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I’m not cold

Summary: I wrote this for Valentines day. Its a A/H shipper, so don’t hate! then again, who WOULD hate?Each story is […]

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I wrote this for Valentines day. Its a A/H shipper, so don’t hate! then again, who WOULD hate?Each story is a differn’t relationship… all with one similar thing. Those people were not cold.

The cold Februrary gust blew back Hollys hair as Artemis followed behind her to the Tara E1 shuttle port. Pure white snowflakes danced in the gust, turning every bit of flesh that the gust hit cold as ice, yet the skin turned red and hot looking, like a flame.

“Are you sure you aren’t cold Holly?”

“Just fine Artemis…”
“I have always wondered Holly… I am the risk taker, yet you expose yourself to possible pheaumonia. Why is it that on the coldest of nights, you act like a mad man, not wearing a jacket”

“I am not the only one who acts mad mud boy” She smirked as she tucked a strand of auburn hair behind her pionted ear. “Or for that case, I am not truly being mad Artemis”

“Then tell me Holly… If you are not crazy, then what are you?”

They both stopped right outside of the Tara chute. Holly stood there for a second, stareing at the moonlight in simplicity. It beamed against Holly and Artemis’ face, illuminating like a bunch of fireflies captured inside the sky. holly shuttered from the cold, but turned around to face Artemis.

She smirked,  and he replied through his mismatched eyes. He replied to her expression with a flash of his devious vampire smile.

She leaned into Artemis’ ear

“I’m not freezing”

She whispered is his ear, as a smirk grew on his face

He took off his parka, wrapping it around her.

“Neither am I”

“How should I andswer your question Arty… I’m….”

But before she could finish her sentence, he leaned down and kissed her

He wrapped his arms around her, smirking

“What exactly are you?…”

She looked up into his mismatched eyes. His eye. Her eye. They were both whole in more ways than one.

Her eyes glittered in the moonlight

“I’m not cold”

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. aw! that’s sweet! cool! was there a point to this?

  2. I write it cause theres a really bad snow storm right now

  3. That’s really nice. You should, however, watch your spelling. For such a short piece, there are quite a lot of mistakes. If you like, I’ll point them out for you so you can change them… or you could get a beta… which I’d be happy to do, for the record…
    But getting past that, it /was/ really nice. It made me go “aww…” XD.

  4. Partyonsoccerfan, MCR fanatic! January 18th, 2010 at 12:08 am 4

    I thought it was sweet! I got confused once or twice and had to re read a few things, and there are some spelling mistakes, but I did like the story!

  5. I think its time we have Simon host Americas next top Beta

  6. iwa the Chris Tormentor January 18th, 2010 at 1:52 am 6

    Eeeeeep! XD LOL! XDHeartheartheart! XD

  7. There are many, many spelling mistakes, and it is more-than-a-little plotless, but the over-all quality is very good. Please keep on going, but, also, please get a beta. I volunteer.

  8. SO sweet, so cute!!! I luve it!!

    (P.S I’m baaaaaaaaaaack!!)

  9. Raise your hands if you want to volunteer as my beta!

  10. TWS and I already have. If she wants to do it, she can go ahead, I’m fine with it. 🙂
    But y’know there’s a big long list of people’s beta info? You could just go there….

  11. Nah, I’m good…. What’s a beta? 😕

  12. Awww! That’s so sweet! =)=)

  13. Sweetness. Several errors, but it was cute. 😉

  14. Please tell me what was the point in this besides of you thinking about it and writing it down ramdomly. But I must say it was good. But I hope you are going to make a chapter 3 or even like a tilt called “I’m not cold 2”.

  15. youll never guess January 31st, 2010 at 7:19 pm 15

    is ur name tori english

  16. omg i just relized theres another chapter

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