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Summary: Okay I know its a really random story but it just popped in my head.*blushes*Please rate and comment!

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Artemis was walking down a strange road in the Haven.

“Hi!” some very short elf with a squeaky voice nearly shrieked. Artemis nearly leaped out of his skin. “Where are we going?”the elf squeaked.

“Er…I’m trying to find Holly.”


“Because the book said so.” He began waving to random elves.
“Why are you waving to all the elves?” the elf asked.

“One of them might be Holly.If so she’ll wave back.”


Moments later Artemis spotted Holly under a pile of rubble.

“Should I be going now?” the elf asked after they had pulled Holly out.Seconds later the elf let out a high-pitched squeak and disappeared in a puff of smoke.

“Strange” Holly commented.

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  1. well that was random… this story doesn’t really have a plot

  2. Ohh my goodness… um…
    1. You need a plot. An actual relevent plot.
    2. Every new speaker gets their own seperate paragraph.
    3. There is a space after every sentence.
    Good spelling, and it was funny, but… it was a bit on the spam-ish side.

  3. Sorry! I wasn’t sure what to write about.
    I’m not sure about the plot but I’ll go revise now!

  4. 😀 Good for a first story! I didn’t see anything that wasn’t mentioned above, but I must complement you on your word choices! Brilliant!!!


  5. *nods*
    I approve. Well done revising. 🙂
    One thing though, it’s still rather pointless. I’d suggest giving it a bit of plot beyond that, maybe something before or after explaining why Holly’s under teh pile of rubble? I can’t bring meself to complain too much since… you’re new.. and I like it…

    Y’know what, you can leave it as is if you like it. It has a plot. 🙂

  6. Well, then. Quite interesting, but it DEFINITELY needs a plot. And everything else that AA mentioned. Pretty good, though. With a bit of work, I think you could transform this into something beautiful! 😉

    Keep working at it, short! 😀

  7. i like it but it is random. but random is good

  8. shadowsnake451 March 20th, 2010 at 2:23 pm 8

    How wierd is this…You write a thing called Strange, and the story above you is called…Normality! What are the chances of that?
    Yeah, sorry, I have to ditto Battery…keep working at it, though!

  9. Its based off of a random dream me & my friend thought up of.

  10. @shadowsnake451:
    You’re right!
    Hmm… Should I change the title?

  11. shadowsnake451 March 26th, 2010 at 10:00 am 11

    No, I like the title. Keep it.
    And call me Shadow. Everyone does (or should…)

  12. LOL!

  13. namewastoolong April 23rd, 2010 at 11:53 pm 13

    Madre. Di. Dios.
    This is plotless, grammarless, and technically endless, but I love you for doing it. (Figurative, not literal love!) We need to wake up and smell the flowers every once in a while, and figure out that life isn’t just Holly Short, going around with a really big gun, and Artemis Fowl, going around with a really big computer. Nice work. If you fear Riptide, you will continue.

  14. That was MY dream…! Where I turned into Artemis! it ended with me and holly falling down the stairs in a Mario Kart.

  15. I was the squeaky elf! It was my dream too, ya know!

  16. If u liked dis story,or want the rest of it then,READ THE SEQUEL!

  17. Dreams are like, random, you know. Random makes for a good story if it makes sense (oxymoron, but ignore it) but if it doesn’t, like this particular story, then it’s just words strung together.

  18. Actually, it DID have a plotline, but SOMEONE didn’t do a good job of explaining it…;)

  19. @ Falcon

    Watch it Fal….

  20. This was the very first comment I ever made on the internet. Ever. I miss this so.
    Still though that was a weird dream, like, we had the same dream on the same night from different perspectives and it was legit :V

    I want that back. Y’know?

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