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Summary: Shhh.... It's a surprise. :3 Hint! The categories I put it under is what it's going to be. PLEASE COMMENT!!!

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Julius Root, P.O.V.

Captain Holly Short, Foaly, and I were in a….. No. This is not the part where I blow up. It’s the day before that.

Captain Holly Short and I were in one of the conference rooms at the Police Plaza. Waiting for no reason, not even knowing why we were having a meeting. She sat in the seat to my left, cleaning her gun. Foaly on the other hand hadn’t shown up at all that day. It made me happy some, no stupid donkey up my butt, bugging me for the weirdest things just to talk about science.

Holly looked up from her gun. “Commander?” She said looking my way.


The captain looked down “Was I allowed asking someone or bringing someone to this meeting?”

I raised my eyebrow, “Holly we don’t really know why we are here. Why would you…”

“You want to know who?” I couldn’t believe she cut me off. Maybe she was making this up? Like someone would ever try to mess with their commander. The person who fills out every person on their LEP team’s pay checks.

My eye narrowed her hazel eyes. “No.”

“But?! Comma…”

“Holly, I said no. So no, I do not want to know!”

Her hands went into her lap, and her head drooped low. While she sat that way, I sat back in the leather chair. Letting myself calm down.

The doubles doors that were in the front left corner of me creaked open.

Holly looked up at the door.

I looked at Holly, not paying any attention to it.

Wider the door opened. A female with beautiful flowing red long hair, and green eyes walked in. Raine Vinyaya. She sat down across from me.

I did a slight gulp. “Hello commander Vinyaya.” My voice cracked at the ‘Vinyaya’ part and I started to blush, not taking my eyes off of her.

“Hey, Julius.” Her beautiful cat like face made a half smile.

I swear my heart was going to jump out of my chest and hug her as she said my name. My heart also wanted me to go over to her side tell her how I feel. But my mind said no, wait for the right time. Plus we were in the same room as Holly.

Holly turned her head to Vinyaya, then to me as we greeted each other….


Raine Vinyaya, P.O.V.


We sat there at the table for about five minutes, every two of those minutes I couldn’t help but to look at Julius. Ever since we were in the LEP Academy I… No High School. I always had this feeling around him that I never had around any one, not even my ex-husband.

Just one more look at him wouldn’t be so bad. So I looked up from my hands, which is what I was looking at, at the time. It turns out. Root was looking at me.

My cheeks turned a soft shade of pink. “Julius, what are you looking at?” I asked him while Holly was staring and at us.

Commander Root quickly shook his head, which was blushing as well. “You.” He said and covered his mouth like he didn’t mean to say that. I made a small giggle. Even though it wasn’t like him to be acting this way, it was cute.

Holly was a different story. Her eyes started to tear up and laughed at her own commander. Sometimes I wish I could just take my gun and shove it up her… I won’t say it. So Never mind what I was about to say.

Captain Shorts face was red as a bloomed rose that I found one day, in my office for no reason. Only a few people know that my favorite color is red. Everyone who doesn’t know thinks it’s black because I always wear that color.

Suddenly there was a knock on the door.

I rolled my eyes, “Come in!” The person outside of the door knocked once more. “I said you could come in already!” Again the person knocked on the door.

Mad, no I was angry. On impulse I got out of my chair opened the door. Instead of an elf on the other side, it was Foaly. Foaly, the centaur, the one person we had been waiting for almost the whole day.

“Sorry I’m late.” His excuse was.

My eyes rolled once more. “I think we know that. Now go take your seat, pony boy and get started. I have things to do you know?” I said as I move out of the way and back into my seat, allowing him to get into the room.

Julius was still red from his sweet little cutie pie comment. Did I just say that?!




Julius Root, P.O.V. – 15 minutes later.


Fifteen minutes waiting in the stupid room, since Foaly walked in. The rest of the council came three minutes ago. Lucky me.

It’s not that I don’t like the council, just one person besides Raine that I can’t stand. He’s Lope, Edward Lope. I’m just going to call him Eddy, it gets on his nerves. Plus it’s quicker to say.

Lope sat down next to Vinyaya. Out all of the seats at the table, he had to that one seat. There’s about twelve chairs.

If you didn’t know this, but Lope is known for ‘charm’ and ‘moves’. People all over haven call him a ‘babemagnet’. Just what I need, someone like that seating next to Rain.




Raine Vinyaya, P,O.V. 


I looked over to my side. “Why in the world would Edward even sit  next to me?” I asked myself “After all we have been through, he still has the guts to be by me.”

Julius was still red. With that look on his face, it had a slight hint of confuion. Maybe because of Lope. All I have to say about him is that he was a fool, and so was I.

“I will never make that mistake again,” I mumbled to myself. Looking down at my ring finger on my left  hand. “Never, again.”

At this point my eyes started to tear up with water, but I held it in. Like a commander should.





Julius Root, P.O.V. – 15 minutes later.


Raine was acting strange. I looked her in the eyes every time she looked up from her hands. She looked up again, here was my chance to speak to her.

“Vinyaya, may I talk with you outside in the hallway?” I asked standing u, breaking the silence in room. It was quite only because Foaly went to the bathroom.

Raine looked at me, if looks could kill, it would kill me. But this look was nothing like that. The look on her face looked like she wanted to hug me.

“Ok.” Was her reply that she said as she got up out of her chair. The female commander walked over to the door and turned around to face me. “Are you sure?” Because of this comment everyone looked at, including Eddy.

I raised my left eyebrow, “Yes I’m sure.” I walked toward the door as she walked out. Leaving everyone who was left confused, because we never had a conversation during a meeting like that.

She stood there in the middle of the hallway. With her slim slightly tanned arms crossed.

I looked her in the eyes again. “Something wrong, isn’t there?” I asked, still looking into her eyes. I can tell if someone is lying just from looking into their eyes.

Vinyaya’s pupils turn larger some, and hereyes had a slight red glow as well. I knew something was very wrong. So I took a step closer to her.

“Nothing is wrong, Julius.” She told me, taking a step back.

I took another step closer, the only place she could stand at this point was right on the side of the wall. “Something is wrong. You never act like this. What’s the problem?” I said.

“Well, if you recall knowing that the person in front if yourself is going to die soon a problem? Then yes, there is a problem.”

I knew at this moment something was very wrong. Not by the comment, but by the way she was talking.

We stood there in silence….



Raine Vinyaya, P.O.V.

Julius’s face turned blood red. “Why did I say that?” I mumbled under my breath.

His mouth dropped opened. “I… I’m… Die? Me? Die?! What?!” He looked at me like I was crazy.

I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut. ‘Maybe if I keep my mouth shut and just smile, he’ll think it’s a joke,’ I thought. So  I smiled, which is something I don’t do at all at the Plaza Police very ofte.

Commander Root took a step closer to me. The confused look on his face was fading away.

“Raine, come with me.” He said as he grabbed me by the wrist and led me down the hall.

“Where are we going?”

Julius turned his a little head and looked at me, still walking fast. “We’re going to my office, the pony boy might be listening to us.”

“Oh.” Was all I could say.

It took forever to get to the office. Why was his office so far away from the meeting hall? I don’t like to walk far distances.

Root released his grip on my wrist and opened the office door right when I realised we were at the door finally. I looked into the the room, artificial light from the window shined though the window making a gleaming affect. Out of all of the other males in the LEP. Julius has to be the most organized and need elf out of them all. Not even a single pencil out of place on his desk.

He walked over to a cream couch in the corner of the room and sat down. I followed, closing the door and locking it behind myself. I sat down next to him, with my hands in my lap.

“So…. You said that I was going to die, right?” Julius looked into my eyes again. Really the only thing I can tell him at this point is the truth, but I can’t.

I looked back into his brown caring eyes. “Yes.” Was the only word I was able to choke out.

The male elf opened his mouth “…. Ugh …” He looked blankly at me, like I was insane at this point.

The feeling in the room was not comfortable, nor friendly. Can’t there be one year? No, day without something like this happening? I don’t think I can take much more of this. I’ve never liked the feeling after finding out someone was injured or had died. Or when I know that someone is going to die. Maybe I just need to suck it up, and be the commander I should have been in the first place.

Finally Julius said a real word. “How…?” A pause. “H-how do you know this?” He reached for my hand that was now on my side and held it in his own. “How, Raine? How?”

Still looking into his eyes I spoke back. “I can’t tell you.” I replied as I looked away.

He placed his right hand under my chin and guided my head until our eyes locked onto one another again. “Raine look at me. Why can’t you tell me?”

My heart started to pound harder, I wanted to tell him so much it was tourcher. But I promised I wouldn’t tell a soul.

“Why?” He asked once more.

“Julius, I promised that I wouldn’t tell.” I told him as I noticed he was leaning in a bit.

“Please, Raine…” His head leaned in more and so did I.


Hey’ya! I know… I haven’t updated in a while, school. Luckly some of my teachers let me write instead of read! So I will be adding more alot more. Just some small amounts at a time, because I really don’t have the time.


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  1. This is amazing, Amy! 5/ roses with tacos to you! PM me when you update again! And do it soon!

    -Amber Root

  2. I agree with Star, this is amazing. You did a good job, keep at it. 🙂

    Thank you Krissy, I’m going to call you that now. :3 I also fixed your smiley face.

  3. Me like the story =D

    As for concrit: “Sorry I’m late.” His excuse was. I felt you could’ve just put “Sorry, I’m late.” That was Foaly’s excuse, and my eyes rolled on once more yadayada

    That’s all I could find. I like the story =3

    Yay! XD I’m so glad you like it so far, Immy. I didn’t even notice that I forgot the comma. Thank you soooo much! *Hugs*

  4. Woah, this is good – I don’t normally like romance, but that was amazing!
    A couple of minor mistakes, but nothing major, so its fine. 😀
    UPDATE! 😀

    Oh. :O You no like romance stories?! This is kinda my first time really going to write romance, besides in a song fic.. *Sings the update song with Affy*

  5. Ooh, looks like root is in love. he doesn’t really seem like the lovey type. But any way, well constructed no spelling errors that I can see. Root says a day before he blows up. He blows up!? does he get vinyaya before then? please update! This is really good Amy!

    Hehe. :3 You don’t know the full plot just yet, mah friend. Could he get her before or after? Now that is the question. 😈

    Only editors can use both bold and italics, Amy ^^ ~WE

  6. Wait. so he’s a ghost? or are they both ghosts? Please update.

    I’m keeping my mouth shut. :3
    Only editors can use both bold and italics, Amy ^^ ~WE

  7. Ooh, great job Amy! I loved, loved, loved this. Anyways…con crit:

    “Captain Shorts face was red as a bloomed rose that I found one day, in my office for no reason. Only a few people know that my favorite color is red. Everyone who doesn’t know thinks it’s black because I always wear that color.”

    I was just a little confused on this part. Were you trying to say that Commander Root’s face was red? And there’s an apostrophe in “Shorts”. And “bloomed rose” sounds a little weird.

    Other than that part, it was mostly fine. I really like shipping Raine/Root, so awesome. 5/s!:D

    No Bobo… Holly was lauging, so her face turned red. And when Vinyaya noticed that it was red, it reminded her of the red rose she found…. Thanks. :3

  8. this is really good. no con crit. couldn’t find anything. one of the better stories i’ve read. amazing job.


    Awww… :3 Thank you, G. Wolf.


  9. Yay! You updated! But I found some mistakes, I can’t point it out.But they are just simple spelling mistakes.Just look over it plethora, update! 🙂

  10. nice plot. Raine = Rhayne, though 😉 and there are some CUPS mistakes.. but, as in the story, a good fanfic.


    Well, her name is Raine, not Rhayne. In the last book it says her full name finally so I don’t know if you read it or not. Simple mistake( blonde moment. :3)! 😀

  11. GoldenWolf2456 December 16th, 2011 at 1:04 am 11

    XD u updated! I’m so happy! If you hadn’t updated I would have gone crazy from lack of a R/V ship… No con crit other than a few capitals out of place and simple spelling mistakes. all in all another amazing story by Amber Root!

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