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Summary: Holly babysits. Love ensues.

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It was supposed to be a normal day. Watch the twins, he had said. Make sure they don’t break anything. It was obvious that was beyond Holly’s capabilities.

Holly stood there, covered in finger paint, watching as the twins ran off with her LEP equipment. Great. More Fowls stealing her stuff.

She began to chase after them, but, relizing a better tactic, she picked up Proffeser Primate The Second and walked carefully and cooly into the kitchen to stand by the oven.

The twins came in an hour later for a cookie and saw Holly putting the toy inside the oven.

“What the heck are you doing to Professer Primate The Second!” yelled Myles.

“If you give me my toys I’ll give you yours.”

Beckett and Myles ran upstairs to get the equipment and Holly was hot on thir heels. They had had it hidden in their own safe. The irony in this is overwhelming,thought Holly as they handed over the equipment. BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP!!!! Uh oh. They’d left the monkey in the oven and now he was on fire! DING DONG! Oh no, Artemis and Butler were back! Holly let them in and Butler put out the fire. Artemis put the twins to bed and Holly resolved to never have kids.

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  1. plz comment review flame watever. i just like some sort of feed back

  2. Bravo Holly…set the monkey on fire. Nice one. :\

  3. Nice. The punctuation’s a bit spotty in some places and it doesn’t flow completely well. But, good job.

  4. iwa the Chris Tormentor March 23rd, 2010 at 12:13 am 4

    Niiiicccceee job Holly. You put the innocent monkey toy on flames! Smmoooooth

  5. Aw. Professor Primate 2. :'( Such a shame… Anywho, I thought it was fairly good. Like Star7 said, spotty punctuation here and there. The end of the story was kind of blunt. But, othere than that, I thought it was good. 🙂 🙂

  6. hahaha, funny! a monkey toy going up in flames. that was cool. the end was not really that detailed, but other than that great

  7. I feel like you put wonderful work into the beginning. But the end seemed like you had to go to soccer practice or something and just wrapped it up quickly. But the rest of the story was well planned, and the characters were very IC. It flowed beautifully in the beginning, by the way. 😉 The punctuation was slightly off, but not bad.
    All around, I’d give it… 4 1/2 stars. 😉


  8. Hermione Fowl March 23rd, 2010 at 5:02 am 8

    Just work on the ending and I’ll give you 5 stars. =)=)

  9. niice!
    show off some more, why don’tcha!

  10. Beckett Simpleton March 24th, 2010 at 9:06 pm 10

    Holly that’s right-stay away from kids. Setting monkeys on fire. tut tut tut. (Bet she did it on porpouse!)

  11. wow.My little brother would hate Holly…
    Great story!

  12. actually the story ended so abruptly because I had a friend over.

  13. to crazy chick: HA!!!!! HAHAHAHAA!! JADE??!!! playing a SPORT??!!! XDXD no offence jade but you said it yourself
    you just dun do sports.. XD
    im so sorry i just had to put it..
    I LIKE IT! =D

  14. Tis true, i don’t do sports. I almost joined the track team for personal reasons but relised that would involve sweat blood tears and fear. Not to mention trouble with the police.

  15. One-or-two nit-picky things (realize, not relize and capitals after exclamation points in quotes, plz), but otherwise, perfection 🙂 I like the idea, but the ending was a little abrupt . . . I liked it a lot though 😀

  16. Hermione Fowl April 17th, 2010 at 7:58 am 16

    If you have spare time you could work on the ending. I get my friends to help sometimes.=)

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