The Flaw of Artemis Fowl the Second

Summary: This is the sort of continuation and Holly’s point of view in the ending of The Ambivalent Heart of Artemis […]

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This is the sort of continuation and Holly’s point of view in the ending of The Ambivalent Heart of Artemis Fowl. I hope you guys like it. And if you haven’t read the story that this continues, I hope you do! Please feel to comment on my work!!! 😀
Epilogue: Operations Booth

Holly repeated Artemis’s words.

“I love you, Holly.” the mud boy genius said.

I love you too, Artemis. Holly said, but only to herself.

Foaly approached the sobbing Holly, patting her back with a hairy hand.

“You did the right thing, Holly.” he said to his friend.

“I know, Foaly. I know.” Holly said.

“Then why are you still crying if you know you did the right thing? Be happy, you know made the right decision.” Foaly said comfortingly.

“How can I be happy?” Holly said, as she turned around with her unidentical eyes red from crying. “If I know I possibly just made one of the worst decision in my life? You should have seen his face, he meant it Foaly. He meant it. He really loved me and I-” Holly stopped, and choked with the grief that overcame her.

“You really love him too.” Foaly finished and noticed that his friend was purposefully avoiding to mention the mud boy genius’ name.
“Yes.” Holly whispered.

“Listen, Holly.” Foaly said as he laid his friend to chair. “A minute ago you were saying that you know you did the right thing. But now you’re telling me that even if you did know it was the right thing, you regretted doing it. Now if you ask me once we’ve put that in consideration you made a pretty rash decision. Why did you do it anyway? You loved him, and knowing you Captain Short, most of the time your emotions get the best of you. Why didn’t you just say you love him too? Was it because you loved me more than you loved him?” Foaly said in amusement, hoping his friend would feel better with a little self-centered joke he was known so well for.
As Holly sat down and as Foaly turned to face his friend, he saw the corners of Holly’s lips twitch.

“Well yes, maybe that.” Holly said with grateful eyes to her friend for slightly lifting up her feelings. “But it was mostly because, if I said yes Foaly, where would that lead us? It will do neither of us any good. It’ll only get Trouble more reason to breather down my neck.”

“Oh he’d love that.” Foaly said staring in to space with a smile, as if imaging Trouble doing so.

Holly gave him a half-disgusted and half-amused look.

“What? Haven’t you noticed the way he’s been acting all different when you’re around?” the centuar said with his eyebrows raised with amusement matching his prodding smile and tone.

“Hardly.” Holly said now laughing, momentarily forgetting her grief.
“Oh of course you haven’t noticed. I’m sure you’re too preoccupied thinking of is our little friend Artemis-” Foaly immediately cut his statement short, knowing he made a grave a mistake the moment Holly’s face gained a dark look upon the mention of the name.

“Holly I’m sorry.” Foaly said, walking towards his friend to put his hairy hand on her back once more.

“No, it’s okay Foaly. I suppose there’s no point of avoiding mentioning his name. The name of the first human to ever gain great knowledge and use the People can hardly be avoided.” Holly said in a slightly resolved voice as she looked in one of the many monitors in the Operations Booth and saw her unidentical eyes.

Hazel and blue. Holly thought

Artemis. And as Holly thought of this she sighed and put a hand over the blue eye.

“Yes, there’s no point in avoiding him.” Holly said aloud to Foaly, to herself. She let her hand slide downward from her blue eye. “He always be there, Artemis will always be a part of me. I just wish I’d told him how I really felt even if I know it will never lead to anything.”

“And why not? A genius like Artemis and free-willed elf like yourself?” Foaly said in an honest inquiring voice.

“The odds are against us Foaly. We’re both from different species! And it’s all the more complicated with him being a human! Plus he’s too young, even for his intellect to say that he’s in love.” Holly stopped then continued. “With me.”

“And what’s wrong with you? Also what happened to ‘love conquers all’?” Foaly stated more than asked.

Holly ignored the first question.

“That quote maybe so but not in this case. Plus that’s human’s junk, not very applicable to us fairies. Besides, I’d never thought that’d come out of you Foaly! Something as romantic as that!” Holly said joking and playfully mocking at the same time.
“Hey, as I said before, my marriage to Caballine has softened me!” Foaly said laughing.

Holly laughed too. Then suddenly the main screen of the Operations Booth burst in to laugh with Trouble’s face in it.

“Holly, Foaly. You two are the only ones missing in the meeting that is starting right now. Will you two stop chitchatting and get down here?” Trouble said sternly.

“Coming, Commander.” Foaly said jokingly at Trouble. But apparently the Commander was in no mood for jokes and if possible his face grew even more stern. Luckily Holly saw the change.

“Yes sir. We’ll be there as soon as possible.” Holly said the most serious nod she can manage without smiling at Foaly’s sudden snort of laughter.
“All right then. Foaly, Holly.” And with a nod at each of their names he was gone.

“Did you hear and see that? Not once did he call you Captain Short but Holly and it was pretty obvious he couldn’t keep his eyes off of you! Now as to why that happened, I have no idea!” Foaly said laughing at the two jokes he made, especially the second one. He having no idea. Now there’s a joke!
Holly shook her head as she stood up and laughed at the two jokes her friend made.

“We’d better get going. We wouldn’t want Trouble calling on us again.” Holly said as he patted his friends flank and the started walking toward the door.

“Oh I’m sure he wouldn’t mind having a reason to call on you.” Foaly said as he look down on her friend with a smile and Holly laughed and smiled back.

“I take it you’re now okay?” Foaly asked as they left the Operations Booth, not forgetting her friend’s grief.

“I suppose so, thanks to you.” Holly said honestly. “But I have to admit it won’t be that easy forgetting what I’ve done, eventually I will but right now I don’t think so.”

I love him too much. Holly thought.
“Well that’s good to hear.” Foaly said encouragingly.

Holly smiled to herself, it was as if Foaly was encouraging her silent thought.
“Yes it is. And you know what? I think we’ve finally found a flaw in the legendary Artemis Fowl the Second. He not being able to think through what will happen if I said the same thing to him. Imagine! Artemis not being able to think this through! A flaw indeed!” Holly said halfheartedly.

Foaly only smirked as they reached the door of LepRecon’s meeting room, for his mind was racing through what Holly was saying.
A flaw indeed. Foaly thought to himself. But not so much as the mistake of Artemis to let Holly go just like that. Now Artemis not trying harder to get Holly if he really loved her was the flaw of Artemis Fowl the Second. A flaw that surely the young genius will in not time notice and will not let it surpass him.

“Yes, a flaw indeed.” Foaly said quietly as Holly opened the door to the meeting room.

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    I have indeed read the ambivolent heart of Artemis Fowl and it’s fantastic and you need to update the Infinity Equation and then you will make me as happy as cookies make me!!!!!

    But that was really good seriously.

  2. Hermione Fowl April 27th, 2010 at 7:01 am 2

    THAT ROCKED!!! You rock! If you update the Infinity Equasion, I’ll be even happier then cookies make me!!!=)=)=)

  3. mudboygenius04 April 27th, 2010 at 1:24 pm 3

    Ann and Hermione Fowl: thanks guys!!! i’ll try my best to finish the infinity equation as soon as possible. it’s been a year since i’ve wrote it. and i do plan to continue it but i feel a bit nervous because i/it may sound different… i hope not. anyway thanks for reading my stories and supporting me!!! 😀

  4. Hermione Fowl April 30th, 2010 at 8:52 am 4

    We metioned cookies, ’cause you were meant to give us some. . . Oh well, I don’t mind! (Liar)
    Anyways, your welcome!!!=)=)=)

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