A Fanfiction Writers Guide to Muses

Summary: Muses are wonderful things, aren't they? Wrong. they are horrible, egotisical, ocasionally violent... THINGS! For more information, read on.

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Bonus Chapter: Fighting Muses and Potted Plants

Alright. Minerva and Root were up. Should I have put up Trouble? Nah. He’s kind of useless as far as muses go. Opal probably would have been a good addition though. Aw well. I’d add her in the ‘Villainous Muses’ chapter. She’d be right at the head! Right up there with Philonecron from the Cronus Chronicles and (what was its name again?) Violet from H.I.V.E.

Of course it was now that Kat burst in. I loved that girl to death, I really did, but why did she have to be so damn annoying?!

“Shane! Shane! We have a problem!” Great. She was panicking. This was gonna be good; and by good, I mean bad.

I rubbed my eyes, tired. Twenty-four hours straight and no sleep did not mix well. “One; I’ve told you this already Kat. Don’t call me Shane. Either Shanny or Shannon, take your pick. Two; What’s the bloody problem?” she pointed behind her as something crashed and started shouting out something that could only be described as complete and utter gibberish.

I nodded, pretending to understand her rambling as I stepped behind her and into the next room. What met me was not a pretty sight.

The room was in shatters, quite literally as three of the four walls and the ceiling were glass since it used to be, and still partially was, a green room. Devin and Allison stood across from each other, each in a fighting stance and Amy tried to get them to stop arguing and ‘show some love and compassion for each other’. Fat chance.

Ally let out a battle cry and lunged at Devin who stepping out of the way. I cringed as another potted plant met its doom. D’Arvit. That was the lipstick plant too.

Mini Foaly adjusted his tinfoil hat from his spot on Amy’s shoulder, showing some insecurity about something or another. Most likely the fact that he was in the middle of this and was roughly one-tenth of the real Foaly’s size.

I grabbed Ally by the sleeve of her shirt and tossed her out of the room to the time-out corner. There. Problem solved.

Devin scowled. “I was winning, thanks!”

I tapped my chin in mock thoughts. “True,” I was probably going to regret this. “But but I wasn’t aware that failing was now considered succeeding.” He growled, grabbed me by the hair and tossed me into Amy’s arms. 1. Awkward. 2. Ouch.

He stalked out, probably going to the time-out corner. I loved having trained my muses, even if they weren’t trained well.

Kat walked over to me, a large, anime-esque lump on her head. “If your miserable and you know it say hoorah.” She said in a bored tone, which was rather odd for the most hyper of my muses.

“Hoo-rah.” I said with equal mirth, waving my hand as though carrying a little white flag. Why was it that I got stuck with the muses I loathed most? Why couldn;t I get stuck with the muses who used to help me with my chapter fics before i got these guys? Why, Fate? Why?

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. *first comment national day of dance and love*
    love it. as always.
    hey, what happened to shadow? I never read the end. and what about that one where artemis dies in the opal deception. never finished that either.
    STOP DELETING THESE STORIES! you are too good to be deleted

  2. Oh, that’s so cool! I’m going to use that. Definitly.

    😀 🙂 😛 😮 :mrgreen: 😈 👿 😉 😕 😐 😳 😆 🙄 😯 🙁 😥

  3. nice smilies s7

  4. Shadow was never deleated, merely title changed. It is now Curiosity killed the cat.

    As for the other one, deleted. *shrugs* I had low, well lower, self-esteem about my writing back then so I ended up canning a lot of my original work.

  5. Helpfull. Gracias, chicka.

  6. It would be funnier just to read the muses fighting with each other 🙂

    One-or-two mis-uses of words, too. You used the wrong “bare” for example. “Bare” is naked, or with little covering and “bear” is the animal; to carry or to deal with.

  7. Thanks. Re-read it. (o_o’) Did i really make that many mistakes? Aw well. I’ll fic them with the next update.

    And trust me, you will get fighting muses. you know the bonus featiures on a DVD? Well you can always make bonus chapters! :3

  8. IwishIwasafaerie January 5th, 2010 at 10:03 pm 8

    now i’m invsioning Holly on ma shoulder her and Alvina are talking when they should be giving me inspiration.
    Holly: This is my day off. I don’t feel like it. BuT I do feel like a milkshake.
    ME: *flicks Alv, flicks Holly*
    Alv: *bites me*

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