A day in the life of an imp(The Diary of No.33)

Summary: This is No.33's diary. Just so you know, he's bad at writing.

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August 4; 3:20AM
Dear Diary
Im bored. I like imp school and I don’t like people but I really hate writing. Im bad at it too. I want to find cool human artifacts because they’re cool. Diary, just so you know, I made up the times, but I think that they work. They do make sense.

August 4; 6:30AM
Dear Diary
I woke up today. The sky is red like always. I can see No.88 from here. She is smiling at No.62. I don’t like him. I like two lines from Lady Heatherington Smyth’s Headgegrow. One is “Red is the blood of my enemies and also the blood of myself.” And then there is “If I am to wither, best I wither with you.” I see myself in a mirror. Im going to warp today I know it. That’s very exciting. I want to find artifacts of humans. Maybe I will find my own crossbow. Abbot is always telling me that killing humans is the coolest thing an imp can do but i don’t agree. I want to find a crossbow no wait maybe I will find something better then a crossbow. I don’t know what it is, but I know it’s out there waiting for me to find it. I also want to find another book. Our book is starting to get boring because the only thing to do is to read it when you’re waiting to warp.

 August 4; 9:30AM
Dear Diary
Abbot came in and made his speech. All the imps were roaring and so was I. Then I felt this weird tickle in a place I’d rather not mention. Then the tickle spread around my body and then I was covered in green goop. I started rolling and then I was falling and then every thing started smelling nasty and I was being pinched and then I passed out. ugh.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. I can add more to this…
    Give me some suggestions!

  2. This is good so far! Try to make longer chapters, though…


  3. Yeah, longer chapters. And put in a bit more detail. It was a bit rushed, like you needed everything to happen at once. =)=) But very good. UPDATE OR FEAR MY WRATH!!!!

  4. OK so now it’s a diary. No.33 doesn’t like to write and he’s bad at it.

  5. Interesting. I like where this is going, but you have several grammatical errors and you need to capitalize your “i’s”. Other than that, pretty good. Keep working on it and edit some more. 😉


  6. Okays, no more adding to this story. I’m done. It’s over. Have some celebratory marshmallows.

  7. Why don’t you just delete it then?

  8. Well, people can read it…but no more adding…sorry. Do you still want a marshmallow, WE?

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