A Weird Story and an Awesome Announcement! CHAPTER FOUR ADDED

Summary: Yeah, a new fic. I don't have time for a whole TCSB episode so I just completed something that was half done already.

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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Holly immediately changed the channel,but regreted it as something even worse filled the screen.
Artemis cringed at the image,because it was…it was…
The others listened in unquestioned horror.
Of course,things wouldn’t have been so bad if the Fowl twind hadn’t appeared out of nowhere.
Myles frowned. “What’s happening in there?”
Before anyone else could answer,Beckett exclaimed, “Gross! It’s that thing we saw before in that movie! You know,when people like-like each other?”
“What? liar. You know Arty would never…”
Beckett forcefully pressed his twin’s ear against the door.

“Wow. You are BIG.”

Myles puked.
Holly changed the channel again,and this time it happened to land on some kiddies cartoon.
“Wow. You are Big!” exclaimed a grasshopper in a girlish voice,looking up at the cow towering over her.
“I’m nooot faaaat!”mooed the cow. Holly started giggling like a five year old pixie.
Artemis scowled. “I suggest we watch National Geographic.”
“Shut up,”said the elf,in between giggles.
“This program has no educational value!”
“Of course it does.Cows are bigger than grasshoppers.”
“And it also teaches us that animated cows look hideous in relation to actual cows.”
“Point taken,”scoffed Artemis. Then,gaining full advantage of his proximity to the remote in Holly’s hand, he tried to take it. Which unfortunately had no result, because the elf happened to take her hand away at the moment, leaving his resting on her lap.
Artemis paled.
“Quit perving on me, mud boy!”
“I wasn’t…can I just have the remote?!”
“I never said you could!”
“This programme is ridiculous!”
“I like it!”

“Quit perving on me,mud boy! I never said you could!”

Butler grimaced. “Holy sh–”

“I like it!”

“WILL THEY EVER STOP?!” screamed Myles,his loafers now coated in his own vomit.
The elf and the human were fighting over the remote.
It ended when Holly decided to smash the thing on the floor.
“Was that neccessary?” groaned Artemis.
Holly nodded. “Yes.Can we go back to those boxes now?”
“Your call.I would like my afternoon bath though.”
“Great. You relax in a hot tub while I–”
“Damn it,Fowl.”
Minutes later, Artemis had retreated into his bathroom and Holly had an evil grin on her face.
Because she noticed that he forgot his towel.
Holly was only too happy to hide it.
When he realized this, Artemis opened the door a crack and called, “Captain, would you mind…?”
“I hid it,”proclaimed the elf,cheerfully.
For a moment,Artemis was confused, before he shouted back, “It isn’t funny, Holly!”
“It’s damn hilarious. Think of this as an IQ test.What would you do now?”
The human scowled. “Obviously, bribe you into finding it for me.”
Holly snuggled into a corner of the bed. “Try me.”
For entire minutes,the crew outside heard nothing but unclear phrases.
“Are they asleep?”asked Trouble.Foaly sighed. “Well,no point listening anymore.”
Before the Commander could turn and leave, the door flung open.
“Holly,please. I swear I will never ask you to lift boxes for me again.”
“Nuh uh.”
“I won’t ever mention that you enjoy human cartoons!”
“Still not giving in.”
“I…I’ll get you anything you want!”
Holly tapped her chin,thoughtful. “Can we go to Paris?”
“And see dolphins?”
“I agree with your terms, now can I please have my…”
“And you should learn how to dive.”
“Wh-” Artemis almost choked.
“Aaand go to Disney Land, or rather all the rollercoaster rides.”
“I’m not done yet. How about we go camping?”
“In tents.Then we can go hiking.”
“There’s one more thing though.If you don’t agree with this,I’m not giving your towel.”
Artemis was fuming. “Get on with it.”
Suddenly, the elf was standing in front of him.”Dinner for two?”
“Are you suggesting…”
Holly grinned wickedly.”Exactly.” She tilted her head sideways, leaning in.”As friends.”
The elf’s lips pressed to his own.
And that was when the door flung open.
Beckett threw open the door, but instantly regretted it.
Because now, he, Foaly,Butler,Myles,Trouble,NumberOne and Mulch were looking at an excited elf mouth-to-mouth with a puzzled human.
The moment was broken when Mulch coughed,making their presence known.


okay people, i know holly is a bit ooc but i have a reason.
Which will be revealed in the next chapter.


please review 😀

Chapters: 1 2 3 4

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  1. Yes, yes, yes! I am showing this to other Fowl fans as well. I’ll send it in the morning, I’m to tired.

    An the one shot, funny, yet I can’t believe what Foaly thought was going on. Hehehe, funny.

  2. Oh, I can’t wait. They always seem to make things funnier!

  3. OMG, are you serious? Do you actually think that will work? And how do you know thats his real email?

    Sorry, lot of questions…

    As for the story, all I can say is… Those guys are idiots if they actually think that’s what is happening… Wow. And thy centaur is supposed to be a genius. *facepalms* 😉

  4. I know, right? Who would’ve thought… :mrgreen:
    Btw it can work. We just gotta try!!

  5. Twilight, the horror. *shudders* Hilarious. I can’t wait for the soundtrack!

  6. Not double posting, there was a new chapter. Anyway, I literally just read this on FF.net before I came here. So, I put a comment there and can’t remember my exact words but it went something like it was way more than interesting, more like quadruple interesting. I’m staying tuned.

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