And Thus Ended The Fowl’s Dignity

Summary: I don't know. I just.... I dunno. Artemis goes elf-crazy. Woohoo.

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“Tonight is lucky, my friend. I can feel it.”

Butler didn’t reply to his master and instead focused on not running over anybody as he drove the  Jeep through the neighborhood to the bend in the river. So far, the two had been unsuccessful at capturing any of the People for ransom, but he had to admit tonight felt different. Perhaps it was the crickets, or the flowery breeze, and while nobody could guarantee anything, if something were to happen it would be tonight.

Butler parked the Jeep at a local, well, park. Somewhere in this upper-class neighborhood was a river, and in that river a bend, and near that bend an ancient oak. And hopefully, by the ancient oak, a fairy.

Artemis led the way, his heart pounding like it always did on their so-called elf-hunts. “This way,” he breathed, leading Butler into the backyard of  a wealthy older couple. Illegal, yes, but when you were half as rich as the Fowls, you could keep anything quiet.

There it was, the ancient oak, standing tall and proud at the riverbend. Artemis smiled a little. This could be it. No, he corrected himself, it couldn’t be. Not in the middle off such a populated area. But if they were desperate enough…

“There!” Hardly daring to move Artemis pointed to the movement along the flowerbed. Silently, Butler aimed his tranquilizer.

In a rapid yet everlasting moment Butler shot and lept forward, sack ready. In one swift, decisive moment, he scooped up his prize.

What he felt in the bag, what he saw, he knew he should have laughed at. But instead he felt like crying. As much as a Butler could feel like crying.

Artemis stepped forward, a suspicious gleam in his eye. “Did you get it?”

Butler swallowed. He hated to disappoint. “Artemis… It’s a garden gnome.”


And it ends. I needed to write something ridiculous. So here you go. Real short 😛 Looks like somebody was going a little elf-crazy. Plot hole: neither would ever be that careless. So OOC.

anywhat, hope to be back on the FF more often :3

And hello to all the people who may have joined. I’m the resident pretty bird.

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  1. garden gnome? OMG FUNNY! and i haven’t seen you(seen?) for a month or something,welcome back!

  2. If i were Artemis… well i wouldn’t be so i’d transport into his mind and stab his brain… wut?

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