Drabble stuff! (story three added to celebrate the return of princess shaadia)


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Guess who’s back, people?

The commander of the boncus wacko forces, heir to the throne of insanity, leading commander in the anti-punctuation mark society, princess of weird and Ford house’s youngest interhouse debater, Shaadia!!

Sorry, me pals. No time for autoraphs now 😉

Chapter one: NIGHTMARES

“arty, wake up!”screamed Beckett. “You fell asleep on Barney!”

Artemis moaned. Beckett had refused to sleep on his own, and now he was stuck with the toddler along with the purple stuffed toy on his bed.

“Barney would not get hurt, Beckett. In comparision to him, I am nowhere near fat, and it obviously would not hurt Barney anyway because he’s a stuffed toy!”

Beckett sniffed. “Barney is real. He talks on tv.”

“That is but an actor inside a suit.”


“Beckett, stop disturbing me and go to sleep!”

Beckett stuffed his thumb into his mouth. “I get nightmares.”

Artemis put on a does it look like I care? face, but instead of arguing further, he rolled off the bed and left. “I’ll be in the guest room,” he muttered. Twelve o’clock and yet not a bit of sleep.

His brother made a face. “Yeah, you just wanna go be with Holly and keep kissing like last night.”


“We were watching you, Arty.”

“It’s none of your business, Beckett!”snapped Artemis, slightly embarresed. “See what happens to Barney next time you spy on us like that!”

Beckett hugged Barney. “Juliet will save Barney!”

I’ll pay her not to, thought Artemis, shutting the door with a bang.


BAA BAA BAAA…new style of  laughing, ya know?

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and hey…maybe I should have chapter two happen right after this?

Chapters: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7

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14 responses to “Drabble stuff! (story three added to celebrate the return of princess shaadia).” Join in!

  1. Haha! Some A/H!! And I commented, so I’m awesome! Haha!
    It looks good so far. Keep it up! 🙂

  2. Solinium Pulse June 17th, 2013 at 5:55 am 2

    Ahaha! I like this very much. Continue this maybeh?

  3. Welp, laptop’s gone, but phone isn’t!

    This was really funny. Are you going to do a series of drabble thingies like I did? I wonder what all you’ll come up with…

  4. Yeah, I agree. That would be really interesting…

  5. thanks guys! it means a lot to me. thank you so much for the amazing reviews! y’all are so awesome! present you with lollipops!

  6. Hey guys! Guess what, the debating finals are on monday. Man, i’m nervous, but you are all really great and i figured would cheer me up. So I’m gonna work on an update! NOW!

  7. Nice rat! 🙂 cool. So are they together in this one too?

  8. Yup, they are!
    Oh, and hey…please do TNC with me, and please don’t quit on me because my computer broke down again and I don’t really have any option but to be really good if I want to be on the laptop.

  9. Course I’ll help. I don’t mind. Just let me know when you have time what you need help with and everything.

  10. Hmm…. nice work, Shaadia. I wonder why Arty invented a time machine for her birthday though. I want to see what crazy adventure it leads to this time… that ought to be good.

  11. Finn The Sea King July 23rd, 2013 at 2:09 am 11

    i love the plot! especially the rat part XD… i just realized your the only one who comments on my stories anymore… anyways, i like it, could you update? please? or feel my secret wrath… i cant tell you

  12. shaadia the princess (also a freak) July 25th, 2013 at 10:56 am 12

    Thanks for the reviews, guys!

    PS:Finn, my SONG LYRICS are more evil than your “secret wrath of…I can’t tell you”!!

  13. It’s an awesome article for all the web users; they will obtain advantage
    from it I am sure.

  14. Greetings Fellow Fowl fans,
    I was just browsing on the internet for some good fanfics when i saw this.
    It’s good, but can be improved.
    From what I can see, you’re like, 12, only 2 years older than me.
    Impressive… keep up the work.
    (BTW- I’ve written some book reports on Artemis Fowl which feature things about characters which would totally help for fanfics. I’ll post them on my site.

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