Summary: The crazy truth or dare game of randomness and awesomeness!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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I lied. She’s important, very important

Opal, Minerva, and the girl all stormed towards Artemis.

“Whoh! I get to torture AF people!” the girl shouted.

“Having a party? Without me? Why?” Minerva asked.

“You are going to pay Artemis Fowl,” Opal stated.

“Umm, what’s your name? Not you Opal or Minerva, we know you well,” Reyna asked.

“Shaadia, the princess of weirdoes and the awesome and more awesome,” Shaadia said.

“Ok, so Shaadia, Opal, and Minnie, it’s your lucky day, you get to do a group hug with Artemis and Holly,” Juliet said, her voice dripping with sarcasm.

“WHAT!?” Shaadia, Opal, Minerva screamed in disbelief.

“Someone didn’t catch the sarcasm,” Silver muttered.

“That was the dare though,” Butler said, confused.

“Not anymore. Im listening to Silver. You have to through them in a pit full of scorpions and have someone use the mesmer on everyone one but Shaadia *Shaadia screams yes!* to like each other and Opal to kill everyone in the pit while they are pin a group hug. Oh an Opal, you can’t kill Shaadia. She hasn’t done anything wrong,” Trouble said.

“Im so getting fired as bodyguard,” muttered Butler.

“Ok, do it!” Silver commanded.

“DO IT DO IT DO IT!” Reyna, Juliet, and Mulch chant.

“Butler I forbid you-” Artemis started but Butler put him in front of Trouble. Holly, Minerva, and Opal were also in front of her.

*Trouble mesmerizes Holly and Minerva to be madly in love with Artemis*

“OMG!” Holly screamed, realizing Artemis was right next to her.

*Butler throws them in the pit*

“Lets watch the show,” Silver says, giggling whenever Artemis tripps.

Butler walks to the edge of the pit.

Reyna quickly strolls to behind Butler. *pushes Butler*

Silver, Reyna, and Trouble high-five.


“Help!” Artemis screamed, hearing laughter from above.

Shaadia appeared in front of him. “Someone’s got to learn how to laugh.”

“This is torture!” Artemis shouted.

Holly and Minerva came, trying to kiss Artemis. Opal shouted in the distance, “Tgere they are!”

“ARTEMIS! IM COMING!” Artemis heard Butler shout.

Minerva tried kicking Shaadia. Shaadia spun around and grabbed her. Holly ran up to Artemis.

This is madness, Shaadia realized. We shouldn’t have had Holly and Minerva mesmered.

Butler ran in, Opal closely behind.

“I finally get my wish, TO KILL YOU FOWL!” Opal shouted triumphantly.

Suddenly, Opal, Minerva, and Holly were pulled back up. Then Artemis, Shaadia, and Butler were pulled up.

“We went overboard,” Reyna said as soon as she saw everyone there.

“Butler, it’s your turn,” Minerva said, present and un mesmerized.

“Ok *spins bottle* yes!” Butler shouted, the bottle pointed at Silver.

“Look again,” Silver said. The bottle was now pointing at Minerva.

“Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” Minerva said, not wanting to go back in the snake pit.

“Have you ever pooped in your pants?”

“What! Fine, yes,” Minerva admitted, blushing.

“It has been revealed, the juvenile genius beats the demon napper. Genius never pooped in his pants, napper did,” Mulch said, causing everyone to crack up except Minerva.

“My turn, give me the bottle,” commanded Minerva.

Butler tossed it to her.

*Minne spins bottle*

“Opal? Is she playing?” Minerva asks.

“Yes I’m playing you annoying little-” Opal starts.

“Hellooo? There is an eleven year-old here,” Reyna says.

“And another one, no cursing besides ‘d’arvit'” Shaadia says.

“We need better rules,” Silver said.

“Yeah, curse and you get the worst dare EVER!” Shaadia screams.

“Take a chill pill, PU-LEASE!” Butler says.

“Rule 2, Silver and I will we torturing you AF people if you don’t listen,” Reyna says.

“What’s the worst you can do?” Opal wonders.

Everyone remembers Foaly. They gulp.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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6 responses to “Truth or Dare PEOPLE ZANE AND ZANNA ADDED! :).” Join in!

  1. Well, I’m certainly up for grabs, but my truth or dare character must be mercilessly insane. It’s become some sort of standard for my T/D inserts.

    Sure!!! That’s not a problem. Is there anything else you might want to add? Like maybe a power?~Thunder

  2. Yay we can post reviews! Awesome!
    I love the story. Please update.
    Im glad you told me about that problem. Thanks am ill update when I have the chance. Though I don’t know if you care about that I won’t curse, if you do, here is why: I can’t bring myself to say it or write it since it makes me feel like I’m like my not-so-much-of-a-friend. ~ThunderSpirit

  3. Can you add me?!! I don’t really know how it works… This was super nice by the way! I like it a lot!
    Any way, can i be a sprite?

    Sure, just tell me what you want your name to be. Silver and Shaadia had simple names to add in. Also yur gender and if you like torturing Arty and everyone else. Thanks.

  4. Add me plz remember that I’m Zane
    Thunder merged
    the elf

  5. shaadiaTheWeird December 6th, 2013 at 11:40 am 5

    pls delete this comment if the previous got added, because something happened to the internet.
    Oooh. Opal and Voldemort, sitting in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g!!
    I like it. Ship those two, for some reason.

    Didn’t happen here, so good. Thanks! Opal/Voldemort, I wonder why no one does that? Or Opal/Sauron? So happy or sad ending?

  6. Hey y’all,
    I reckon that you should bring in another cross-over. Oh, and make it the big 3- ya know, harry potter, percy jackson and artemis fowl.
    Peace Out, y’all.

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