It’s A Love Story (or maybe not. Do potato chips count?) Chapter Five Added

Summary: orion takes the others on a noble quest involving ravenous mermaids,trolls, and potato chips for Mulch!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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HOLLY: *silence*
FOALY: *silence*
HOLLY: …Is this edited?
HOLLY: I cannot believe this. Artemis is such a jerk.
FOALY: Because he listens to an Irish boy band?
HOLLY: Because he’s becoming like Grub.
FOALY: What?
HOLLY: Singing in the shower.
FOALY: There’s more. (bleeep)
FOALY: Yeah. Artemis sketches pictures of you in his…erm, personal files…diary. And draws hearts around the pictures.
HOLLY: Great. Just great.
Where did you get that?
FOALY: Juliet.
HOLLY: Are you sure HE drew those?
FOALY: I don’t know.
HOLLY: Juliet is so dead right now.
ORION: We have reached the tower of light!
MULCH: Looks pretty dark to me.
ARTEMIS: Does this ridiculously named architecture have any sort of significance?
ORION: The princess is held captive inside the…
MULCH: Stupid tower. Yes, yes, we understand.
ARTEMIS: Holly will certainly not take it kindly when she learns who is solely responsible for this mess.
MULCH: I bet she already knows.
ORION: It is not my fault if the dragon abducted the Princess!
ARTEMIS: There is no dragon.


ARTEMIS: Alright…it is the wind.


MULCH: Shit. That doesn’t LOOK like wind…
ORION:So the myths are true!


ARTEMIS: What the heck, Orion!You locked Foaly and Holly inside a tower with a damn fire breathing DRAGON?!!
ORION: I am not to blame!

The dragon shows itself. Its massive body is red and scaly. It opens its mouth, revealing rows of teeth that would probably be the size of a human each.

MULCH: Fire! Run!
ARTEMIS:*follows Mulch as quickly as possible*
ORION: I shall stay back and–
ARTEMIS: Shut up! *drags Orion out of the fire*

This time, Orion ran faster than the others.
HOLLY: I can hear something…

Orion, Artemis and Mulch come dashing in, shutting the door tightly behind them.

ORION: *pant*My Princess! *coughcough*
FOALY: What just happened?
ARTEMIS: *cough* Dragon. *gasp* Actual dragon.
HOLLY: What?
MULCH: It wants to freaking KILL us,Holly!
HOLLY: Calm down.
ORION: We must plan our escape!
ARTEMIS: Orion is right,for once. *starts pacing room*
FOALY: This is insane.
ARTEMIS: *silence* *picks up book* *glares at Foaly*
MULCH: Cover your ears people.
FOALY: Oh just…nothing.
HOLLY: My eyelashes are not that long.
ARTEMIS: You saw…
HOLLY: You’re an artist.
ARTEMIS: *blushes*
ORION: Erm, did I forget to mention that Dragons can burn through doors?

——–TO BE CONTINUED! Please review!! 😀

Author’s note: There’s a lot more of this story already written, but that’s saved elsewhere and I can’t get that page to load. No worries, it’ll come out quick. Please review! Oh, and happy birthday Shaadia! 😛

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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11 responses to “It’s A Love Story (or maybe not. Do potato chips count?) Chapter Five Added.” Join in!

  1. Potatoe chips and Mulch, sitting in a tree. Actually, that would be too much work for Mulch. The fountain of youth is in Orion’s mind?Did you get the mermaid thing from Pirates of the Carribean? I really don’t care but Orion made it sound a lot more ridiculous.

  2. Definitely. And i could see why you didn’t finish that ryhme, ThunderSpirit, because with Mulch and chips it wouldn’t be K-I-S-S-I-N-G, but E-A-T-I-N-G. And Orion IS ridiculous…

    😀 Very funny, shaadia. Update soon! If possible… 🙂

  3. As quick as I possibly can! 😀

  4. yes, that’s where I got the idea!

  5. I can’t wait to see Holly’s reaction to the video! And Mulch is so funny! Or more acuratly, you are.

  6. Aw, thanks.

  7. For some reason, I can’t imagine Arty drawing. Dragon! *thinks about what might happen* Oooh, I hope it kills someone! Not really, I have an Opal side. *grins micheviously* Im waiting for the update!

  8. The funny thing is that I read that fic right before I came here. Too late though, sorry. This story gets better and better! Keep going!

  9. Alright, but TCSB is coming first! isn’t that simply great XD

  10. Yes! TCSB! Can’t wait!

  11. Oh my, shaadia. . WHY do you insist on torturing us all with such cliffhangers?? It’s really not fair. Though, if you had a reason for cutting it off, like say, to work on TCSB re-write, I could deal. As long as you update something soon. . ;D So , yeah. . .great work, and update soon!

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