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Me and Myself

Summary: Its been a long time, I hope you like the update!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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Disclaimer: I do not own this, I only wright this because my imagination needs to be written down. Go Artemis Fowl!

(Elves in the LEP are younger in their own years. Ex: 1000 fairy years=100 human years)

Chapter 1

Artemis woke up to his new alarm clock, beeping and saying”9:35, 9:35! Wake up!” So, after he showered, combed his hair etc., he started on his new project,Project Aurora. In his office he was pulling out the project. This project or invention just looks like a regular laptop, but it isn’t. While daydreaming how Foaly’s reaction would be about this project ,Artemis made one mistake. “Ow!……. ” He let it shock him.


Artemis’s mind minutes earlier than the zap.

Orion was sitting on a stool, dreaming of Holly to his heart’s content. He looked liked he was in a white room with a screen to see what Artemis was seeing. Then he heard a small whizzing sound…. ” Golden ball, are you going to let me out ?”

The golden ball transforms to a giant monster that nobody can defeat. It guards the passageway that leads to Artemis’s brain.” Buzz buzzz pop buzz,” it said.

“I can come out, great!” Orion exclaimed.


Artemis was taking a rest, he was, of course meditating.” Hmmmmm…… I have a craving  for ……. lollipops? What am I saying, uhhh, that Atlantis Complex changed me. I wish it was all a dream. ”

” Well it isn’t, because I’m here!”, a voice out of nowhere said.

“Who’s there? Wait. Orion your still in my mind?”

“Of course, but alas I am alone,bored in your brain. Oh, and I love your new project. It saved me from your ever so boring brain.” “I like it too, now go away,” Artemis snapped.


Holly was on her way to Fowl Manor. Artemis had called her communicater and requested her to come. He sounded so anxious so she rushed over right after work. When she reached his room the unusual was happening.

“Orion for the last time, no! I will not let you take over my mind and date Holly.” Maybe it is a new stage of the complex. But, Artemis is done with that ,she thought.

” Holly, come in”,he said in a strained voice. “Whats wrong Arty, is it a new stage of the complex?”,she said, her worries showing on her elvin face.

” No and yes. It is Orion, he has been complaining to see you, the last two hours. I can not work on my new project. So, here you are,….Orion are you happy? No! Oh come on, you will not date her! Huhhhhhh……. Holly take me to Foaly,”he sighed.


Meanwhile Foaly was babysitting the kids and working at the same time. Then Holly gave him a call. “Hello, you have called Foaly, how may I help you? Holly! Thank goodness….. you left so fast I got worried…………No  the kids are still here and playing on the computers…….. Nobody else is here, they all left……..Artemis, possibly a new stage of the complex? Interesting, bring him over.” After the conversation ended he hung up, or it was Holly who hung up.

Then one of his kids, Mena, came trotting over complaining about her younger brother, Foaly Jr. ” Dad, he is hogging the computer you let us play with, and he is just playing with a game that has scientific notation! I wanted to play with a game that has quantum equations and the evolution on horses!”, she complained.

“Honey, give me a second, I need to update the system. Here use this computer,” he said gently. He pulled up a centaur chair and gave Mena a computer.


Artemis was thinking an argument with Orion, they were arguing about how they both wanted to date Holly.  “No,” thought Artemis,“yes,” thought Orion.“No,” “yes,””no, how many times do I have to think that!”, thought Artemis. Orion replied, ” 12,oo5,674, ohhhh yaaa, thats  right, I know big numbers too. So, give up and let me date Holly.” “No.” “hmph….”

Holly was driving the shuttle to Haven, while, Artemis was going insane. Artemis, mumbling? What happened, he sounds like he lost his mind? I hope it isn’t serious. I hope Foaly knows what to do……

   “Well, I don’t know what to say, it is abnormal though ,” Foaly confessed.   ” I do know one elf, her name is Dr. Bloomer, full name, Rose Wilde Bloomer. She maybe a smart-aleck, and stubborn, and also can hold a long grudge…,”Foaly trailed. ” Sorry, anyway, I recommend her, and that is coming from me.” When he finished talking Holly just looked at him with a face that said,”Are you going to give me the address or just talk away ?” “Right, I’ll just write down the address,” Foaly picked up a peice of paper and pencil and started to jot down the address , what they didn’t know was that Foaly was blushing. Also, they didn’t know that Foaly recommended a very young elf.  Foaly handed the note to Holly, she looked at it, it told her everything she needed to know of how to interest Dr. Bloomer into helping them. It said:

  1. Find her address on Haven, 15443 Macaroni Ave.
  2. Ask for help, if she closes the door show her  the LEP badge. If not explain situation.
  3. If all fails show her my signiture, she will know what it means.

Foaly, The magnificent centaur.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. I want to see what is reaction to this story.

  2. Personality: Smart-alecky, can be nice when it matters, and can hold a grudge for 8 yrs.Also obsesses over things very easily. (no joke- this is my real personality.)
    Age 15
    Gender and what ever you think is important . Female. My name is Rose Wilde Bloomer. I have blond/brown hair that looks like it can’t decide what color it wants to be. Big dark blue eyes.

    This is really good so far! Please put me in it. *puppy dog eyes*

  3. Personality:Sarcastic,Greedy and very very Hyper.
    Gender and what ever you think is important:Male. I have black hair and dark brown eyes. This was very good but definitely short. No mistakes and UPDATE!!!!!!!!!!

  4. A newbie? 😀 Welcome to Fangathering! I’m Bobo. 😀 *gives chocolate*

    Wow…this is really short. 😀 But it seems interesting and has potential, so I’ll join:

    Personality: Nice enough, but extremely talkative.
    Age: 12
    Gender and what ever you think is important: Female, blond, green eyes. Her name is Kiana Springs. 😀

    When you write a little more, then I’ll rate it, okay? Seeya around! 😀

  5. Interesting, but very short. Trying adding more detail and improving your sentence structure and whatnot — of course, that’ll come in time. Nice start; just update. A lot. XDD

    Meanwhile… Yo, man, ‘sup? I’ll show you the ropes.
    No, I’m sorry. That’s not really my style. *sticks out virtual hand* Hey, I’m WE. Editor, Grammar-Nazi, obsessor, avid appreciator of music and the arts, amateur at all music and the arts, writer, reader, wannabe proofreader, video game player, all-out nerd, full-out band geek, partial fangirl, and that guy with no life. XD.
    Welcome to the site. It’s loads of fun. /We’re/ loads of fun… as long as you don’t get on my bad side.
    No, I’m kidding. I don’t really have a bad side. (I may or may not be bipolar, by the way.)
    Seriously, though, ask me if you have any questions. It’s mah unpaid job to answer them ^^

  6. Hey! Love the story.

    Name: Evie

    Gender: female

    Personality: I am suspicious of everyone. I can kick someone alot harder than I trust them. I am super sneaky and am like a ninja. I also love music (Its my passion) and art. My mother is Artemis the GREEK GODDESS not Artemis Fowl, I have great hunting skills.

    Apperence: I wear tight black skinny jeans, a black shirt with a sliver crescent moon (my sign.) I wear a black Jean jacket and black knee high converse. My hair goes to my waist which I wear in a french braid. In my hair I have a priceless totally silver head band that rappes around my head like a sweat band. It has a cresent moon on it with a gold star behind it. It is worth millions on people from FG are always trying to steal it. (A gift from my mom)

    People are so eager to sign up for this but no one signs up for mine! It’s good so far but there’s too little to really tell. Update soon!

  7. Name: Anastasios
    Personality: Quick-tempered, but works on being cold, curious, smart.
    Age: 14
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Pale. Black long hair made in a low ponytail. One eye is blue, while another one is hazel. Wears either green, grey, or black pants made into black shiny boots. She also wears either black, red, or white tank top, on top of which a white, or red, or black shirt. The tank top and the shirt are made into the pants.
    Strange things: Can heal herself or anyone else. Doesn’t know who her real parents are, so she is traveling the whole world to find them. Has seen once a fairy, who was Greb Kelp, and fallen in love with him.

    P.S: Good story, but a bit short. I still give you 5/s.

  8. Thanx I just love all your stories I have laughed,cried,hide behind a pillow, you all are great writers and older than me.

    Orion’s 11, actually, and Fowlie and I are both thirteen. I’m a coupla months younger than her, but we’re not that much older than you ^^ I’ve only been the big one-three for three and a half months. ~WE

    o-o oh, well, I just want to tell you that some lucky people will be in my story i would say congraduetions to rose, she will be now adored by orion while artemis loooves holly. stay tuned to see if you got in.

  9. Oh I forgot! I am wearing a halter top that crosses in the front black top and a pair of pinstriped black and dark gray pants. Black stilettos are on my feet. My hair is usually in a french twist. Oh and in real life i am 13- i’m not that much older! pls i only turned 13 on oct 6. Thank you for making Orion fall in love with me! you are now one of my most favorite authors! I love Orion! (please don’t read this, Orion!).

  10. Your welcome I just can’t beleive how this story is so easy to write * jumps up and down about to explode with excitement*

  11. Uh…. I have to say, you need some improvement on grammar and sentence structure and whatnot.

    Storyline is interesting, but please do make your chappies longer. Also, to add chapters, you just write in HTML view.

    Btw, welcome!

  12. Iris cam you are a great writer and I respect your advice ill do my best.

  13. I’m reading this…but…

    There’s a bunch of mistakes.

    Also, the plotline is really transparent. It’s pretty obvious how this fic will end.

    A lot of your sentences are short, and a bit choppy. Short sentences are a good thing, but only if used stylistically.

    Also, this story is ‘funny’ when you categorized it. Be sure not to make staight-on funny. It will make your fic a little…shallow.

  14. First one what can I say *smiles inocent face*

  15. C’mon, Kristin! Update! I’m going crazy here! Also, you spelled ‘Faoly’ instead of ‘Foaly’ at the last sentence.

  16. YAHOO! *does the triple back flip of victory* whoa… i didn’t even know i could do that! however, now i am really intrigued, so update soon pwetty pwease! oh and i don’t have to leave after all! i’m so happy, i think i’ll update ‘You Look Familiar’!

  17. Very interesting! :O Please update i would like to read more

  18. Name:Paul
    Gender:male (or demon, you’ll never know)

    Personality: I don’t trust anyone unless they prove worthy, I am a cold-blooded young devil spawn, and my favorite games are gory. Also, I hate pizza. (if that isnt evil what is?) Thats my normal mood. My happy side is oppisite that. I am pretty much addicted to action games. Thats me.

    Description: Medium brown hair, green eyes (very bright), 5′ 11″, average body build but prone to bezerk violence. Happy side: same but i dont go bezerk.

  19. Name: Onyx
    Age: unknown
    Appearance:Short jet black hair. Violet eyes. Dark skin. Always has a serious look on her face. Wears black from head to toe. Height: 5’5

    Personality: Seems stuck up at 1st but is very shy. Always talks in whispers. Distants herself from others. DO NOT want to get her angry.

    Hope I am not too late xD

  20. Hmmmm….no age…mysterious? I like it….you’ll probably be in the story, can’t promise. I’ll do my best!

  21. Sorry, I didn’t know you had to add age. Anyway, If you make me a bad guy at some point I want to turn good. And don’t ever,Ever,EVER TAKE MY CHOCOLATE! (I’m 13.)

  22. wow. thats just awesome. OOOHH!!! CAN I JOIN PICK ME PICK ME!! ummm ok? yeah I’m weird & i know it. but anyways…
    Name: Chrissy
    age: 15 in elf years (cuz I’m half elf/half human)
    gender: girl
    personality: very VERY hard to make friends with, but very VERY loyal, strong sense of right & wrong, & can see eveythingabou you by a look
    appearance: tannish skin, freckles,brownish/reddish hair down to my calfs, violet eyes (I’m sowwy) tall for elf but short for human, can make any guys jaw drop, but can also kick their @$% *translation*: butt

    sorry for double posting, somebody please merge this but, paulnoter55, your calling my sister evil!!!!! Don’t. call. my. big. sister. evil.

    Half elf? You have a good chance of being in the story. -KristinN.V.

  23. I’m adding one of you on so tune in who it will be!

    Anyway, I’m not taking anyone anymore! And for the people who already commented… keep your hopes up and be patient! Oh, and I need to know if you peeps are human or elf! Or whatever…

  24. oops. i forgot to rate & whatnot. XD. Five/Five stars! oh & great story!!!!!!! I would defiantly give up anything minty for a day for you to write more. *is total mint obsessed* & thanks for letting me be in the story! *gives bunneh & lollypop that tastes like spearmint, wintergreen & peppermint combined* So much mint!!! EXD <== XD'ing bunneh
    E:3 <== not XD'ing bunneh E;3 <== winken' bunneh.

  25. KristinN.V. May 29th, 2012 at 7:29 pm 25

    Hey, this story is done, but there wil be a sequel.

  26. I should hope so! My character is incredible, just like you are, Kris! THanks!

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