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A New Addition

Summary: So, I don’t own Artemis Fowl. Eoin colfer does. *sigh*    Please, don’t read this if you are under thirteen! It […]

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So, I don’t own Artemis Fowl. Eoin colfer does. *sigh*   

Please, don’t read this if you are under thirteen! It may end up sorta inappropriate at parts, so I warned you. Seriously. I mean it. *Glares*



Seventy-three  years ago


“My Arty?” Juliet whispered, shocked. “He was only thirty-seven.”

Holly nodded miserably. “Yes. I couldn’t do anything. It was an assassin.”



Haven City, Now


Artificial light streamed through the windows of a small flat in downtown Haven. The rays fell right across the double bed, waking up the two LEP officers. Holly was the first to stir, arcing her back, stretching  and yawning. She glanced down at her flat stomach, and grinned ever so slightly. Next to her Trouble sat up straight, blinking the sleep from his eyes in a few seconds. Holly poked his side, and called softly

“Move out, Retrieval one!” He jumped out of bed and to his feet instinctively, leaving a warm spot. Holly rolled over, and smiled as he scowled gently down at her.

“Looks like I get all the hot water.” And he padded towards the shower. Holly was out of bed in an instant, passing him and slamming the door in his face.

“I win” came the muffled call. Trouble rolled his eyes, thinking that the magma underground made running out of hot water almost impossible, and allowed his wife to use the shower first. Typical morning. He instead stretched, attempting to wake up, and utterly failed. He slowly closed his eyes, and allowed a sense of calm to wash over him. Ever since Fowl and his wife had passed away, not to mention that obnoxious Minerva girl, life had been both calmer and more hectic. Calmer because there was no longer any threat from above ground, and more hectic because there was no genius to help deal with Opal Koboi’s half-breed daughter, no genius to help deal with the gnome’s anger at the death of Ark Sool. His thoughts were interrupted by Holly gently poking his arm, asking if he was awake. He snapped his head up, and said

“Yes, yes, I am.” Holly rolled her eyes, and walked past him, grabbing her LEP Uniform, her robe swishing softly. Trouble slid into the bathroom, and stepped into the shower. Seven minutes later he stepped out, drying off and pulling on his own uniform. Holly called from the kitchen

“Half an hour!” And Trouble jumped. He dashed into the kitchen, almost worried. But he knew that there was no need. This happened every morning. As usual, Holly was sitting at the table, munching on toast. Only this time, there was a secretive grin on her face. He asked why with his eyes, but she ignored his question, tossing a cereal box at his head. He caught it instinctively, and poured some into a bowl. As usual. Eating silently, the two officers chatted about random things, like the new batch of recruits, or the latest guns. Both of them were excited about the guns. It was almost an obsession. After about twenty minutes, the two stood up, and Trouble went to brush his teeth. Holly put the cereal and plates away. Then followed him into the bathroom. He was slowly moving the electric toothbrush over his teeth,  his expression spacey. She smiled, and started running her own brush across her teeth. As the toothbrush buzzed, Holly wondered ‘how to tell him?’ She decided after a moment, smiling evilly. Trouble spat into the sink, and put the brush away, walking past Holly back into the bedroom. After a minute, Holly also walked out, passing him and grabbing a light green helmet was she did so.  He followed, still in a daze. Holly turned, stopping, and snapped her fingers in front of Trouble’s face.

“Hello, earth to the commander. You here, or up on the surface?” He jerked his head slightly, and seemed to break a trance. He grinned, and said

“I’m awake.”

“Good. I was thinking I would have to drive the bike. And I know that scares you.” Trouble shivered inadvertently, remembering the last time he’d been in a magma-bike with Holly as a driver. He’d almost thrown up afterwards, after they had nearly crashed three times. Holly had been smiling the whole time, enjoying herself. Trouble winced at the memory, and walked out, putting his own black helmet on. Holly thought he was slightly obsessed with the color black, that retrieval one had worn off. Oh well. He strode to the door, opening it and stepping out in about two seconds. Holly followed,  sliding her helmet on and shrugging a jacket around her shoulders. As she threw her leg over the bike, getting into the passenger seat, she called

“So, anything new at the LEP?”

“Chix is coming back from his E1 post in two years.” Holly’s eyes widened, and she almost winced. Horrible timing. Trouble saw the wince, and finally asked

“Holly, what’s up?  You have this look as if you have a secret, and now you’re acting extra upset at Chix returning. Now tell.”

“At Police Plaza.”

“Fine.” Trouble almost sulked, but that would be childish and undignified. And he was a LEP commander. He snorted on the inside. Yeah, all commanders were just SO dignified.   Root was not, when he was the only commander. Now Trouble was the commander. Root had made it onto the council with Vinyaya, leaving his post in Trouble’s hands. Trouble allowed a small grin, remembering the faces of Chartez and Lope when Root had been sworn in. He avoided several crashes instinctively, causing several drivers to swear. Not his fault. Holly, on the back, waved to one particularly aggressive driver, calling

“Hi! You do realize you just insulted the LEP commander, right?” The driver paled slightly, realizing who these elves were. He shut the window of his car, and drove off quickly. Holly sighed in satisfaction. She hated people who did that sort of thing, when it wasn’t even the magma-bike driver’s fault. Trouble just rolled his eyes. Yes, it was immature, but you had to have some way to cope if you were in the LEP. Holly’s way was in her immature moments, his silent reflection. The bike turned left, and they were at police plaza. Holly hopped off in one fluid movement, landing on her feet, helmet under her arm. Trouble put the bike on its stand, turning to face Holly and getting off while removing his helmet all at once.  They had perfected quick exits over time. This had been a necessary skill to develop when the Gnome gangs had stolen magma-bikes to use against the officers.  Now, it was just convenient. Trouble turned to Holly, his expression stern, as they walked into the lobby of police plaza.

“Well, out with it.” He laughed “I feel like a father.” Holly stopped walking, in the middle of the lobby. Trouble was forced to step closer to her to avoid the two of them being separated, the fairies around them pressing, almost shoving. But it was pretty quiet. Must be because it was morning,

“Well, get used to the feeling.” Holly said calmly, eyes sparkling. “I’m pregnant.” Trouble’s jaw literally dropped. Holly, putting one slim finger under his jaw, closed it.

“You sure?” He asked, still in a state of mild shock.

“You know that elves are hypersensitive. Mothers can tell within twenty-four hours. So yes, I’m positive.” She squeaked as she was lifted off the ground in a hug. The surrounding fairies, many of them officers, stopped and stared. Holly, still in the air, heard a snicker. She brushed it off, and managed to wriggle free, landing on her feet. Turning quickly, she dashed into her office. Trouble followed slowly, rolling his eyes. And so the paranoia started. At least it was mild, for now. He walked into her office, just in time to see Holly bury her face in her hands. He backed out slowly, thankful that he was only a step or two into the room. He watched silently as she seemed to sob silently for about a minute.  He watched in wonder as she sat up, seemingly unaffected. He walked in after a few seconds, not wanting her to know that he’d seen. She grinned tearfully at him as he entered.

“Don’t even try to pretend you didn’t just see that.” She said, pulling a chair out, and motioning for him to sit. He sat slowly, keeping his eyes locked on her the whole time, as if she was a wild animal.

“So, what’s up?” He asked carefully, unaccustomed to seeing Holly upset.

“Nothing.” She sighed, wilting under his stern look. “Fine. I’m kind of scared. This is new, and I don’t have a mother to talk to.”

“It’s alright, Holls. You can talk to Callebine and Foaly. Thay have kids.”

“No offense to them, but they ARE centaurs.” She paused. “Gosh, what happens when Root walks in, and finds me all teary?”

“Oh, nothing much. Just a full-blown IA investigation.” Trouble said airily, waving his hand as if it were nothing. Holly laughed, swatting his head.

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  1. Beckett Simpleton March 29th, 2011 at 11:22 pm 1

    I. Hate. Trouble.

    But… I. Love. Babies…

    Baby, Trouble, baby, Trouble…?

    I loooove babies too much, I’ll stick around.

    Well written BTW. I actually read to the end even though i DETEST Trubs.

    So, here it comes…


  2. Oh, brilliant. Utterly kill me(and Artemis) off. Just because I’m an alter ego dosen’t mean i have no feelings. But, all in all, good fic. 5. I gotta go kill dragons.

  3. I don’t hate him. But I am A/H. Thesaruses were made for a reason. So was the enter button. Update. The End. 😉

  4. Beckett, why do you hate Trubs? He’s not a bad guy! We don’t even know him that well!

    Actual review ;):

    Not bad. Kinda cute. There were mega paragraphs in the middle. Is that supposed to happen?

    I sorta suspected she’d be pregnant. I just know females that way. 😉

    Is this going to be an AU story? (By the way, AU= Author’s Universe; as in, completely different from what happens in the books). I just want to know for future reference, so things don’t get all confusing.

    Hope you can update soon!

  5. Ann, yes. It is definitely AU. Well, I think so. It is in the future… Glad you like it!

    Beckett, seriously. Glad you’ll stick around, but pleeze stop complaining about my ship choice. I AM the author.

    Orion, I was thinking about making Arty dieing into a fic.
    Maybe with Orion taking over… Please don’t be so sad/mad!

    ILoveFowl, I know I need to fix all the grin repetition. And there should be some long paragraphs. Although I’ll work on separating them into shorter paragraphs.

    Thanks all for the reviews! Each of you gets a lollipop 🙂

    Over and out.

  6. Hermione Fowl March 30th, 2011 at 3:45 am 6

    New paragraph after someone speaks. Sub-heading’s and Author Notes should be in bold, it makes it easier to read.
    Did Artemis marry Opal? Cause that’d be very odd.
    I’m not a big fan or Trouble either. Don’t ask me why. But trust me, you should all hate him. I pick out the bad guys within the first 3 pages of knowing them.
    The plot is kinda old, but you wrote it well. Everyone was really IC.
    And you others, what’s with the short reviews? Not helpful!! It only takes 3 minutes to write a long and helpful review!!

  7. artemis simpletoon March 30th, 2011 at 7:07 pm 7

    I thought Root was dead.

  8. *Sigh.* This is an AU, so Root and Vinyaya aren’t dead. I really like the characters, so they never died. Don’t like, I don’t care. I just want to write a story I’m satisfied with. ConCrit is always welcome. Jee, even flames are welcome (somewhat). I just

  9. (my message got lost! D’Arvit)
    love reviews! And to all you Trouble haters, I do plan to have Holly kinda mean towards him, just cause she’s in serious pain. And her hormones are screwed up.

    Over and out.


    Update… unless its a oneshot… ?

  11. LEPreconGirl May 20th, 2011 at 1:47 am 11

    ILoveFowl. You are being a jerk. A flaming jerk. I get uber-excited seeing that I have new comments, then I find that SOMEBODY DISREGARDED MY PREVIOUS REQUESTS FOR NO SHIP COMMENTS! Now, please tell me what you thought of my WRITING, not my PRESONAL shipo choice. Don’t try to argue with me about H/A or H/T, I cna find lots of evidence to back up H/T.

    …Wow, I feel mean…

  12. in love with Arty 6302 August 1st, 2011 at 1:48 am 12

    Whoa, who’s H/T and H/A???

    Anyway, its okay. Work out those super-paragraphs and we’ll call it even. After which war, I dont know, but just doing that would be nice for everybody else.

    I don’t think it’s as good as your other one-shot stories. I guess because it’s predictable and not original.

    But you should update anyway! 😀

    (H/T stands for the ship Holly and Trouble. H/A stands for the ship Holly and Artemis. Grrrrr… I don’t like being unorigional. Plot twist, coming up! Thanks for the comment!)

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