It’s A Love Story (or maybe not. Do potato chips count?) Chapter Five Added

Summary: orion takes the others on a noble quest involving ravenous mermaids,trolls, and potato chips for Mulch!

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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Hiya. This one was inspired by taylor swift’s song. Or maybe not…

Now logging in: ARTEMIS

ARTEMIS: alright. So,this blog is basically known as “”. And Juliet is behind it.

Now logging in: FOALY

FOALY: Merry christmas mud boy. And yeah,cute stuff. Juliet has posted full body pictures of sweaty wrestlers…
ARTEMIS: Agreed. Not a pretty sight.
FOALY: But the site has some cool features too.
ARTEMIS: Such as?
FOALY: Toodaloo…
ARTEMIS: Pardon?
FOALY: Some celebrity pics. You’re in here too.
ARTEMIS: Huh. Shocking.
FOALY: Check this out.
ARTEMIS: What the hell is this?!
FOALY: You fell asleep on your desk and Mulch stuffed this lollipop stick in your mouth.
ARTEMIS: This is an insult to my reputation.
FOALY: As if THIS(bleeep) is any better!
ARTEMIS: Frond damn it.
FOALY: That’s you singing in the shower. Terrible audio, isn’t it?
ARTEMIS: Shut up. I rather like One Direction.
FOALY: Are you singing about a girl?!
ARTEMIS: That is how the song originally is!
FOALY: Yeh right. I searched up the actual lyrics. The girl’s name was ‘Georgie rose’ and not ‘Holly Short’.
ARTEMIS: Shut up. It felt ridiculous saying that other name.
FOALY: Ooh, somebody’s gone mad.
ARTEMIS: Greetings, goodly knight!
FOALY: Orion??!
ART$&!?ORION:Yes. May I invite you to my blog?

Foaly landed on his face with a thump. Moaning,he proceeded to observe his surroundings.
Holly wiced, glancing down at the white dress she was in.
HOLLY: Some shit Orion forced on me.
FOALY: Where are we?
HOLLY: Orion’s fairytale blog. He said he’ll let us out only if we play his game.
FOALY: Why on earth did I allow myself to get sucked into this mess?!

MULCH: okay, what are we supposed to do again?
ARTEMIS: Find Holly and Foaly.
MULCH: So Foaly is “the goodly beast”?
ARTEMIS: Apparently so.
MULCH: And Holly is the “fair maiden”?
ARTEMIS: Orion says.
MULCH: Is she even fair in the first place?! She’s NEVER let me escape prison when i got caught, no matter what my excuse was.
ARTEMIS: It isn’t that ‘fair’ he’s reffering to. Fair as in ‘beautiful and feminine’.
ARTEMIS: Agreed.
MULCH: So,this Orion guy is basically a weirdo.
ARTEMIS: You have no idea.
ORION: Stop your conversations, bold knights! We have reached the fountain of youth, where we wkll be brutally challenged. There shall be ravenous blood-craving mermaids and dastardly sea creatures within the depths of this area!
ARTEMIS: Ravenous my foot. I suppose they are as well creations of your ridiculous fantasy?
ORION: Their primary objective is the soul of a bold human, who shall fall for their cunning disguise as beautiful lasses!
MULCH: Oh please. Can I have some potato chips at least?
ORION: We will feast later!
The journey goes on with no sign of “ravenous” mermaids.
Mulch: Can I have my chips now?
ORION: Of course,after i have sent my princess a reassuring text message!
ARTEMIS: I’m shocked he even knows how to operate a phone.
HOLLY: Orion sent a message.
FOALY: Good, cause I’m bored.
HOLLY: “My dear, i have conqured hordes of ravenous sea creatures on your behalf. I am coming. Love, your knight.” WHAT IS THIS JUNK?!
FOALY: Maybe we shoud decode it to make sense!
HOLLY: At least that’s something to do…

MULCH: I crave potato chips!!
ARTEMIS: Holly and Foaly aren’t in any actual danger then?
ORION: My princess will overcome anyform of danger!
MULCH: Chips!!
ARTEMIS: You are insane, Orion.
ORION: I am insane for love!
ARTEMIS: I don’t think Holly likes you.
ORION: Nonsense! Holly truly loves me!
ARTEMIS: Me, not you.
ORION: I am you!
ARTEMIS: Then start acting like it!
MULCH: Potato chips..i love you potato chips!
ARTEMIS: Shut up, Mulch!
MULCH: What? if you love holly, why can’t i love potato chips?
ARTEMIS: that isn’t what I–and I do not love her!
MULCH: Bullshit.
ORION: knights, please! keep your foul tempers in check! there might be kids reading this fairytale right now!
ARTEMIS: Great. A live broadcast.

there will be more soon. i hope you liked it! 😀

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5

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  1. Potatoe chips and Mulch, sitting in a tree. Actually, that would be too much work for Mulch. The fountain of youth is in Orion’s mind?Did you get the mermaid thing from Pirates of the Carribean? I really don’t care but Orion made it sound a lot more ridiculous.

  2. Definitely. And i could see why you didn’t finish that ryhme, ThunderSpirit, because with Mulch and chips it wouldn’t be K-I-S-S-I-N-G, but E-A-T-I-N-G. And Orion IS ridiculous…

    😀 Very funny, shaadia. Update soon! If possible… 🙂

  3. As quick as I possibly can! 😀

  4. yes, that’s where I got the idea!

  5. I can’t wait to see Holly’s reaction to the video! And Mulch is so funny! Or more acuratly, you are.

  6. Aw, thanks.

  7. For some reason, I can’t imagine Arty drawing. Dragon! *thinks about what might happen* Oooh, I hope it kills someone! Not really, I have an Opal side. *grins micheviously* Im waiting for the update!

  8. The funny thing is that I read that fic right before I came here. Too late though, sorry. This story gets better and better! Keep going!

  9. Alright, but TCSB is coming first! isn’t that simply great XD

  10. Yes! TCSB! Can’t wait!

  11. Oh my, shaadia. . WHY do you insist on torturing us all with such cliffhangers?? It’s really not fair. Though, if you had a reason for cutting it off, like say, to work on TCSB re-write, I could deal. As long as you update something soon. . ;D So , yeah. . .great work, and update soon!

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