Weird fic without a title by a weirdo-PART THREE!!

Summary: A sequel to my awesome chatroom fic

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A/N: Same characters as the previous parts. Finn, Silver, me and the AF cast. You can join if you want, tell me in a comment.


Artemis: Alright, I am sick of this.

Silver: Dude, as if we don’t know. Plus we just got an idea!

AF cast: *groans*

Finn: Arty has to make a song about lollipops!

Shaadia: Why don’t we play hide and seek?


Silver: that’s a kid’s game.

Shaadia: We ARE kids! Let’s play!

Mulch: As long as Arty has to catch

Foaly: that isn’t fair.

Finn: Hmm………iny miny miney mo, catch a goblin by his toe, if he cries, fart on him, iny miny miney–OPAL!!

Opal: what nooooooooooo you evil mean stupid mud boy!!

Holly: Well this is funny.

Shaadia: okay, level one: We hide, you catch us.


Opal: noo noooo nooooo fine! 1, 2, 3, 4–

Af cast: *looks for place to hide*

Shaadia: Finn, the kitchen is too obvious!

Finn: So is the bathroom

Silver: Aha! I borrowed this from that Harry Potter guy *pulls out invisibility cloak*

Finn: YAY!!

Shaadia, Silver, Finn: *gets under cloak* *giggling*

Opal: 7, 8–

Artemis: I’ve got an idea.

Foaly: what?

Artemis: You wouldn’t fit in there!

Opal: 9, 9 and a half–

Mulch: BATHROOM! *locks self in*

Butler: My suit is camouflage enough

Foaly: *jumps out of window and falls into garden hedge*

Opal- TEN!!

Artemis and Holly: *gets under bed*

Opal: ready or not, here I come!

Finn: *whisper* I think Arty and Holls will get caught first

Silver: *snaps* quiet, finn!

Artemis: We’ll obviously get caught.

Mulch: *passes gas* aaaah

Opal: Who was that?!!

Mulch: Come in here and you’ll get farted on!

Opal: eeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww no way!

Mulch: Hah. then catch someone else. Arty is under the bed.

Finn: There, what did I tell ya?

Opal: *checks under bed* now what have we here? *maniacal laughter* Not interrupting something, am I?

Holly: *scowls* Go to hell.

Opal: You two are so squished together in there it makes me wonder if you’re interested in the game at all, or rather if y’all are just crazy over each other

Artemis: Go to hell.

Holly: *blushes*  Go to hell, Opal.

Artemis: Yes, you should go to hell, Koboi.

Holly: Er, yeah. Go to–

Opal: *unimpressed* you are jut repeating yourselves, realized that yet?

Artemis: Go. To. Hell.

Silver: *pulls off cloak* YAY WE GOT A NEW CATHCHER!!

Shaadia: Two!

Finn: Our hiding place was the best! 😛  IN YOUR FACES, PEOPLE!

Mulch: *emerges noisily from bathroom* Wooaaaah that was refreshing!

Foaly: *comes into the room* DAMN I GOT STUNG BY BEES!!

Artemis: I take security procedures…*chuckles*

Butler: The kids cheated, really.


*portal suddenly opens*

Daffy Duck: lalaalalaalaaaaaaaaa…

Artemis: Huh?

Batman: *comes out and strangles daffy duck* Justice shall-!

Shaadia: Standing in a hall of fame, Woooh! And the world’s gonna know your name, cause you burn with the brightest flame WOOOH!

Opal: She’s insane.


*portal closes*

Finn: Anyone want some butter?

Opal: Shall we just continue the game? *evil grin at Arty and Holly* 😈

Artemis: Fine. 1, 2, 3,4,5

Mulch: Too fast!

Foaly: Well hide then, dammit!

Shaadia: Got the cloak, Sil?

Silver: Nah, shall we just go way till their turn is up?

Finn: Yup, sounds good.

Silver: *makes her, shaadia and Finn disappear*

Holly: 6, 7, 8, 9…

Mulch: *gets onto top of the wadrobe*

Foaly: *fills bathtub with bubble stuff and gets into it*

Artemis: TEN!

Holly: I think Shaadia and her friends cheated. Again.

Artemis: And Butler is In that camouflage outfit. Again.

Mulch: *thinks* would that fart trick work on them too? *idea* GOODNIGHT, GUYS! *switches off lights*

Holly: *holding Artemis’s hand* I’m sure Mulch did that.

Artemis: Since no one can see us…

Holly: Uh huh?

Artemis: I love you *kisses*



Foaly: *groans* WE CAN HEAR YOU, IDIOT!


Opal: I can use this opportunity to leave *tip toes*

Holly: Awwww Arty! By the way, I can see you, Opal.


Opal: *beeeeep*

Artemis: Our trick worked.

Foaly: What you two acted like idiots and kissed each other just because you wanted to catch her?!

Artemis: Precisely. And now we know where the rest of you are.

Holly: Mulch, get off the cupboard! And yeah, centaur, that expired bubble bath won’t hide you.

Artemis: As for Butler, he’s behind the door and I know that because half of his sig Sauer is poking out.

Opal: You couldn’t catch Shaadia and those idiots, though.

Holly: That’s because they cheated. Again.


*portal opens* Silver: Missed us, folks?

Finn: It’s on their faces.

Shaadia: How did you catch everyone?

Butler: *snort* Not for kids.

Silver:                              WHO ARE YOU CALLING KIDS?!



If you wanna join, tell me in a comment




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  1. Hmm… interesting. I like the Arty/Holly moments especially. Nice work!:)

    I will join. 🙂 You know me. If you need a name for me (since I’m sure CaptainS10 would not go over well) you can use the same name as in TCSB, Piper, or Shorty. 🙂 Can’t wait to see the next part!

  2. It’ll be up as soon as possible! Thanks!

  3. Finn's Alter Ego August 10th, 2013 at 9:41 pm 3

    Hey, can i join? shhh, dont tell Finn, he hates me! *slaps self* i’m right here! *slaps self again* Fine! i’ll take my homemade cookies elsewhere!
    (hes the nice side to me)

  4. Can I join? Yes I know I’m like a trillion miles after you posted this

  5. foalyissarcastic March 26th, 2014 at 6:55 am 5

    Hey, I’d totally love to join.
    Call me Emorfia.
    About my personality…let’s just say people have described me as a female artemis fowl.But I don’t like holly.That’s gay.

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