Weird piece of pavao

Summary: Someone must have spiked my lemonade. Random crossover.

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Trying to update A New Chapter(if anyone even cares) and this random thing popped into my head.

When Artemis woke up, he was tied to a chair in a basement. What the..? as his eyes adjusted to the light, he realized there were several other chairs, each with their own bound occupant. The chairs were placed in a rough semi circle.
As his eyes adjusted to the light, he took note of the other occupants of the room. One guy in what peered to be a school uniform-black pants, blue jacket, black tie with a purple stripe on it. He had dark grey hair and glasses. He reminded Artemis of himself when he was younger, and colder. One in an ivory outfit, complete with cape. This guy had purple hair, blue skin, and rock dotting his visage. The last two were wearing outfits that, if his intelligence was right, came from feudal Japan. One was wearing purple and blue monk’s robes, and had his black hair in a Tiny ponytail. The other was in red, and had long silver hair with dog ears on top. Pile in the center was a black notebook, a hood that looked as if it had come off Stone-Man’s cloak, a staff, a battered-looking sword in a sheath, and…
“my laptop!” Artemis exclaimed. The others, who had woken up as well, were equally surprised. The dog eared boy started cursing and saying something about ‘the Tetsusiga’.
The door creaked open ominously. A figure in a dark blue cape strode in, stopping just beyond the semicircle. The person drew back the hood of the cape, revealing a girl with bright green eyes and long, messy hair (think Merida from brave). In a serious voice, she said, “I bet you’re wondering why I called you all here.”
Then she giggled, and smiled. “sorry, I’ve just always wanted to say that.”
“who the hell are you?” Asked the doggy boy. He seemed to have a temper.
“My name’s Rose. Now, roll call.” She pointed to each boy in turn. “Kyoya Ohtori. Zelgadis Graywords. Miroku. Inuyasha. Artemis Fowl. You’re all here. Good.”
The monk, who Artemis assumed to be Miroku, stared at the girl. “Surely this lady is a force to be reckoned with. Would you do me the honor of-”
“Shut it, you perverted monk.” the girl growled, pointing a katana that had previously not been in the room at him.

The monk sweatdropped. “Surely there is no need for violence, lady. You can’t be serious.”

“I am serious, and don’t call me Shirley.” she snapped, then giggled.
Artemis began to feel very uneasy. This girl was obviously mentally unstable.
“Excuse me, miss Rose, but I was wondering exactly what we are doing her,” he said in his best not-annoying tone.

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  1. This is kinda random so far. Please OOPDEEEEET!!!
    P.S. Inuyasha is AWESOME!!!

  2. What exactly is this, no offense, I’m only confused. What was your idea?

  3. I’m with ASLgirl, I’m confuzzeled. What is happening?

    @ASLgirl: what does ASL stand for?

  4. ookaay…i’m confused too. well, no offence. con crit: i don’t see how your summary relates to the story… good thing: no spelling errors or the sort. nice start for a crossover. maybe you’ll get more reviews if you update. GO FORTH AND …UPDAAATE OR SUFFER MOI WRAATH!!!!! *chuckle*

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