Summary: The crazy truth or dare game of randomness and awesomeness!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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Ok people, I just wanted to make one of these. You can make suggestions for truths and dares. Anyone can ask to join.

“ARTEMIS FOWL II, you have like the biggest IQ in Ireland and you are afraid to play a simple game of TRUTH OR DARE!” Holly said.

“Yeah Artemis, play truth or dare,” taunted Mulch.

“You don’t understand, that game can damage my physical health!” Artemis argued.

“To bad, so sad,” Foaly said. “I bet I know why he wont play,”

“Tell us, the donkey who an idiot,” Butler said, uninterested.

“Because he doesn’t know how,” Foaly replied not so nicely.

“I KNOW HOW TO PLAY THIS RIDICULES CHILD’S GAME!” screamed Artemis, forgetting that he never screamed.

“Then play,” challenged Trouble.

“I accept,” Artemis said with a nod.

“Before we begin, we should get more people who can make this game interesting,” Foaly said as everyone stared at him in shock.

That’s us, the annoying fans (at least to them). Now please let me know if I can use you. I hope to begin soon. ~Thunder

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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6 responses to “Truth or Dare PEOPLE ZANE AND ZANNA ADDED! :).” Join in!

  1. Well, I’m certainly up for grabs, but my truth or dare character must be mercilessly insane. It’s become some sort of standard for my T/D inserts.

    Sure!!! That’s not a problem. Is there anything else you might want to add? Like maybe a power?~Thunder

  2. Yay we can post reviews! Awesome!
    I love the story. Please update.
    Im glad you told me about that problem. Thanks am ill update when I have the chance. Though I don’t know if you care about that I won’t curse, if you do, here is why: I can’t bring myself to say it or write it since it makes me feel like I’m like my not-so-much-of-a-friend. ~ThunderSpirit

  3. Can you add me?!! I don’t really know how it works… This was super nice by the way! I like it a lot!
    Any way, can i be a sprite?

    Sure, just tell me what you want your name to be. Silver and Shaadia had simple names to add in. Also yur gender and if you like torturing Arty and everyone else. Thanks.

  4. Add me plz remember that I’m Zane
    Thunder merged
    the elf

  5. shaadiaTheWeird December 6th, 2013 at 11:40 am 5

    pls delete this comment if the previous got added, because something happened to the internet.
    Oooh. Opal and Voldemort, sitting in a tree. K-i-s-s-i-n-g!!
    I like it. Ship those two, for some reason.

    Didn’t happen here, so good. Thanks! Opal/Voldemort, I wonder why no one does that? Or Opal/Sauron? So happy or sad ending?

  6. Hey y’all,
    I reckon that you should bring in another cross-over. Oh, and make it the big 3- ya know, harry potter, percy jackson and artemis fowl.
    Peace Out, y’all.

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