Summary: The crazy truth or dare game of randomness and awesomeness!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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Two more  people wanted to join so here it is. And 4 to Opal, there is already an Opal so you are going to be *drum role please*, Zanna! Hope your fine with that.

Very randomly, a male elf and a female sprite walk up.

“We got a call from a centaur,” the sprite mentions.

The elf nods. “Something about, truth or dare?”

Everyone nods.

“Cool, I’m Zane and this is Zanna,” Zane introduces.

“Let’s continue!” Reyna shouts. “Minnie, tell your dare.”

Minerva smirks. “I dare you to kiss Butler.”

“Ewww!” Shaadia screams. “I thought you weren’t so bad!”

Opal moves closer. She gleaned forward when . . .

Zanna snuck up behind her. She smakes Opal and kicked her in the shin.

“Someone never did their dare,” Silver started. “That means-”

“Punishments,” Opal groaned.

Artemis stopped. “I thought there was no cursing air not listening.”

Mulch rolls his eyes. “That falls under ‘not listening’, genius.”

“K people,” Reyna said. “Let’s huddle up.”

“K is not a word,” Artemis seethed. Reyna ignored him.

“Let’s make Artemis eat lollipops,” Zane suggusted.

“That already happened. How about forcing her to build a portal to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter,” Shaadia offers.

“Zane, we are trying to punish Opal,” Zanna reminds him.

“That could work, as long as you aren’t talking about tobey heme park in Florida. What would she do, get thrown off the rides? We need to send her inside the books,” Reyna admends.


“Hey!” Minerva complained.

“Brig me back a chocolate frog,” Mulch orders. “and Bertie Botts’ Every Flavored Beams. And pumpkin juice. And that truth-”

“That is enough, Opal go,” Trouble said. *Opal goes*

“Zanna, you’re turn,” Artemis reminds her.

“Ok,” Zanna mutters. *spins bottle*

“Zane,” Butler read, amused.

Zanna smiles an evil grin. “Truth or dare?”


Zanna rubs her hands together. “If you could kill anyone I. The world, who would it be and why?”

Artemis opens his mouth. Then closes it. And opens it again.

“Er, umm, my friend Vivianne because erm, uh, I like her so bad it hurts me. I t affects me in real life and she is sooo annoying,” Zane mutters.

“Louder,” Silver commands.

“My friend Viv because I li-she is so annoying,” Zane amends.

“Can’t hear you, say it again,” Mulch asks, not really. Muclh looks at Trouble. Trouble similes.

“My friend Vivianne because I love her and it effects her in real lmust and she drives me insane, fangirling all the time,” Zane says confidently.

A beeping noise happens. “Send to all contacts?” an auromated voice asks.

“Yes,” Trouble replied.

“Like that’s goning to help,” Zane scoffs. Trouble tosses him the phone.

“My contacts!” he yelped. “Vivanne, Zanna, George, ET, Adam, Celia . . .” he trails off.

“Next,” Zanna said. “Zane, go.”

*spins bottle* “Empty space,” Zane sighs. “There goes my plan to torture that boy.”

The plush doll grows, bigger and bigger until its a real horse. Sorry, centaur. Then a hole appears. Artemis and Holly were pulled through. Opal and Voldemort step out.

“What?!” Butler said in shock. His training had not coverecivil labs from books.

“We teamed. Prepare to die,” Opal smirked.

Meanwhile, in the wizarding world

“Artemis, run!” Holly shouted. They were in a huge castle with staircases that moved, armor everywhere, and people dressed funny.

“Holly, why did a door just randomly appear?” Artemis asked. They were at a dead end with red doors is front of them.

Holly pulled open the doors. They could not believe their eyes. Treasure if all kinds toppled on top of each other, books, balls, live animals, even brooms.

Artemis spotted a tiara. What’s that?”

“Hmmm?” I don’t know, a tiara?” Holly replied. “No, it’s a diadem.”

“Aveda Kedavra!” As voice shouted. The room was getting hotter and hotter.

Artemis and Holly exchanged glances. Ugh oh, they thought, which was clearly rewritten on their faces.


Sorry Zane and Zanna werent that important. Now you must decide, will the ending be happy or sad. Muahahahaha! Ideas and critism are welcom. And so are truths and dares! ~Thunder <3

PSSorry about how short this was. I was half asleep when I wrote it. 

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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6 responses to “Truth or Dare PEOPLE ZANE AND ZANNA ADDED! :).” Join in!

  1. Well, I’m certainly up for grabs, but my truth or dare character must be mercilessly insane. It’s become some sort of standard for my T/D inserts.

    Sure!!! That’s not a problem. Is there anything else you might want to add? Like maybe a power?~Thunder

  2. Yay we can post reviews! Awesome!
    I love the story. Please update.
    Im glad you told me about that problem. Thanks am ill update when I have the chance. Though I don’t know if you care about that I won’t curse, if you do, here is why: I can’t bring myself to say it or write it since it makes me feel like I’m like my not-so-much-of-a-friend. ~ThunderSpirit

  3. Can you add me?!! I don’t really know how it works… This was super nice by the way! I like it a lot!
    Any way, can i be a sprite?

    Sure, just tell me what you want your name to be. Silver and Shaadia had simple names to add in. Also yur gender and if you like torturing Arty and everyone else. Thanks.

  4. Add me plz remember that I’m Zane
    Thunder merged
    the elf

  5. shaadiaTheWeird December 6th, 2013 at 11:40 am 5

    pls delete this comment if the previous got added, because something happened to the internet.
    Oooh. Opal and Voldemort, sitting in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g!!
    I like it. Ship those two, for some reason.

    Didn’t happen here, so good. Thanks! Opal/Voldemort, I wonder why no one does that? Or Opal/Sauron? So happy or sad ending?

  6. Hey y’all,
    I reckon that you should bring in another cross-over. Oh, and make it the big 3- ya know, harry potter, percy jackson and artemis fowl.
    Peace Out, y’all.

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