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100 Years

Summary: It's an A/H songfic (sort of) to the song "100 Years" by Five for Fighting. I changed the lyrics a little to make it work. It's an A/H fic to make up for any A/M fics I have previously written. I am trying to alleviate my sins here.

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Disclaimer: I don’t own any of the characters.

Note: This songfic is based off the song 100 years by Five for Fighting. I changed some of the lyrics so it would make a little bit more sense in the context.

You’re 15 for a moment. Caught inbetween 10 and 20 and I’m just dreaming, counting the ways to where you are.

I knew you didn’t love me. But that didn’t stop me from loving you. You were only fifteen, I was in my eighties. But we were so much closer than that.

You’re 22 for a moment. She feels better than ever and we’re on fire, making our way back from Mars.

When you started returning art to museums, I was proud, so very proud of you. You were becoming good. And, selfishly, I knew that I was the cause of this goodness, and hoped you would realize that. But I knew you wouldn’t. You loved her.

15 there’s still time for you. Time to buy and time to lose. 15. There isn’t a wish better than this. When you only have 100 years to live.

I keep thinking back to when I first fell in love with you. We had shared so much – after three years lost to the rest of the world, what’s an eye or two? I will always have a part of you with me, and you will have me. I will have to content myself with that.

You’re 33 for a moment. You’re still a man, but I see you’re a they. A kid on the way. A family on your mind.

You married the other girl – I knew it wouldn’t be me. And I was her maid of honor, trailing behind like a lost puppy. But you’re happy, and that’s what counts for me. That’s the only thing that matters anymore.

You’re 45 for a moment. The sea is high and I’m heading into a crisis, chasing the years of my life.

You haven’t spoken to me for years. I suppose all the fairy villains are gone, now. It’s hard to be a hero when there’s nothing for you to save. What happened to the time when I could call you up, and say hi? Where did all the years go?

15, there’s still time for you. Time to buy and time to lose yourself inside a star. Fifteen…

There isn’t a wish better than this. When you only have 100 years to live. Half the time goes by, suddenly you’re wise, another blink of the eye, 67 is gone the sun is getting high, you’re moving on.

You’re old. You have aged, and yet I stay the same. Sure, there are a few more wrinkles, but I appear to be no more than thirty, while you could pass for 80. The distance between us keeps growing and growing, and I’m getting frantic. I want to tell you how I feel about you before time runs out.

You’re ninety-nine for a moment. I’m dying for just another moment and I’m still dreaming, counting the ways to where you are…

You were on your deathbed. You called me in, me alone. I know I’m crying, but I can’t help it. You told me it would have never worked, and that you’re sorry. I’m too sad to even wonder at how you know I’ve loved you, all these years.

You lean your head back on your pillow, and you ask me if I want you to say hello to Root for me. I can only nod, crying harder. You close your eyes. “No!” I shout. “No, don’t leave me!”

You use your last breath, your precious breath, to say ‘I loved you too.”

Then you are gone.

Your family comes running, and I watch as the life leaves your body, and I can only stand there with your family, your sons, daughters, and grandchildren. Your brothers and nephews and neices, your great-nephews. You loved me.

That’s all that has ever mattered.

15, there’s still time for you. Time to buy and time to lose. Fifteen…

There isn’t a wish better than this.

When you only have 100 years…

To live.

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  1. ARTY'SELFFRIEND January 18th, 2008 at 8:51 pm 1

    Awwww……. that’s so sad! I cried, then again, Icry every time I hear this song! Keep up the good work!!

  2. AWWWW that is really sad! GOOD JOB!

  3. That was sad. At least it was a pairing I like. Very well written.

  4. OMG I almost cried! You are an amazing writer and I LOVED IT!

  5. poor holly…she loved him all those years… and he tells her when he was dying? aaaawwww…..soooooooooooo sad.

  6. Wow. That was AMAZING.
    Are those the real lyrics? If so, then it’s almost spooky how well they fit into something like this.
    (Oh, and one more thing… It was a good story, but Artemis Fowl II is IMMORTAL.)

  7. Well, sort of. All of the “you”‘s at the beginning of the verses were originally “I”‘s, but it’s mostly the same.
    And yes, I agree. Arty is utterly immortal, but I had to kill him to write the story. I felt really bad.

  8. Minerva Paradizo June 9th, 2008 at 7:20 am 8

    Gawd! I am bawling! I have read two of your stories, and I think you may be one of the best authors on this site!

  9. Aw! Sad! Although I’m very upset at Artemis that it took him all these years just to say those measly words! *strangles Artemis*
    Oh well, good job! I can understand how Holly feels, panicking when her love is getting older and older like that while she stays young…but that’s what’s so interesting about the A/H ship! That there’s so many possiblilities! That she has to be so much more to love a human! Wheras Minerva has it so much easier! *growls*

  10. This was so sad.
    It’s what will happen. I’m glad that you are realistic about A/H. I know that I can never be. 🙁
    The song fits beautifully (I love that song, it’s good for adult contemporary music).
    Great job!

  11. omg i ttly loved it!! usually i h8 all these A+H story, but urs was wonderful and sincere and wasn’t ttly sicl like all the rest! it was so sad!! 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 but i ttly luved it!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  12. ooooooooooooh…jus soo melodious n sad…it’s polished wid grief n love 2gdr…awesum!!!It jus suits da A/H relationship perfectly!!! 🙂

  13. songfic_freak July 11th, 2008 at 3:47 pm 13

    awesome! So sweet. This song is perfect for Holly and Artemis! I’m a total h/a shipper. I don’t get why people hate those stories… I mean, I know it’s impossible, but does love HAVE to be possible? Why go for minerva just because she’s human?

  14. It’s sooooooooo good, but sooooooooooooooo sad! It’s terrific! I almost cried! I try not to think about when Artemis dies but Holly’s still alive. It’s so sad!! I love it!

  15. Thank you so much, Minerva Paradizo, that’s so sweet of you…

    wOw. Didn’t think everyone would like it this much… I love that song too.

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