Arty’s gang meets on!

Summary: okay,i ,have been updating my old fics so that these spam sruff arent always on top. i have no time for a new story,but taking over the rec

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Admit it, okay? You may find me a bit crazy but nobody says no to my CHATROOM    FICS!!

And it’s a story.  Yes, a multi-categorized fic!

Artemis, Holly, Butler, Foaly are online.

Artemis: Oh lovely, another site for idiots to talk. Why did I even join? It’s called!

Butler: Idiots, eh?

Foaly: Well heck it is called! And now it’s just a cheap imitation of FACEBOOK!

Holly: Yup. I posted a video of me breaking a record for flying!

Artemis: Obviously that is you, but how did you know it’s not a Science site?

Holly: Nah, I didn’t.

Butler: It’s the motto, “Nerds love Tech.”

Foaly: Sounds like Arty.

Artemis: Calling me a nerd, donkey boy?

Holly: You’re both the same. 😛

Butler: Except Foaly’s a donkey.


Holly: Pfft. Whatever!

Artemis: Can we talk about something else?

Foaly: Like what?

Butler: Extreme combat!

Foaly: Who votes for that?

Holly: Me! 🙂

Artemis: I object.

Foaly: Well it is quantum physics!

Mulch has logged on.

Mulch: Food!

Butler: Holy cow no.

Holly: Holy cow?

Mulch: Beef.

Artemis: Why are you talking in single words?

Mulch: Pizza.

Foaly: Shuddup dwarf!

Holly: PLEASE.

Artemis: I had a dream the other day.

Foaly: Oooh! what happened?

Artemis: Hmph. None of your business, and I was talking to Holly.

Butler: Private stuff! 😉

Holly: No, it’s not like that.

Mulch: Yes.

Mulch: It.

Mulch: IS!

Foaly: One word at a time?

Mulch: Yup.


Artemis: I won’t.

Foaly: Secrets! *wink* 😉

Holly: Well darn then I’m leaving.

Holly has logged off.
Artemis has logged off.

Foaly: Can you believe this Butler!?

Butler: I can.

Mulch: WhoCares


Mulch: 🙂

Butler: Creative.

Mulch: YesThankYou!

Foaly: I’m off.

Foaly has logged off.
Butler has logged off.
Mulch has eaten his laptop.


Fowl Manor, Dublin,Ireland.

“So what happened, then?” asked Holly, leaning in curiously.  “Well Orion stayed back and fought the dragon,” replied Artemis, “And then Mulch digged a tunnel, it was too small for Butler, so he decided to help Orion kill the dragon.”


“They couldn’t kill it, and the beast came chasing after the rest of us. This may sound weird, but em…Foaly used an extinguisher to put out its fire. I have no clue where he got that from.”

“Ok, and did this kill the dragon?”

“No,” admitted Artemis. “I killed it. I just had to give it a lecture on Cubism and it died of boredom. Seriously.”

Holly laughed. “That’s so weird. How did it end?”

“You kissed me.”

“I probably did not.”

“You did.”

The elf smiled, and gently pressed her lips to his.

The moment lasted several minutes before a tiny knock on the door, and without further warning, in came the Fowl Twins.

They stared. And finally burst into roars of laughter.


Foaly , Butler, Mulch is online.

Foaly:  Damn I got paperwork to do!

Butler: Good for you, I guess.

Mulch: Shallistillspekinoneword?

Foaly: Spammer.

Butler: Actually its saving space.

Foaly: oh right…letsallspeakwithoutspaces.

Butler: Its hard to understand.

Foaly: wellthenyoucanjustlogoff.

Mulch: wonderwhatarty’sdoing.

Butler: I’m not at home.

Mulch: yourneverathomewhenwewantyoutobe.

Butler: Oh whatever.

Foaly: VIRUS

Mulch: excuseMe?


Butler: Is this a bilated April fool’s joke?


Mulch: ByeSista’!

Butler: Damn you koboi and bye.

Mulch has logged off.
Butler has just left without logging off to look for a gun.


“This is so weird,” mumbled Beckett. “Arty has a girlfriend!”

“That is not the case,”scowled Artemis.

Holly moaned. “I’m leaving,” she announced, switching on her shield.

There was more silence.

“It’s not our fault she dumped you!” protested Myles.


Hehe. I just got a random idea. Please

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  1. SilverGoddess May 2nd, 2013 at 11:30 pm 1

    Hmm… I’ve never been a particular fan of the chatroom fics, but I felt mean not to leave some form of a comment.

    Also, you spelled belated wrong. I couldn’t make this comment compleatly spam:-)

  2. mmhm? yes this was weird, but i did it in a hurry, and couldn’t complete the last sentence because of my stupid brother! and i didnt notice until now! well anyway, that was a total wussy one shot, so i’m not all that upset. i know, i should stop fooling around and finish my, what five, uncomplete fics? yeh. really should.

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