Artemis Fowl and the Rip in the Paradox (part13)

Summary: “Oooh, so smart!” laughed Holly, mockingly. “Did you actually think I meant it?” Artemis scowled. “No, I did not.” “Admit […]

Chapters: 1 2 3

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“Oooh, so smart!” laughed Holly, mockingly. “Did you actually think I meant it?”

Artemis scowled. “No, I did not.”

“Admit it, Mud Boy, you totally fell for that one! Ha! You should’ve seen yer eyes pop out when I said that!” She continued to laugh in high pitched, but nevertheless, angelic tones. There was something in that voice. He couldn’t put his finger on it, but there was a certain something. Magic?

The laughing came to an abrupt halt when Holly noticed him staring directly at her face. “Fowl!” she snapped.

“Eh? Did I do something?”

“All you’re doing, Mud Boy, is freaking me out. What are you staring at, anyway?”
Artemis felt his throat go dry. “Nothing.Just…”
“I said ‘nothing’, didn’t I?”
“Don’t go leaving sentences incomplete, genius. What did you say after that?”
The “genius” part was most definitely sarcasm.Artemis didn’t take long to see that.

“I would tell you, Holly, but then again you are not the Holly of my time. I don’t know you so well.”
Holly rolled her eyes. “Damn this timeline thing.Look, just tell me this one, will ya?”

Artemis sighed. “I’d better not, unless I want a punch under the jaw.”

“I think I like you already,”smiled the elf. “Totally understand women, don’t you?”

“Hm. I take that back, what I said about you being a lot different in this time.”

Holly leaned in dangerously closer to him. “Arty, I don’t mean to get too into details, but how old are you?”

Artemis instantly felt his cheeks turn pink. Arty. She’d called him Arty.

“I-I am uh…seventeen now, though I cannot really be sure, after…”

She suddenly started laughing again. “Seventeen! Seventeen! Aww, no wonder you’re a little baby faced cutie!”

“WHAT?!” yelled Artemis. Damn it, did she really have to be calling him cute?? And being ironic, above all!

“Hey, don’t sweat it,”said Holly. “It’s just that…how familiar are you with fairy terms? In our age charts, seventeen is the same as seventeen months. I’m 78. Don’t know how much that would be in human terms.”

“Oh…I understand. Well, I’m not too sure either. In your terms, what are you now, a…teenager?”

The elf nodded. “Sorta. Guess that’s what mud men call it.” Artemis tried his best to ignore this bit of information. If he didn’t, there would be more hormonal problems than there were now.

“Thanks for the general knowledge lesson. I think it’s really time we go to sleep now.”

“Yup. But I’m not sleepy. Want to discuss some sorta science thing?”

“You don’t like science.”

“You really don’t know me, do you? I got a degree in Physics when I was five, and that’s how I got my school. I really love bringing up that subject…”

Artemis’s eyes widened. Was she kidding? This elf was nothing like the Holly he had known. “W-What?”

“I scored 83 marks more than Opal, lost to Foaly by one. I didn’t kill him for that, though. When I spent the whole of recess as  depressed and disappointed, he came over and apologized.”

“Y-You…you really…?”

“What? You’re not the only one with brains, Artemis.”

Chapters: 1 2 3

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  1. Isn’t this going to affect the future? In a bad way, I mean? I don’t know. So she’s gone from Orion to Arty, huh? I like that. Though I think Arty might flip because she kissed him. He’s probably going into shock. I think he’s about to take back what he said about her being like the Holly of his time, between the kiss and the things about school. Anyways, update soon! 🙂

  2. Yep, have that planned. He’s totally gonna go overboard. This Holly’s different cause she’s more like his age, ya see? I can’t wait to see what happens next(haha, cause I write these)!!
    Good luck me 😉

    Keep your eyes open!

  3. Silver is being sneaky May 4th, 2013 at 8:53 pm 3

    AWWW!!! Look who’s getting all mushy!

    Now all you need to update is TNC and you’ll be all caught up with updates! Then it’s my turn… *frustrated sigh*

  4. Okay…
    Actually, TCSB will probably be up next.

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