Changing the world.

Window opens
A friend is visiting
Holly says, “Hello.”
Artemis responds in kind.

This is not a social visit
“We need your help,”
Holly says,
“Something’s wrong.”

A man named Erik Strauss
Wants to dig for oil
Too close to Haven
This is not good.

Holly needs Artemis
To stop it
Not Adventurous Artemis
She needs Business Artemis.

They take a shuttle
To get to the drilling site
Juliet comes along
Just in case.

“What do you want, kid?”
Strauss wants to know
Artemis smiles
His signature vampire smile

“You should cease your activities,”
The child genius warns
Strauss should have listened
It would have saved him a lot of trouble

But Strauss refuses
“There’s a ton of oil here,”
He says,
“I can’t have you taking it, Fowl.”

But Artemis doesn’t want the oil
Strauss doesn’t listen, though
And starts his machines
And begins to dig.

Holly calls on a friend
(You can probably guess who)
Mulch is happy to help
And intercepts the machines.

Mulch tunnels
And confuses the machines
And their operators above
And things are halted.

“What’s going on?”
Strauss demands
He is angry that things are going wrong
So he blames it on Artemis.

“What’ve you done to my machines, kid?”
Strauss doesn’t believe Artemis
When he says he’s innocent
But, of course, Artemis is not lying.

Several arguments later
Strauss tries again
And, again,
Mulch stops him

Strauss looses his temper
And breaks some things
Some pretty important things
And creates a larger problem.

Artemis then calmly informs the man
That, by digging here, and in this way, and legal things like that
He is breaking several laws
Strauss is not amused.

But he’s not above the law
So he packs up his things and leaves
Swearing vengeance on Artemis
Like they all do.

Artemis returns home
And wants to work on his project
But Holly will have none of it.

“It’s such a nice day!”
The elf insists
“Let’s just spend some time outside
And enjoy it while it lasts.”

Artemis can’t say no
And so they do
Just sit and enjoy the say
Enjoying each others company.

And Erik Strauss
Plans his revenge
With a certain pixie.
(I think you can guess who that is)

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