A Not So Fair Affair

Summary: Butler seems to be spending alot of time with Artemis's mother...

Chapters: 1 2

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 Guys I haven’t writen anything in FOREVA,cause I have writers block. Soooo for now this is as good as it gets. 🙁

Butler snuck down the halls of Fowl Manor as quitley as he could. He could feel the sweat coming down his fourhead. These secret visits would ruin him if anybody caught him doing this. He would no longer be respected as he was now. When he finally made it to the living room,he let out a breath he didn’t know he was holding in. He entered the living room and locked the door behind him.



Artemis was watched Butler sneak into the living room from the monitors in his room. Holly was sitting next to him.

“Damnit,Butler what are you doing,”said Artemis. Holly wrapped her arms around Artemis’s neck.

“Don’t worry. I’m shure it’s nothing bad,Arty.” Artemis turned around and stared at her.

“I know I shouldn’t worry but this is the seventh time he has been in the living room. Same time,3 o clock. With MY MOTHER!” Holly bit her lower lip.

“How about this? We put a speaker in the car. Butler has to drive your mother to her friends house tommorow.” Artemis gazed at his shoes. He didn’t like the idea of spying on his mother. Holly could sense it.

“Artemis,I know you don’t like to spy,but otherwise you may die wondering whats going on.” Artemis realized Holly was right. He lifted his head,and gazed back at the monitors.

“I’ll do it.”


Butler held open the car door for Mrs.Fowl.

“Thank you Butler,”said Angeline smiling. Butler went over and slipped into the drivers seat.Little did he know that Holly had slipped a mini microphone onto the steering wheel earlier that day. They were both silent until the Bentley pulled onto the main highway.

“Butler you really should tell Artemis what you’ve been doing,”said Angeline softly. Butler frowned and scratched the back of his neck.

“I know I should but Artemis would never let me live it down. And Juliet…well thats a different story.” Butler stared blankly at the road. Angeline sighed.

“You know what we do is just for plain fun. It doesn’t matter what my Arty thinks,”she said placing her hand on Butlers shoulder. Butler smiled slightly.

“I guess your right,Angeline.”


 Artemis was back in his room with Holly and Juliet sitting and listening to the recording box sitting on Artemis’s desk. After a few minutes Artemis switched it off.

“There’s only one explanation. Butler and my mother are having an,an…AFFAIR!!”

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. You kinda need to fix up the spelling and punctuation here; spelling and grammar are important, and not to mention, in the rules. Also, this is a tad plotless. If you added some more about what happened, or a backstory, or something, that’d be great. 😉

  2. *Flinches* I really hope you get over your case, because you should delete the second chappie and do it over again. This was so intriguing. You don’t have to change the ending but try to add some filler. Otherwise, everything is great.

  3. 🙁 Why can’t I write!?! I think I am just going to take FowlStars advice and just start the 2 chapter over again. That may be the best.

  4. shadowsnake451 August 19th, 2010 at 2:12 pm 4

    Angeline and Butler? Wierd yet intriguing. Update!

  5. WOAH. Interesting. Sadly, I did not get to read the second chapter, but I’ll be looking for it!

  6. Oh,yeah sorry about the empty second chappie. >_

    You just need a little tweaking. I’m glad you took my advice, because (I am telling you this as a friend) it was kinda a let down. You have this WONDERFUL plot, but there just isn’t any filler. And the end was disappointing. But it’s YOUR story, stick with whatever end you want to write. Just a teensy bit of filler and some spelling and grammar corrections and this story , with some MORE chapters, and longer updates could be a top five story. Seriously. NEVER tick me off by saying you can’t write. -_-” I say all of this in good faith.

  8. interesting story idea. i never imagined BUTLER doing something like that though…..

  9. Great plot idea. A bit more story would make it better…but I like this. I honestly never thought about Butler and Artemis’ mother. I guess Butler doesn’t get paired up much!

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