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Chatroom 8,118

Summary: Made in celebration of getting on the top list in math! My first chatroom fic! So, yeah, please review, rate, and […]

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Made in celebration of getting on the top list in math! My first chatroom fic! So, yeah, please review, rate, and um, yeah.

Note: Not everyone’s username is there

Note: I didn’t count how many chatroom fics there where before mine, Definitely not in the world. Usernames:

FowlGenius- Artemis

Short ‘n’ Dangerous- Holly

Butler- Butler

Jade_Princess- Juliet

Paraniod_Horselover- Foaly

Food=Life- Mulch

CrazyCatLady- Opal

I_Love_Unicorns!- Root


Now entering: FowlGenius

Now entering: Butler

FowlGenius: Then we have to-

Butler: Wrong chat

Now entering: Short ‘n’ Dangerous

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Arty?! You do chat rooms?

FowlGenius: *rolls eyes* Of course I don’t, I’m here to take over the universe

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: *scrolls up*Wrong chat? What are you even talking about?

*sjskamdnchsikskaks* System has crashed. Try again 8,118 minutes later

8,118 minutes later:

Now entering: Short ‘n’ Dangerous

Now entering: Jade_Princess

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Hello? Anyone?

Jade_Princess: Holly!

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Shh! I don’t want to talk to-

Now entering: Paranoid_Horselover

Paranoid_Horselover: Who?

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Shut up, unicorn

Paranoid_Horselover: I am not a unicorn!

Now entering: I_Love_Unicorns

I_Love_Unicorns: Someone mention unicorns?

Jade_Princess: Yes

Jade_Princess: Now who are you?

I_Love_Unicorns: You know me

Paraniod_Horselover: Chix?

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Trouble?

Jade_Princess: Beckett?

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Beckett has a chat room account?

Jade_Princess: Yes

Now entering: QuantrumPhysics

QuantrumPhysics: Hey! Someone changed my name!

Paranoid_Horselover: And mine! Paranoid does not belong there

Jade_Princess: *stifles laughter*

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: *clamps hand over mouth*

QuantrumPhysics: Oh, hey Julius

Paranoid_Horselover: ROOT?!?!?!

I_Love_Unicorns: Yep

/Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Jade_Princess whispered: Rebirth certainly changed him

/Jade_Princess: Short ‘n’ Dangerous whispered: Yep

Logging off: I_Love_Unicorns

Logging off: QuantrumPhysics

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Now that they’re gone, lets discuss what I heard

Paranoid_Horselover: *leans closer to screen* What?

Jade_Princess: *wags finger* You might never know, she just might whisper to me-

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Fried chicken

Now logging on: Food=Life

Food=Life: Where? Where?

Jade_Princess: In your dreams

Food=Life: 🙁

Logging off: Food=Life

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Arty’s up to something. He mentioned ‘now we do this’

Now logging on: CrazyCatLady

CrazyCatLady: Fowl, what?

Jade_Princess: I don’t like the feeling of you, Cat

CrazyCatLady: You shouldn’t

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Turnball? Spiro? Goblin? N’zall?

CrazyCatLady: Nope

Paranoid_Horselover: Koboi!

FowlGenius: You are dead!

CrazyCatLady: Thats what she said

Jade_Princess: How did you get on without anyone knowing?

Butler: We never left

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: You are so dead

Paranoid_Horselover: Don’t feel like fighting Opal. See ya

FowlGenius: ‘Ya’ is not a word. Use see you

Logging off: Paranoid_Horselover

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: You know, a grammer Nazi is a MAPOTI

FowlGenius: Grammer is spelled grammar. Ar, not er

CrazyCatLady: That was her point

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Yeah! *high fives Opal (not really)*

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Ewwww! I touched Koboi! Ahhhhh!

Logging off: Short ‘n’ Dangerous

CrazyCatLady: Virus attack! Mauhahaha!

*djajamsndhdjksk* System has crashed. Please revisit 8,118 minutes later

Logging on: BFHC

BFHC: It’s Paranoid_Horselover, this is what is should have been

Logging on: FowlGenius

FowlGenius: What does MAPOTI mean?

Logging on: Jade_Princess

/FowlGenius: Jade_Princess whispered: Have you ever seen a YouTube video?

FowlGenius: No

Logging on: Short ‘n’ Dangerous

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Did you mean to whisper someone?

BFHC: It means Most Annoying People On The Internet

Logging on: CrazyCatLady

CrazyCatLady: Even I have sent that video, bein locked up in Atlantis and dying and being betrayed and-

FowlGenius: I get it. But how did you watch it after you died?

BFHC: You can’t start a sentence with ‘but’

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: You died too, remember?

Logging on: Butler

Butler: You died in before you landed in my arms

Jade_Princess: What does BFHC stand for?

/Jade_Princess: BFHC whispered: Butthurst Foaly Haven City

Jade_Princess: Lmao

Logging on: QuantrumPhysics

QuantrumPhysics: Just ate a hot pocket

Logging on: Food=Life

Food=Life: Hot pocket? Where?

QuantrumPhysics: My belly

Butler: Jules, what’s so funny?

Jade_Princess: Butthurst

FowlGenius: Lol

QuantrumPhysics: 🙂

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Trololololololololololololololololol

Logging off: QuantrumPhysics

Logging off: Food=Life

Butler: That is not Holly

BSHC: Are you sure, that is how she normally acts

FowlGenius: I am sure, Butthurst

Logging off: FowlGenius

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: 8,888/1,111=8

Butler: Does she have the Atlantis Complex?

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: No

BFHC: OK, sew you later

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: . . .

BFHC: *Argon in his hand* You two get to solve all your problems

Logging off: BFHC

*Nakzmnxjakakdn* Logging one everyone except the last person to log off

FowlGenius: Trololololol

Butler: We really like that song, now don’t we?

I_Love_Unicorns: I can’t believe he fell for it

QuantrumPhysics: Ikr

Jade_Princess: *glances at Artemis* No acronyms in this chat room

CrazyCatLady: And he thought we couldn’t annoy not him

FowlGenius: Our luck is finally good

Short ‘n’ Dangerous: Did you have to say that?

Logging on: Fangirl8,118

Fangirl8,118: OMG!!!! *fangirl scream* ARTY!!!

*ndjajanxjdkakk* This server has unexpectedly crashed. Please return in 8,118 minutes.


So my first chat room fic complete unless you want me to go on. Let me know in a comment if you want me to. Thanks! So, I am expecting to know if it was good and even if you don’t want me to continue this fic, if I should write another fic in this style. ~ThunderSpirit

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  1. well, it would have been a lot easier if the usernames were in bold, or different colors. You can do that. On the other hand, very nice for a first try!
    why did your comment appear twice? I’ll try that, thanks

  2. should have put the usernames in bold. Anyway, very nice for a first try. I feel like uploading my chatroom fics now!
    keep it up!

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