Summary: The crazy truth or dare game of randomness and awesomeness!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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Silver and Reyna were relaxing when floating door with a centaur in appeared in their backyard. Without a moment of hesitation, they jumped through the door.


Foaly, Silver, and Reyna got to Fowl Manor.

“Ok people, I’m first,” Reyna shouted. *spins bottle* “Mulch! I dare you-”

“Mulch cuts her off.” I don’t say ‘dare'”

“You just did,” Silver points out.

“Now, I dare you to make Arty eat your lollipop.”

“Im not eating one of those disgusting things,” Artemis complained.


“I’ll like to see you try,” Mulch smirked.

“Ok!”*turns Mulch into a lollipop and puts him into Artemis’s mouth*

“Moving on,” Butler says.

“You’re ¬†right, Holly, it’s your turn,” Reyna says.

“Ok,”*spins bottle*

“Oh Trubs, you better watch out!” Foaly teased.

“You are a plush doll,” Silver says as Foaly shrinks.

“Hey, why are you all growing?” Foaly wonders.

“Hay is for horses,” Artemis says as Silver touches Foaly.

Foaly turns into a horse plush toy.

*Everyone dies laughing*

*Reyna uses author powers to bring everyone back*

“Oops, Mulch is back,” Reyna comments.

“Whatever. Truth or dare?”Holly challeneged.

“Dare,” he says confidently.

“I dare to to turn your dare into a truth,” Holly says smugly.

“No fair!” Trouble complains.

“What was the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to you?”

“Uh.. oh yeah! It was when I thought I saw you Holly so I walked up to her. I tapped her shoulder and she pulled out two swords and put one at my neck and the other at my heart. My heart was beating so fast. Also, at that moment, I realized she was a young Mud-Girl. I ran as she pulled a knife out of her boot and flung it at me. It grazed off half of the skin on my arm. It was so embarrassing.”

Mulch and Butler randomly start laughing.

*spins bottle* “Yes! Butler, you have to listen to me now!” Trouble said happily.

“Great,” muttered Butler.

“Ooh, someone’s jealous,” Juliet taunted.

“If you weren’t my sister I would…” he threatened.

“Truth or dare?” Trouble asked.

“Dare,” he said confidently.

“I dare you-”

*Silver mutters something to Trouble* Butler’s confidence suddenly disappeared.

“I dare you to force Opal, Artemis, Minerva, ¬†Holly, and a crazy fan girl to do a group hug.”

“How does that hurt me?” wondered Butler. *pulls out phone*

“Butler, I forbid you to do such a thing,” Artemis commanded.

Butler was already on the phone. “Hello Minnie. Yes come over right now. Thanks,” Butler said, hanging up on Minerva, dialing Police Plazza’s number. “Hello? Yes, please get Nopal and send her over here. Fowl Manor, thanks,” he said, dialing a random number. “Hello? Whoever you are, are you a random fan girl of Artemis Fowl? You are, great! Come over to Fowl Manor at once.”

Artemis was staring at Trouble with a look of pure hatred.

Nopal appeared. Butler brought her to where Opal died. Opal came back. A jet appeared in the sky. It landed on the lawn. Minerva hopped out of it, with a pleased look on her face. Then, a random girl who is so unimportant that I won’t bother mentioning her name sprinted over the group, her face glowing.

“D’arvit,” Artemis and Holly said together.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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6 responses to “Truth or Dare PEOPLE ZANE AND ZANNA ADDED! :).” Join in!

  1. Well, I’m certainly up for grabs, but my truth or dare character must be mercilessly insane. It’s become some sort of standard for my T/D inserts.

    Sure!!! That’s not a problem. Is there anything else you might want to add? Like maybe a power?~Thunder

  2. Yay we can post reviews! Awesome!
    I love the story. Please update.
    Im glad you told me about that problem. Thanks am ill update when I have the chance. Though I don’t know if you care about that I won’t curse, if you do, here is why: I can’t bring myself to say it or write it since it makes me feel like I’m like my not-so-much-of-a-friend. ~ThunderSpirit

  3. Can you add me?!! I don’t really know how it works… This was super nice by the way! I like it a lot!
    Any way, can i be a sprite?

    Sure, just tell me what you want your name to be. Silver and Shaadia had simple names to add in. Also yur gender and if you like torturing Arty and everyone else. Thanks.

  4. Add me plz remember that I’m Zane
    Thunder merged
    the elf

  5. shaadiaTheWeird December 6th, 2013 at 11:40 am 5

    pls delete this comment if the previous got added, because something happened to the internet.
    Oooh. Opal and Voldemort, sitting in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g!!
    I like it. Ship those two, for some reason.

    Didn’t happen here, so good. Thanks! Opal/Voldemort, I wonder why no one does that? Or Opal/Sauron? So happy or sad ending?

  6. Hey y’all,
    I reckon that you should bring in another cross-over. Oh, and make it the big 3- ya know, harry potter, percy jackson and artemis fowl.
    Peace Out, y’all.

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