The Cross Species Battle: Union of rivals (p.4)

Summary: A/N: I wrote a song for the AF Fandom! Please let me know if you’re interested. Also please read the […]

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A/N: I wrote a song for the AF Fandom! Please let me know if you’re interested. Also please read the comment I left on part two.
On with the story!

Surprisingly, the plan was ridiculously easy. Why? Because it did not involve anything too impressive.
Except a sheet of cam foil. Or rather, something Foaly had put into his customized suits that helped the wearer to shield, no matter how low on magic they were. He was currently controlling their LEP suits from inside his office/lab and grinning at his own cleverness. Even Loken had agreed on wearing his tech, the previous day. As long as it went to his design.

But it wasn’t those three alone.


Minerva sighed, laying down beside the frustrated elf. “Holly, we don’t stand a chance, none of us. Only Zidan can win.”

Holly scowled. “That pervert is not taking over this planet, and that’s–” she stopped in mid-sentence, surprised at Minerva’s confused look. Had she said something?

“Holly, you’re invisible,” she revealed, smiling. “Great idea.”

“I’m not…” she trailed off. Arty. Relief flooded her features. Arty really came. He has a plan.

Suddenly, she realized what this meant. If no one could see her…”This is my chance.”

“Why didn’t you think of it before?”

“I was low on magic. So were Piper and Silver. This is Foaly’s tech at work here.” Holly was grinning like she hadn’t in the past three years since the war broke out. So, what was the grand plan this time? She hoped it was along the lines of creeping up from behind Zidan and knocking his front teeth out. Or all of his teeth, whichever was possible. The latter was much more convenient.


Silver scowled at the fat human guarding her cell. She wanted to burn the metal bars and come out there just for the sake of giving him a thick, good, well-earned slap that would preferably leave a permanent mark. “Hey, Fatso!” she called. (A/N see Eoin Colfer’s The Wish List) He turned to give her a ‘do-I-look-bothered’ look, but instead his jaw fell open in shock. “W-What the h-hell?” he stammered.

It didn’t take long for her to see the green light flashing on the sleeve of her jumpsuit.

Ah, invisibility. That centaur had a few emergency tricks, didn’t he?


Piper was pacing, annoyed. Who did that Mud Whelp think he was? The darn fool had them locked in his basement, Holly in his bedroom-the sick freak- and almost killed Loken. He had started the inter species war, and they were here to end it. Instead, look at what had happened.

Piper was agitated, furious. Oh, what she’d give for the chance to knock out Zidan’s teeth.

She felt something vibrate on her holster, not surprised to see that it was her communicator. But the message on it was from Silver, and that was surprising.

Look at your sleeve. Pony Boy pulled a fast one.

For the first time in hours, Piper smiled.


They’d managed it. Shielded, Artemis and Shaadia had given Zidan the slip, and now found themselves walking down the endless metallic corridor with Loken following from close behind. It had been painful to get the iron chain off, but he’d done it.

“What now?’ he demanded.

Artemis took a deep breath. “Loken, firstly I’d like to apologize for…”

“Thinking you were a jerk who stole his girlfriend.” Shaadia completed, winking. The Irish youth groaned. “Something of the sort,” he admitted.

Loken was suddenly amused. “It didn’t take a genius to find out, Fowl, I’m surprised you didn’t. I only let Holly like me that way for the sake of annoying you.”

“Like Foaly does to me?” asked Shaadia, recalling the Barney incident. It made her shudder.


Minerva walked up to the door and unlocked it. “Go,” she mumbled. “Family is important, Holly, but Zidan is not winning this war.”

Holly grinned, though she could not be seen. “I like that attitude, Mud Girl.”

“And another thing.”

“Uh huh?”

“Good luck with Artemis. If anyone can win his heart, it’s you, Captain Short.”


A/N: oopsy, Minnie’s a good guy now. Don’t worry, there is no A/M. I swear. please review, guys. You mean a lot to me. Oh and go check your inbox, if you didn’t see the message I sent. Please review!

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  1. Like I said in the email I sent back, I’ll review every time. I really don’t mind to badly that Minerva is a good guy, but I personally think that you can’t have to many good guys otherwise the story gets a little boring, so I am completely fine as long as others don’t turn good. I like Pony Boy’s (hehehe) fast one, I knew I was totally off. His suit would be exactly what I would expect from Foaly. Like I also said before, I like your plots, always full of surprising twists. I am so glad you added this. This was very good, turning like one of those awesome books where you wouldn’t expect how it ends. I can’t wait for the update!

  2. aww, thanks! your reviews always make me smile!

  3. Thanks, Shaadia. It’s just the truth

  4. Oh, really good shaadia! And long, too. I’m cool with Minerva being a good guy just as long as there is no AM. I will hold you to saying that there won’t be… 😉

    I’m sorry for disappearing, I just have a lot of stuff on my plate right now. I’m coming back soon, permanently, promise. 🙂 just a heads up to anyone who cares…..

    Great work! Update soon!

  5. @CaptainS10: Haha, thanks! Yeah, no AM. AM SUCKS!! 😀
    @Silver: That’s alright with me. Go on, make the story!! 😀

  6. Hm, invisibility suits?

    Also, I’m considering doing a side-project story as some sort of prequel to this with my character. I just find the concept of a half-sprite half-human fascinating. Would you mind, since Silver is technically your character? I want to put more emphasis on the fact she’s a hybrid, and get into her lineage. I also want her to meet Holly in some way or another, but Silver wipes her memory because she’s worried she will be taken away for being a hybrid.

    Just an idea.

  7. Yay, thanks shaadia! Who’s the best pen pal EVER!

  8. heeehee…maybe I’ll drop by and say hi if i visit the U.S for my birthday!!

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