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Fan Friends

Summary: Amber woke at the same time as Lindal. They lay on a soft couch in the living room. Artemis sat […]

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Amber woke at the same time as Lindal. They lay on a soft couch in the living room. Artemis sat in an arm chair across from them with Butler in the corner glaring at them. Holly, stood invisible next to the couch watching them closely. Both girls stirred and sat up suddenly looking around with wide eyes.

“Ah, good, you are awake, we can begin the questioning,” Artemis spoke making a temple with his fingers.

The two girls jumped off the couch and started running around touching everything they could and yelling what it was. Amber spotted something interesting and ran toward it. Unfortunately, Holly was in the path and she didn’t have time to move. Amber collided with the invisible elf and fell to the floor like a brick and hit her head on the floor.

Amber sat up and rubbed her head with a small groan. She squinted at the spot where she collided with the mystery object. Her eyes widened and she stood up. her foot steps were slow as she moved toward the invisible Holly.

The girl sopped half to the faerie and Holly could have sworn she was staring straight at her. Amber’s eyes stared straight into Holly’s with a dark suspicion in those bright cheerful eyes. Lindal came to her side and stared where she was.

“What are you staring at?”

Amber looked at her friend and her eyes brightened. “Nothing, just thought I saw someone that’s all.” Understanding filled Lindal and she smiled.

“Well then, let’s sit down and answer the nice boy’s questions.”

The two girls sat next to each other on the couch, with business smiles and crossed ankles, even though neither were wearing skirts. Holly still could have sworn that Amber was staring straight into her eyes before, but she reassured herself saying that it was impossible.

“So you’re just going to answer our questions, just like that?” Artemis asked skeptical. Both girls nodded with smiles. His eye brows rose and Artemis glanced at where Butler was lurking in the shadows. “Why are you here?”

Lindal rolled her eyes, some of her composure shedding off at annoyance. She pulled it on again with a sweet smile, “We already told you that silly, we came to meet you.”

“Not to mention we want to take you home with us,” Amber added. Holly recoiled where she was standing, Artemis leaned back in his chair with an amused expression, an Butler stepped out of the shadows with a pistol in hand.

“Is that so?” Artemis almost laughed but continued, “You think you can take me home with you? I’m not a puppy on the street, not to mention Butler can shoot you before you can stand up.” Both girls smiled at that as he continued “As amusing as this whole conversation is, I think you have overstayed your intrusion.”

“Don’t you mean ‘overstayed your welcome’?” Amber asked cocking her head to the side.

Artemis’s face slipped to a grimace, “You were never welcome so you can’t over stay it. Butler, could you escort or two young guests to their vehicle?”

Butler stepped toward them but stopped with a stunned expression. Amber had her hand up, palm toward him with a straight face staring at Artemis. Lindal’s expression had slipped into a face that would scare the bogey man.

“You know for a genius, Arty,” Lindal hissed “You sure are an idiot at times.”

“Butler what are you doing?” Artemis glared at his body guard who just stood there staring at nothing with a surprised expression.

“I can’t move,” Butler whispered, “It feels like my body is cement that dried years ago.”

Artemis looked at Amber who still had her palm pointed at Butler. She was smiling, victoriously at him. Lindal’s expression changed and she was smiling at Artemis sweetly again.

“What are you doing to him?”

Amber answered, “It’s simple really. I adjusted the ability of telekinesis (the movement of matter at the micro or macro (visible objects, life force, etc.) levels; move, lift, agitate, vibrate, spin, bend, break, or impact) to where I can stop objects from moving at all.” She dropped her hand but Butler still couldn’t move.

“Holly?” Artemis called not caring that the girls could hear.

“No use she’s frozen too,” Amber said. She was right, the invisible Holly could no longer move either.

His face turned to stone, “What do you want from me?” Amber and Lindal smiled evilly at him.

Somewhere in a Forest

Artemis and Holly sat tied like hogs inside of a kids wagon that Lindal pulled along behind her. Amber was up ahead of them skipping along and sniffing the air ever so often.

“This is so humiliating,” Artemis grumbled quietly to Holly.

“Which part?” Holly mumbled sarcastically. “The part where you got over taken by two teenage girls and being dragged to the middle of nowhere or the part where we are sitting in a pink wagon that says,” she glanced over the side, “Barbie girl?”

“Both. I mean come on, how did these two get us? The blonde is completely demented and evil and the crazy girl watching the birds is demented and insane.” Artemis complained to no one in particular but the air.

“Or maybe,” Holly popped in, “we are both just having an insane nightmare and will wake up soon.”

The wagon and girls came to a stop. Amber announced they were here. Lindal walked to stand in front of the genius and faerie and slapped them both square in the face. “You’re awake,” she smiled at them. “Now its time to smell the roses.”

Amber came over and touched both of them on top of the head. “You sillies, I was not watching the birds, I was smelling the air for a non-human scented area because we can’t have civilians seeing four people disappearing into thin air, that would cause a lot of fuss with the government. We have already had to erase the President’s memories of us once before, we could harm him if we have to do it a second.”

“You’re right, Artemis,” Holly said staring at the girl, “she is insane.”

*******New Page/Chapter*******

Amber walked a few feet away from us, Lindal grabbed the handle of the wagon and jerked us into motion, rolling us next to her insane friend.

“Now, don’t you forget to do it right, or our guests might end up inside out on the other side.” Lindal told Amber. She ignored her closing her eyes and mouthing something Artemis and Holly couldn’t quit read, regarding their exceptional skill at lip reading.





Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Sorry if i spelled some stuff wrong

  2. Grammatical errors. Not many spelling errors, just slip-ups. Typos, you know? You also seem to have a commma problem; you’re adding some where there shouldn’t be and missing commas in other places.

    Random! Stereotypical! Funneh! Short! Needs update!

    And before I go on, let me explain (for the millinillionth time) my username. It stands for Warriors Expert (book series on cats). If you can’t see it, look harder. Or give up. Your choice. Therefore, my nickname is WE. Warriors Expert was not typed out, otherwise there’d be an unwanted word in the middle.

    Welcome to site! Few, if any, people are STILL HERE. Or maybe it’s because they all seemingly hate my stories and don’t comment on any of them recently. Yeah. Come summer, the place’ll overflow. If you do encounter any others, they’re likely to give death threats as we are all hyperactive and have various disorders.

    It’s a good job, Sabrina, but as I said, needs more!

    FCP (First comment pistachio)

  3. It’s very good, I liked it, but would Artemis really say ‘Dang’?

  4. I’m with shadowsnake. i don’t think that Artemis has said even the most innocent of cuss-words in the entire series. Not even ‘Darn!’. And Butler would never have missed the girls, but I can see how it was important to the story that he miss. update, or I will send my evil Banana ninjas to your house, and they will tickle you until you hyperventilate. 🙂

  5. lol, i’m not sure if artemis would really say dang but i say dang it a lot so… also i’m not good at grammar but great at pelling which is opposite of my friend who is the wrost speller in the world and has better grammar than me.

  6. arty dose say one bad word in the seventh book. any way i think that the story’s good. Add a little vanilla dawn twist maybe?

  7. Here, have a feather. This place is almost as quiet as last summer. No one wason for 3 days straight.
    Heh. Funneh. Could use some editing, like capitalization and punctuation. But still really, really good.

    When he cussed in the seventh? I laughed for 5 minutes straight.

    Anyways… OoPdAtE? For me?

  8. was it orion or arty, though? waiting for the seventh book….it isn’t checked into the library yet. *growls in frustration* i waited almost a year for the fifth fablehaven book and i STILL haven’t got it.

  9. i checked the seventh book out from the library put it on hold maybe

  10. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! update or i kil u

  11. Sorry i haven’t been on in a while haven’t had time, I’ll up date it now. Thak for reading! 🙂

  12. greekmythology March 29th, 2011 at 10:34 pm 12

    i realy like it you should write some more

    Everything wrong was already said so I will just say I love the idea 5/S, and @greekmythology, dude (or dudette) Your username is my second favorite books (Artemis Fowl #1 DUH!)

  14. Fowlfan4ever June 1st, 2011 at 2:19 am 14


  15. The boogie man? thanks S. Who wrote this any way you or HER? great job but keep writing oh and “and it was the closest thing they to saw close enough to a castle” should be ” and it was the closest thing they ever saw that resmbled a castle.” so i butchered the word but still.

  16. By HER do you mean Suzi? Or Isabella? Or Annabella? Or any other abnormal part of my brain always trying to escape to control me in the real world?

  17. I mean Suzi. and i told you to update not write two sentences. UPDATE!

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