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  • Site CLOSED, in READ-ONLY Mode Now, Sorry!

    Summary: Closed to new users and registrations, sorry! Check out the forum instead now.

    Written on 20th Nov 2016, by . 6 Reviews.

  • For the love of Minerva. Or Holly. Or Maybe Both.(Ch.16)

    Summary: Finishes off telling story of Artemis's rescue; Second to last Chapter! Next one completes it!

    Written on 14th Jun 2011, by . 6 Reviews.

  • For the love of Minerva. Or Holly. Or Maybe both. (Ch.14)

    Summary: Just in case you’re wondering, I had a request for chapters instead of parts, so I changed it. It’s still […]

    Written on 11th Jun 2011, by . 5 Reviews.

  • For the love of Minerva. Or Holly. Or Maybe Both. (part 13)

    Summary:      Okay, this one is going to be a bit of a crossover. I’m gonna bring in some of the […]

    Written on 10th Jun 2011, by . 5 Reviews.

  • Snap

    Summary: Hi guys, I got the idea for this story from a FanArt pic. Go check it out! /Gallery/displayimage-10-498.html#top_display_media   Holly-dead? […]

    Written on 10th Jun 2011, by . 3 Reviews.

  • Annoying Artemis in a chat room

    Summary: This is something i randomly thought of. i know this isnt very original but thought it was funny. and if anyone wants to be in it just ask

    Written on 2nd Jun 2011, by . 27 Reviews.

  • Poetry

    Summary: Thanks for putting in poems!  You can put more in the comments. Artemis awoke slowly, a strange feeling coming over […]

    Written on 20th May 2011, by . 16 Reviews.

  • Like Father, Like Daughter

    Summary: Rewritten! There is a new heir to the Fowl inheritance. To match, there is a new fairy intent on eliminating those who threaten her.

    Written on 4th Jun 2011, by . 10 Reviews.

  • Fermata

    Summary: Vinyaya's life is hectic enough with keeping peace in Haven. But when fate drops an unwanted burden in her lap, Vinyaya must learn where to draw the line between friends and family, when to hold on, and when to let go. -between TLC & TTP-

    Written on 5th Oct 2008, by . 43 Reviews.

  • Fermata (Part II)

    Summary: Due to my document being obscenely large, I am continuting Fermata in a new document. I have gotten past my […]

    Written on 16th Feb 2009, by . 25 Reviews.

  • Chess – round three

    Summary: Artemis was thinking. Who was that girl? She was smart, smart almost as he is, or even more. She won in […]

    Written on 2nd Jun 2011, by . 13 Reviews.