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Fan Friends

Summary: “I can’t believe we are actually here,” Amber yelled looking around the Ireland airport. “I know this going to be […]

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“I can’t believe we are actually here,” Amber yelled looking around the Ireland airport.

“I know this going to be awesome,” Lindal responded, picking up her bags, coolly, even though inside she was screaming and trying not to bolt for the front doors in excitement. The two girls exited the airport and a taxi brought them to a hotel.

Lindal and Amber were best friends since they were forced to be partners at a fourth grade girl scout camping trip. Well not really forced but Lindal wasn’t at the meeting that decided buddies, so Amber said she would be her partner. They are in 9th grade now. Amber is a tall girl with wildly curly brown hair and blue eyes. She is a pale and preppy girl (doesn’t like tanning). Lindal is not much shorter than Amber and has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is tan but not too tan and a hiking and skiing kind of girl. Any person on the outside would not think these two girls to be best friends, more opposite than magnets. They were on their way to seek out their favorite book characters from Artemis Fowl. If those characters know what is good for them they’ll run and hide or send Butler to dispose of them. Too bad they don’t know they’re coming.


“This is going to be so awesome,” Amber screeched.

“Calm down, Amber, seriously,” Lindal rolled her eyes, “and watch the road.” She paused. “Are you sure this is legal? You only have you’re learner’s permit.”

Amber drove calmly, “The rules clearly state that, we may if their is a legal licensed adult over the age of sixteen in the car.”

“But you didn’t get the salesman to help us. You said he didn’t agree to come but wouldn’t be telling anyone anytime soon that we were driving.” A smile spread across Amber’s face and she motioned behind her into the back seat of the Suburban. Lindal turned in her seat to look behind. Her eyes widened into gold balls. Laying in the back seat was the unconscious salesman with a gag in his mouth and his hands and feet hog tied. Lindal looked at her friend with a gaping mouth.

“He’s in the car isn’t he. I mean the rules don’t say their has to be a conscious adult in the car who agrees to being there. They should really be more specific,” Amber said shrugging with a smile. Lindal started laughing and eased into her seat belt. “Nothing is going to stop me from meeting them,” Amber continued, “Not even a stubborn sales man.” She glanced at her friend. “Well maybe Butler but if we are close enough and enough of a threat for Butler to have to kill us then at least we got a glimpse of him.”

Lindal smiled and laughed as they drove down the road. Amber laughed with her but it didn’t sound evil just kind of creepy.


The road turned off and they approached a huge brick wall with tall gates as the opening. they parked and got out in wonder. Amber was practically vibrating with anxiety and Lindal was wide eyed (and bushy tail, just kidding). Fowl Manor stood before them and it was the closest thing they to saw close enough to a castle.

Amber ran up to the tall spiraling double gates with no lock. The openings in the gate were very small. Lindal ran up next to her friend to look inside. Amber was over excited and since is very skinny she slipped through the rails and ran toward the house. Lindal slipped in after her but they were soon stopped by two darts that missed the fast girls by centimeters. They screeched and cowardice back toward the gate. A tall mountain man came running out of the house with a pistol pointed at the two scared girls.

“What are you doing here?!” the man yelled at them pointing the gun. The girls’ eyes widened with excitement and they lunged  forward toward him.

“Butler!” they squealed hugging him around the waist because that was all they could reach. The man stumbled back in surprise not knowing what to do with the two small girls that were obviously not a threat.

A slight laughing came from behind them as a tall, fifteen year old, raven haired boy came strutting down the walk, “Dang, Butler, you didn’t tell me you had two small girlfriends,” Artemis chuckled motioning to the two girls latched on his waist. “They seem a little young for you though.”

The girls instantly unlatched from the body guard and shot like bullets to hug Artemis yelling, “Artemis!” They were instantly yanked backwards by the back of their shirts and pulled into the air to hang there by the body guard. Artemis stared at them with annoyance as they kicked and wiggled to get free.

“Grrrrr,” Amber said trying to sound fierce. “I’m going to get you all, grrrrr.” Amber and Lindal started laughing. Butler and Artemis glanced at each other confused.

“What should we do with these two?” Butler asked his charge.

Artemis waved his hand dismissively. “What’s your names? What are you doing here? Why shouldn’t we throw out of here?”

They stopped laughing and looked at him. Amber said, “I’m Amber and this is Lindal. We are here to meet you.” She smiled, “and you shouldn’t throw us out because we still haven’t met  Holly or Foaly yet. We have been dying to meet a faerie and a centaur.”

Artemis glanced at his body guard and he slammed there heads together. Both girls passed out and their world was very dark.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. Sorry if i spelled some stuff wrong

  2. Grammatical errors. Not many spelling errors, just slip-ups. Typos, you know? You also seem to have a commma problem; you’re adding some where there shouldn’t be and missing commas in other places.

    Random! Stereotypical! Funneh! Short! Needs update!

    And before I go on, let me explain (for the millinillionth time) my username. It stands for Warriors Expert (book series on cats). If you can’t see it, look harder. Or give up. Your choice. Therefore, my nickname is WE. Warriors Expert was not typed out, otherwise there’d be an unwanted word in the middle.

    Welcome to site! Few, if any, people are STILL HERE. Or maybe it’s because they all seemingly hate my stories and don’t comment on any of them recently. Yeah. Come summer, the place’ll overflow. If you do encounter any others, they’re likely to give death threats as we are all hyperactive and have various disorders.

    It’s a good job, Sabrina, but as I said, needs more!

    FCP (First comment pistachio)

  3. It’s very good, I liked it, but would Artemis really say ‘Dang’?

  4. I’m with shadowsnake. i don’t think that Artemis has said even the most innocent of cuss-words in the entire series. Not even ‘Darn!’. And Butler would never have missed the girls, but I can see how it was important to the story that he miss. update, or I will send my evil Banana ninjas to your house, and they will tickle you until you hyperventilate. 🙂

  5. lol, i’m not sure if artemis would really say dang but i say dang it a lot so… also i’m not good at grammar but great at pelling which is opposite of my friend who is the wrost speller in the world and has better grammar than me.

  6. arty dose say one bad word in the seventh book. any way i think that the story’s good. Add a little vanilla dawn twist maybe?

  7. Here, have a feather. This place is almost as quiet as last summer. No one wason for 3 days straight.
    Heh. Funneh. Could use some editing, like capitalization and punctuation. But still really, really good.

    When he cussed in the seventh? I laughed for 5 minutes straight.

    Anyways… OoPdAtE? For me?

  8. was it orion or arty, though? waiting for the seventh book….it isn’t checked into the library yet. *growls in frustration* i waited almost a year for the fifth fablehaven book and i STILL haven’t got it.

  9. i checked the seventh book out from the library put it on hold maybe

  10. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! update or i kil u

  11. Sorry i haven’t been on in a while haven’t had time, I’ll up date it now. Thak for reading! 🙂

  12. greekmythology March 29th, 2011 at 10:34 pm 12

    i realy like it you should write some more

    Everything wrong was already said so I will just say I love the idea 5/S, and @greekmythology, dude (or dudette) Your username is my second favorite books (Artemis Fowl #1 DUH!)

  14. Fowlfan4ever June 1st, 2011 at 2:19 am 14


  15. The boogie man? thanks S. Who wrote this any way you or HER? great job but keep writing oh and “and it was the closest thing they to saw close enough to a castle” should be ” and it was the closest thing they ever saw that resmbled a castle.” so i butchered the word but still.

  16. By HER do you mean Suzi? Or Isabella? Or Annabella? Or any other abnormal part of my brain always trying to escape to control me in the real world?

  17. I mean Suzi. and i told you to update not write two sentences. UPDATE!

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