The Chatting of Randomnesstations

Summary: Everything the title says: Chatting, with a bunch of randomnesstations! NOT FOR YOUNG READERS!

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This was made by Cimerene, Domvoia Fowl, Amy Root, FowlStar, Kitty, Mira,  and SaraParadizo (I still call her Bobo, though. XD). 



Now logging in: Cimerene

Now logging in: Kitty

Cimerene: Sup! WHY AM I BLUE?!

Kitty: Cuz ya’re sad?

Cimerene: Very funny.

Kitty: What do ya expect from me?

Cimerene: Hmph. *snorts*

Kitty: Yeah, THAT’s nice. To snort on little pussy-cat? *puppy eyes*

Cimerene:  HMPH! How RUDE!

Kitty: Who, ME? XD Rude’s my first, second and last name 😛 Jk

Cimerene: ….Well, now…….

Now logging in: Amber Root

★Amber Root: Guys, be nice.

Now logging in: Artemis Fowl the Second

Now logging in : Sara

Artemis Fowl the Second: Nice? Define nice…

★Sara: Hey guys! Arty! *glomps*

Kitty: XD lol

Artemis Fowl the Second: Don’t call me Arty! Or Arty boy!

★Sara: Arty, darling, you let me call you that, remember, love? :3

Cimerene: *giggles* But you are Arty! Goofy head.

★Amber Root: Brb, I have to go to the bathroom. Bobo take care of these little spammers. Thx. :3

★Sara: Sure, Amy-chan. Seeya!

Kitty: For god’s sake, leave the poor guy… XD

Cimerene: *cracks up* That’s not the FG way!

Artemis Fowl the Second: Finally someone normal… *talks to Kitty*

★Sara: Kitty? Normal? Bwahahahahaha! No offence, but Kitty’s crazy too. :3

Cimerene: GAH! *rolls on floor giggling*

Artemis Fowl the Second: You are crazier than her

★Sara: Love, don’t you DARE talk to me like that. Or I just MIGHT have to ban you.

Kitty: LOLOLOLOOOOOOOOL!!! @Arty: Sweetie, that’s an offence.

Cimerene: OMG, nice Sara! Love? Oooh, Fowlie’s gunna have a fit when she hears Arty is dating Sara!

★Sara:  Nah, it’s fine. She let me share him. :3

Artemis Fowl the Second: *SIGHS* Fine, I see everyone is crazy in here. Bye.

★Sara: You’re leaving? Well…*snifffs*

Artemis Fowl the Second has been banned.

Cimerene: *giggles* Maybe if Arty apologizes, we can let him come back.

★Sara: Perhaps. Perhaps not. >:3

★Amber Root:: I’m back, …… *Gasp* Wow, what the heck happened here?

Kitty: *sighs…*

★Sara:  Amyyy! 😀 Darling Arty threatened to LEAVE! So I banned him. :3

Cimerene: That’s like, still the same. No fair. It’s a fail-fail situation. Better to ban him than let leave! XD

★Amber Root:: Eh… I don’t really care about Artemis, I care about Butler.

Kitty suddenly disappeared without logging out.


★Amber Root: Cim. No spamming, please. 😉

★Sara: Cpas, Cim. Kitty? Awweh, she poofed.

Cimerene: Sorreh. I panicked. XD

★Amber Root: It’s fine, just don’t do it again, or we’ll have to you know what.

Cimerene: Kays :3 Wait, how come you get to be a mod?

★Amber Root: Because this is CD, Crazy Day. :3

★Sara: And I helped her on it.

Cimerene: Huh. Poooooo.

★Sara: Tsk tsk, watch your language.

Cimerene: Poo is language?

★Amber Root: To many O’s Cim.

Cimerene: Do not tell me you haven’t done that billions of times on every website you find.

Kitty reappears.

Kitty: Mods, is Croatian allowed?

★Amber Root: Hmmm…. The race or language?

Kitty: I’m bored… And Croatian’s funny 😀

Cimerene: NO, please NO! It confoooooooses me toooooo much!

Kitty: Language.

★Sara:  Well, Croatian is only allowed if you give an English translation.

★Amber Root: Ahhh..

Kitty: Okay… Znači, može? 😀 (So, that means yes?)

Cimerene: *seizure*

★Sara: Sure. But make sure you have the translation…

★Amber Root: Ugh… My house smells like fresh paint.

★Sara: Awww…*hands air freshener*

Cimerene: Paint?

Kitty: Moram ići, laku noć. (gtg, good night.)

★Amber Root: Thanks, Sara. :3

★Sara: Anytime. :3

★Amber Root: Bye, Kitty!

★Sara: Aw, leaving so soon. *sob* Seeya, Kitty.

Cimerene: Bai Kittehnesstations!

Kitty logged out.

GirlsKickButt has logged on.

Cimerene: WHO’RE YOU? I have pepperspray and I AM NOT AFRAID TO USE IT!!!

★Amber Root: Cim, caps. 😉

GirlsKickButt: hi! my names juliet and i just found ths forum. sooo cool! <333

Cimerene: Technically, I didn’t use all caps. XD

★Amber Root: Brb. Butty is calling me, and welcome Juliet.

★Sara: Kk, Amy

Cimerene: …….*cracks up* Butty….Heh. XD

★Amber Root: Fine… Dommy is calling me. *Poofs*

GirlsKickButt: Butty…Dommy? haha  that reminds me of my big bro, Butler

Cimerene: ……OMG. You’re Juliet BUTLER?! *faints*

★Sara: Ohmyfrond, no way!

GirlsKickButt: um……yeah. Have u heard of me???

Cimerene: OMG. Have we heard of you?!

★Sara:  Uh…YES!!! You’re, like, my idol! I loved the way you knocked out Pex and Chips…that was awesome!

Cimerene: Ikr? God, “Barney says go to sleep”? Genius!

★Amber Root: Back! *Has phone on ear* Dom’s so sweet. <333

GirlsKickButt: Dom? wait, YOU’RE the girl that Dom’s dating???? *squeal*

★Amber Root: I guess so…. We don’t really call it dating… Just hanging out.

Cimerene: Brb guys. Out of Dr. P. Not Dr. Phil, (for all those who think so), Dr. Peppeh, the most wonderful genius making in the whole entire world! *poofs downstairs*

★Sara: Aw, kay Cim. Guys, look at the top!

★Amber Root: You put the logo on here?! :O I love it! *Hugs Sara*

Cimerene: BACK! I ran. :3 Niiiiice, Sara!!!

★Sara: Haha, thanks guys. Amy’s the one who made it anyways. :3

Fowlie has logged on.

Cimerene: Fowleh! *glompsies*

★Amber Root: Juliet? Are you still there?

Fowlie: Hiiiiii guys! 😀

Cimerene: Fowleh! Didja hear that Juliet Butler is here? Like HERE?!

★Amber Root: Did I scare her away? O-o

Cimerene: Maybe she had to go to the bathroom. I do that sometimes without telling you guys.

Fowlie: JULIET BUTLER? Whaaatt? Oh my god, I need a glomp.

Cimerene: XD *glomps Fowleh*

★Amber Root: *Glomps Miss Huggles*

Fowlie: Yay! JULET, WHERE’S MY GLOMP? *pants*

GirlsKickButt: Um…Okay? *glomps weirdo*

★Amber Root: *Talking and typing* No… Hey Fowlie how does Gimp work again… No you hang up, no you…. So do to re-size everything?

Fowlie: *sniffle* Microsoft Office Picture manager, there’s a list of options, you can re-size or crop. Or, in GIMP, you can use the resize tool, but I haven’t found a way to crop stuff yet.

Cimerene: ….I don’t do this kind of stuff, so I dunno what the heck you guys are talking about. XD

Fowlie: *pokes*

Cimerene: *pokith*

★Amber Root: *Polka*

Fowlie: LEVAN POLKA! *dances* Popipo!

Cimerene: Isn’t that some old people’s dance?

★Amber Root: Brb, Butty’s comming over!

Cimerene: *cracks up* I just can’t help it… Butty! Gah! XD

★Sara: Back! Sorry, my brb took a little too long. :3

Cimerene: I think ya forgot to say brb. XD

★Sara: Really? Oh, yeah…Sorry about that, too.

Cimerene: S’okay. XD

★Sara: Thanks. :3

Fowlie: *stares*

★Amber Root: I’m back. ❤‿❤

★Sara: Yay! 😀

Cimerene: Yayyyyyyy!

Fowlie: *tackles Amy*

★Amber Root: Where’s Juliet?

★Sara: I think she left. We probably scared her off. D:

Cimerene: But she didn’t log out!

Fowlie: She’s stalking us! Gathering information! D:

GirlsKickButt: No I’m not!

★Sara: Aha! Proof!

Fowlie: I’m going to eat something, bbl.

Fowlie has logged out.

★Sara: Aw, seeya Fowlie!

Cimerene: Awww…bye!

★Amber Root: Bye bye Fowlie! Butty wants to talk. ❤‿❤

Cimerene: WIN!

Butty<333 has logged on.

★Butty<333: Why is my name like this? -_-’

Cimerene: *has a heart attack from laughing so hard*

★Sara: Butty<333? Ohmygosh, EPIC WIN! <333

★Amber Root: I made you a mod. <333

Cimerene: Wait–He gets to be a mod and I DONT? Faiiiiiiil. ><’

★Butty<333: Thanks, darling :3

★Sara: Aw, that’s sweet. 😀

Cimerene: Ohmigosh. Darling? *takes pic* This is totally going in you guys’s wedding album!

★Butty<333 :Cim? You can be this: ✔

★Sara: Cim the Checkmark! xD

✔Cimerene: XD I SMELL BACON! S’cuse the caps. (OOOOOHHHHH! Check. :3)

★Amber Root: *Hugs Butty* Cim no one face posts.

★Sara: Or caps, Cim.

★Butty<333: *Hugs Amy*  >:D

★Sara: Ooooh, a hug…^^

✔Cimerene: I said s’cuse the cpas! Gosh….

★Sara: Well, try not to use them that much. People will think you’re yelling, mmkay?

 ✔Cimerene: But….I was yelling….XD Bacon= ♥

★Sara: Alright…brb…

★Butty<333 ❤ ★Amber Root now logging off.

 ✔Cimerene: Please, oh, PLEASE tell me they are NOT making out somewhere in a corner. That’d be gross. I mean, corners? Scary…

★Sara: Back! 😀

 ✔Cimerene: Wiiiiiin! Heh. :3 We are allllll alooooonnnne. D:

★Sara: No Fowlie, no Amy? D:

 ✔Cimerene: And no Butty either! XD XD XD We should make, *cough* invite Dommeh over here!

★Sara: Sure! That is, if she’s still online…

✔Cimerene: Heh….I’ll go find her…

Cimerene has logged off

★Sara: Mmkay, Cim!

Now logging on two love birds.

And Domvoia_Fowl has logged on.

AND Cimerene has logged on

★Sara: Hey hey hey, everyone!

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Hi guys :3

★Amber Root: Heya guys. *Fixes hair*

✔Cimerene: NUUUU! Dom’s green. Switch colors?

Domvoia_Fowl: Now I’m blue :3

✔Cimerene: NU. Twas barfish.

★Sara: ^Haha, that’s ™’s color.

★Amber Root: No hi Amy?

Domvoia_Fowl: Bbbeetttteerrr? Hhhii Amy :3

★Sara: Hiiii Amyyyy! <3

.✔Cimerene: Meh…Twas do

★Butty<333: Hi Amy. <333 ❤‿❤

Domvoia_Fowl: Whose Butty?

 ✔Cimerene: OMG, Nice story, there, Butty here, *cracks up* Is Amy’s boyfriend, Butler, and I think they left us so they could make out in a corner! ><’

★Amber Root: Just scroll up Dom… ❤‿❤

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Nice. Just.. Nice.

★Sara: Yep. :3

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Butler is a idiot!!! :3

✔Cimerene: OMFG, *seizure alert*

Domvoia_Fowl: ..I want mah bubby..

★Amber Root: I hate you Domvoia.

 ✔Cimerene: Harsh…

★Sara: Ouchie.

Domvoia_Fowl: Thanks Amber :3

✔Cimerene: XD lol

★Amber Root: No one says that about my Butty!

Domvoia_Fowl: Hmm…I still wanna be green..

★Butty<333: I luv you, Amy. ❤‿❤

✔Cimerene: Too bad. We traded. XD

Domvoia_Fowl: I hope you die Buuuttttlllleeeeeerrrrr

✔Cimerene: That’s kinda rude, Dom. You did take his name. XD

Domvoia_Fowl:  I didn’t take his name XD His is spelt: Domovoi not Domvoia :3

★Amber Root: I luv you too, Butty. ❤‿❤

★Butty<333 ❤❤❤❤❤ ★Amber Root now logging off.

✔Cimerene:  Doooooooom!!!! They went to the corner agaaaaaaain!

★Sara: Doom! xD

Domvoia_Fowl: ..brb

Domvoia_Fowl now logging off.

★Sara: Kay, Dom. ^^

✔Cimerene: Kays. Heh, I remember when I was just a newbie, and did k or kk or something. XD

★Sara: Yeah. Memories…xD I’m still a newbie, though, compared to some people on the site. I’ve barely been here on Crazy Day for a year.

Hollyberry has logged on.

★Sara: Who are you?

✔Cimerene: Hollyberry? Heh. Just a guess there. XD

Hollyberry: Hello, civilians. I’m Holly Short, of the LEPrecon unit, and I’m-

★Sara: OMG OMG OMG Holly!!! *spazz*

✔Cimerene: Ohemgeeeeeee, Ohemgee! YOU’RE MY HERO! *faints* *drools*

Hollyberry: Really. So Foaly’s suspicions are confirmed…this is a fairy chatroom. Since you obviously know about The People. Usage of the Internet is illegal under code DA23x4I.

★Sara: Fairy? ZOMG, Holly Short thinks we’re fairies!!! *squeal*

✔Cimerene: OMG, that would be so majorly cool. Heh, but Holly, we’re just your not-so-typical fangirls. XD

Click box for Video → ⌧(Video of Amy and Butler )

✔Cimerene: *watches video* *crinkles nose* Do they have be so lovey dovey? It ruins my fun of hacking Artemis’s computer. Oooh, I know! *adds video to Arty’s files* Heh, all better. XD

Hollyberry: Butler? Do…you humans…you know about the Artemis Fowl saga?

★Sara: Yes, Holly. We know all about you.

Hollyberry: I’m not coming back on CD without backup. These humans may be potential dangerous.

Hollyberry has logged out.

★Sara: Well. Goodbye, then.

✔Cimerene: Heh. hope she brings Arty and Trouble next time. Makes things more interesting.

★Sara: Yeah, I know right?

Domvoia_Fowl now logging in.

Domvoia_Fowl: ..I want Artemis :’( I was just scarred for life watching Butler and Amy O.o)

Video: Amy: *Takes Butlers hand and drags him to bedroom*

★Sara: Ohmygosh…what are you two doing?!

✔Cimerene: Please don’t have kids! You’re too young to have that process! I watched a video at school, and then some….strange liquid was squirting out and it was just so DISGUSTING.

★Sara: ^^^Agreed! *meaningful nod*

Domvoia_Fowl: ..They. Are. Idiots.

★Sara: Dom, please be nice. I don’t want to have to ban you.

✔Cimerene: Heh. Use kinder words. Like……They. Are. Not. Very. Smart. At. The. Moment. XD

GirlsKickButt has logged on.

GirlsKickButt: *Sees video* Oh… god…

✔Cimerene: *giggles*

GirlsKickButt: BUTLER!!! COME HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!!!!!!!

★Sara: Ooh…Dom’s in trouble…

✔Cimerene: *spazz* GOD! They’re in troublllllle!

Video: *Giggle sounds*

✔Cimerene: Win. XD

★Sara: *retching sound* What. Are. They. Doing?!?!?!

✔Cimerene: I really don’t want to know.

Video: Amy: You can’t get me! *Runs out of room*

✔Cimerene: I admire her sometimes, ya know.

Domvoia_Fowl: ..What the heck happened? O.o

✔Cimerene: Dunno. Don’t really wanna know.

Video: Butler: *Gets Amy and hugs her* Amy: *Kisses Butler on the cheek*

Domvoia_Fowl: I really want Artemis right now O.o

✔Cimerene: Gross….

Domvoia_Fowl: ……..
★Sara: Ewww…you had to keep your video camera on, so we can see you two kissing?!?  
Video: Butler: *laughs* Amy, you know what? 
Kitty has logged on.

Kitty: WHAT A HECK??????????????????????? I POOFED FOR 8 FREAKIN HOURS! AND WHOLE THIS THING CHANGED??? XD (not all the caps :P)

Kitty has logged out.

★Sara: Hi Kitty! Aw, bye Kitty! And you poofed for EIGHT hours. Of course it changed. :3

Kitty has logged in 😛

Domvoia_Fowl  has logged in

Kitty: Here :3

Domvoia_Fowl: Me too :3

Kitty: Wazzap?
I’m kinda scared of that Amy’s vid…*turns it off*

Domvoia_Fowl: We all are.. We all are.. And Minnie is dying of being pink XD

Kitty: We’re all crazy? 😀

Domvoia_Fowl: True.. Very true..

Kitty: Where’s Cim?

Domvoia_Fowl: Dead? XD

Kitty: *isn’t surprised*

Kitty: You two finished?

Domvoia_Fowl: Ask her XD

Kitty: You two=crazy. Especially Min.

Domvoia_Fowl: Thank you XD

Kitty: No prob, pal *yawns*

Domvoia_Fowl: You made me yawn XD

Kitty: *LAUGHS* not all the caps 😀

Domvoia_Fowl: Only way XD

✔Cimerene has logged in.Domvoia_Fowl: Hhhhaappppyyy??

Kitty: Lol…

✔Cimerene: NOT REALLY. Hhhhhhhmphhhhhh. I was in the middle of having a seizure from pink.

Kitty: Amy je rekla da smijem pričati Hrvatski ako budem prevodila (Amy said that I can speak Croatian if I’ll translate everything)

Domvoia_Fowl: Wwwwwhhhhhyyyy?? And lol Kitty..

✔Cimerene: *seizure* Croatian makes me confuuused.

Kitty: I budem. Pa si vi mislite. (And I will. So ya think what ya wanna.)

Domvoia_Fowl now logging off

Kitty: Awwwwwwww, bye 🙁


Kitty: Pazi si na capslock gumb. (Watch your caps.)

✔Cimerene: ………….I put the little *dies* thing there, didn’t I? XD Besides…..NU MODS! WOOT!

Kitty: Znam, vidjela sam, ali to ti govorim za svaki slučaj. (I know, I saw. I’m just reminding you)

✔Cimerene: Too bad.

Kitty: Moderatori mogu doći svakog trena 😛 (They can appear in any moment.)

✔Cimerene: Did you invite them or somefink? Cuz that’d be awesome, so we’re not alone, but….CPAS! Win. :3

Kitty: I vidjeti sve tvoje poruke. (And see all your posts). Cpas?

✔Cimerene: Cpas. :3

Kitty: Kaj ti to znači? (What does THAT mean?)

Trouble10 has logged in.

Grubby09 has logged in.

Kitty: Bok dečki. (Hi guys) 😀

✔Cimerene: AHHHHH! *faints*

Grubby09: Why are you talking in Japanese Kitty lady?

Kitty: Jel me bar vi možete razumjeti? (Can you at least understand me?) Okay, I’ll take that as no -.-”

Domvoia_Fowl now logging in

✔Cimerene: DOOOM. :3 Trubs and Grubs are heeere!

Domvoia_Fowl: Ggggrrruubbbbyyyyy!

Kitty: Bok, Meg! 😀 (Hi Meg :D)

Trouble10: Grubs, what did I tell you from coming here? This is business!

Kitty: Kad bi barem Chix došao…(I wish Chix would arrive…)

Domvoia_Fowl: I missed you Grub <33333

Chixishot is now logging in.

Kitty: YAY!!! (not all the caps, hon :3)

Grubby09: I missed u 2 <33333

Domvoia_Fowl: Where have you been?*taps foot*

Trouble10: Quit interfering with the humans! This is outrageous!

Kitty: Di je Chix? (Where’s Chix?) Ej, Nevoljo, jel’ ti pričaš Hrvatski? (Hey, Trouble, do ya speak Croatian?)

Domvoia_Fowl: ..You know Trubbie, you are a hot head. Plus the fact you slept with my sister and left her!!!

Trouble10: *turns red* DID NOT! *lying*

Kitty: lol…?

✔Cimerene: *giggles* Hehe. :3 Trubs is bad at lying.

Kitty: Okay………… Ya speak Cro or not! Are ya a fairy or…???

Domvoia_Fowl: DID SO

Trouble10: I am a fairy! I have the Gift of Tongues, and this conversation is giving me headache. Holly was right; you are dangerous threats to the People. I shall be coming back with reinforcements.

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Am nnnooootttt! My bubby is :3

Kitty: XD Oke. Onda prevedi ovu rečenicu! (Then translate this!)

Trouble10 now logging off

✔Cimerene: NUUU! I didn’t get to ask him any personal questions. *sniffles* Meanie.

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Grubby poofed D:

Kitty: Where’s Chix?

Grubby09: Im right here!

Kitty: I WANNA CHIX!!! (not all the caps :3)

Domvoia_Fowl: Grubbbbyyyy <333

Grubby09: <333 ♥♥♥

Chixishot: Hhhheeeyyy Ladies!!!

Kitty: Hi sweetie 😀 :3

Chixishot: Wha…

✔Cimerene: *giggles* Heh.

Kitty: @Chix What? :3 You awesome :3

✔Cimerene: *heart attack*

Domvoia_Fowl: Grubby! Come to Fowl Manor!!! 😀

Chixishot: ..Thanks.. Does that mean you like me? O.o

Grubby09: 😀 Okay!!!!

Grubby09 now logging off

✔Cimerene: Oooh, she loves you. Heh. Funfunfun!

Domvoia_Fowl: I hope this doesn’t turn out like Amy and Butler XD

Kitty: Yeah :3

✔Cimerene: DO NOT MENTION THEIR NAMES. It could lure them into making another hideous video. *shudders*

Kitty: XD lol

Domvoia_Fowl: How am I purple… brb doorbbbeellll

✔Cimerene: Dunno. Kays :3

Domvoia now logging off

Grubby09 now logging in

And Domvoia_Fowl logging in

Domvoia_Fowl: Grubby is here <333

Kitty: Meow… 🙁 Where’s Chix?

Grubby09: Meagan <333

Chixishot: Right here babe!

Kitty: *fangirl scream!!!!!!!*

Domvoia_Fowl: I.. Just died -_

✔Cimerene: Doesn’t gray mean you’re banned?? Oooh, Chixie was bannnnned!

Kitty: Chix’ll NEVER get banned! I won’t let them ban hiiiim *HUGS CHIX*

Chixixhot: What the heck O.o

✔Cimerene: Then why is he gray, eh?

Domvoia_Fowl: *huggles Grubby*

Kitty: Dunno -.-” *doesn’t let Chix go*

Grubby09: *hugs*

Chixixhot: *grins* …

Domvoia_Fowl: You’re giving him an ideaaaaaaa

Kitty: *sticks her tongue out*

✔Cimerene: This could be bad. Really bad.

Domvoia_Fowl: Yuupp…

Kitty: I love CHIIIIIIX 😀

✔Cimerene: *headdesk* Someday I’ll be livin’ in a big ole city! Win, Taylor Swift! :3

Chixishot: ..*kisses Kitty*

Kitty: *kisses back*

Domvoia_Fowl: ..I.. Literally just died completely.

Kitty: Awwwwww 🙁

Domvoia_Fowl: Just kidding :3

Kitty: Thank God. I dun wanna ya dead… 🙁

Grubby09: *kisses Dom on the cheek* <333

✔Cimerene: *crinkles nose* Am I the only one here who isn’t being gross?

Domvoia_Fowl: *giggles* Yeeesss :3

Kitty: *kisses Chix again* *giggles*

Grubby09: *grins*

✔Cimerene: *gags*

Chixishot: *kisses back*

Kitty: Gag?

Domvoia_Fowl: *kisses Grub on cheek*

✔Cimerene: Gag. GROSS. You people disgust me.

Kitty: WT…???

Domvoia_Fowl: That’s our job :3

Kitty: To be disgused? Or to make others be?

Grubby09: Mommy told me Im too young to kiss girls….But….*kisses Dom*

Chixishot: *puts arm around Kitty’s waist* Nice Grub..

Domvoia_Fowl: *blushing*

✔Cimerene: I am so about to leave. LORD.

Kitty: Don’t leaveeeee!!! *cries*

✔Cimerene: Fiiiine. But you people gotta lower the whole love thing.

Domvoia_Fowl: ..We aren’t gonna be like Amy and Butler *rolls eyes*

Kitty: O.O yeah…

Chixishot: ..Butler did what exactly?

Kitty: Scrool up and ya’ll see, sweetie.

✔Cimerene: NUUU! I wanna tell him!!!

Chixishot: ..Uh..

✔Cimerene: See, Butty and Amy, then went to go make out in a corner, and then they went in Amy’s room, and we think they’re doing bad things, so now we’re all scared. :3 I do admire Amy sometimes.

Kitty: Yeah…

Domvoia_Fowl: ..You’re giving him ideas O.o

Kitty: …

✔Cimerene: ………………………………………

Kitty: *kisses Chix*

Chixishot: *kisses back*

Domvoia: ..*hides behind Grubby*

Kitty: *punches Cim HARD*

Grubby09: *hugs Dom*

Domvoia_Fowl: *hugs back* C-Chix scares me O.o

✔Cimerene: Oww….

Kitty: Why? Cuz he kissed me?

Domvoia_Fowl: bbbrrrbbbb

✔Cimerene: Probably cuz he wants to have it with you too. XDDD

Kitty: **** off, hon

Domvoia_Fowl now logging off

★Butty<333 ❤❤❤❤❤ ★Amber Root now logging in.

✔Cimerene: Oh, here we go. More LOVE. *gags*

Kitty: CHIIIIIX!!! Save meeeeee!!! *HUGS tightly*

★Amber Root: *Yawns* good after noon.

Kitty: *SCREAMS* (not all the caps :3)

★Butty<333:  *Yawns* What Amy-Love said.

✔Cimerene: ………………..Gross. GROSS.


★Amber Root: Awww… Dommy. :3 And Kitty to many E’s and W’s.

Kitty: *sticks her tongue out* You’re BAD Amy.

★Butty<333: I dun like spammers, and yes Amy is a bad Amy.

✔Cimerene: *chalant* Oh, yeah. Spamming is bad, Kitty. XD

Kitty: *screeeeeeaaaaaaammmmmmsssssss!!!*

Kitty has logged out with very loud screams.

✔Cimerene: Aww. She got put up with us.

★Amber Root:  Bye bye, Kitty! >:3

Kitty has logged in.

Domvoia_Fowl  has logged in

Kitty: You really creeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy….

✔Cimerene: Heh. Fuuuuun.

★Butty<333: *Cuddles up next to Amy-Love*

✔Cimerene: *barfs* PLEASE, NOOOO! Gah!!!

Domvoia_Fowl: ..I just died…

Chixishot: ..Uhh what happened O.o

Kitty: @Meg Me too. If that makes you feel better

✔Cimerene: If they go to the corner again, that’s it!

Kitty: @Chix don’t ask, sweetie *kisses Chix*

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Where’s Grubby? O.o

✔Cimerene: GRUBBY!

Grubby09: Sorry. Mommy called me.

Chixishot: *kisses Kitty back*

✔Cimerene: I just remember something….Last time, didn’t Butler put a video that said, “Amy, ya know what?” What was that about?

Kitty has logged in.

Domvoia_Fowl: It’s alright Grubby :3 *huggles*

Kitty: What a heck???

Kitty: What?

Kitty: There’s one Kitty already, pal!

Kitty: I know, I’m not blind.

Kitty: Then change your username!

✔Cimerene: I gotta go. BAI!

Kitty: You change yours!

Cimerene has logged off

Click box for Video → ⌧(Domvoia)

Dovmoia_Fowl: ..Wha..

Kitty: I’m the real Kitty!

Kitty: No, I was Kitty First!

Kitty: No, you were second!

Kitty: No, I wasn’t!

Kitty: Meg, someone’s impersonating me!!!

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Who can speak Croatian?

Kitty: No, you’re impersonating me!
Meg, help!

★Amber Root:  Spammers!  Um…. Butty let go of me. >:3

Kitty: Ja znam Hrvatski! (I know Croatian)

Kitty: Fakat? (Really?) I ja! (Me too.)

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Now I am really confused..

Kitty: Heeelp!!!

★Butty<333: Awwwww. 🙁 *Lets go* Ok...

Domvoia_Fowl:  Grubbbbyyyy

Kitty: Help ME!

Chixishot: Which one of you want me to kiss ‘em?

Kitty: ME!!! I wanna!

Grubby09: Yes? Me?

Kitty: No! You’re disgusting!

Domvoia_Fowl: *Huggles Grubby* Good job Chix O.o

Chixishot: I’m awesome :3 *kisses real Kitty*

Kitty: *KISSES back* Sweetie, I owe ya.

Kitty: Yuck.

Domvoia_Fowl: IMPOSTER SHALL BE BANNED (not all caps :3)

Grubby09:  How I thought Amy and Butler poofeded and they’re both mods?

Kitty: Are ya going to ban her?

Kitty: Ban ME???

Domvoia_Fowl: ..d*mnit…

Kitty: Ya should ban HER!

Kitty: Shut up, you stupid impersonator!

Kitty: I’m not impersonator! *kisses Chix*

Kitty: WHAT!!! He’s MINE! Get away from him!

Kitty: Okay. He doesn’t even know how to kiss anyway.


★Butty<333: Cant…. Ban… jnsnvfdsgf to busy kfhbiwf right now….


Kitty: *punches AMY*

Kitty: *watches the fight*

★Amber Root:  sacndsacdasfcdsacnAOSCN:ALSCNAOWSDnfalfnASCACB:asCF FAIL jfvasdjvn

Domvoia_Fowl: *huggles Grubby*

Kitty: *cryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy*

Grubby09:  *Hugs Domie*

Kitty: *hugs Kitty*

Kitty: EEK!!!

Kitty: I know…

Grubby09:  *Kisses Domie* Dumbledore. (*3*)

Kitty: O.O

Kitty: Aha… O.O really…

Kitty: No, not O.O. It’s (*3*)
Kitty: *agrees*

Domvoia_Fowl: *confused*

Grubby09: Thats Domies’s new name. xD

Kitty: O.O

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Thanks Grub -_-

Kitty: Yeah…

Grubby09:  *Sings to my Dumbledore*

Kitty: So, my sis in names… They ARE crazy, right…?

Kitty: Yeah………………

Kitty: Where’s everyone?

Kitty: Yeah, where’s Chix?

★Amber Root:  (*3*) (*3*)  (*3*) (*3*)

Kitty: Yay, only disgusting weirdos online…

Kitty: Starting with you…

★Butty<333:  (*3*) (*3*)  (*3*) (*3*)

Domvoia_Fowl: ..*kisses Grub to shut him up*

Grubby09:  Whats with the kissy faces Butler? Amy?

Kitty: Weirdos….

Kitty: Ya know, ya’re really annoying, but sometimes ya’re right…

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Just ignore them Grubby..*lays head on Grubs’s shoulder*

★Butty<333: asdfghjkl

Kitty: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..

★Amber Root: *Banns both Kitty’s in 39 seconds*

Kitty: Unfair! What have I done!!!

★Amber Root: Banning. Plus work finding out which ones the impostor. *Goes poofy with Butty*

Domvoia_Fowl: …Nice Amy. *kisses Grub again*

Kitty: They are disgusting…………………………………………………………………………..

Kitty: Aha…

Kitty(s) are now banned for 12 minutes and only the real one comes back. Guess who wrote this? (*3*) (you=disgusting).

Domvoia_Fowl: …GRUBBY(not all caapppsss)

Grubby09: Yes, mah love of a thousand suns. <333

Domvoia_Fowl: *blushes* *kisses Grubby*

Cimerene has logged in

✔Cimerene: ……….You guys are disgusting. I mean, I was gone for, like, an hour. And this is what you come up with? LOVE?!

Domvoia_Fowl: I like purple <3333

Kitties have logged out. BOTH.

Domvoia_Fowl: Ggggrrubby!!

★Butty<333 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ★Amber Root now logging off.

Domvoia_Fowl: The corneeeerrrrrrrrrr

✔Cimerene: NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Don’t do it!

Domvoia_Fowl: I keep changing colours O.o


Domvoia_Fowl: …GGGGrrrruuuubbbbbb

Video: made by: Domovoi Butler.

Grubby09: Backy

✔Cimerene: OMG, I saw that! It was so awesome! *giggles*

Domvoia_Fowl: Grubbbyyy

Mira_Alyssa has logged on.

✔Cimerene: MIIIIIIIIRRRRRRRR! *glomps*

Mira_Alyssa: Hello~ *Huggles*

Grubby09: Domie, wanna come over? Mommy got me new shoes, they have wheels on the heels. 🙂

Mira_ Alyssa: Ohai Grubbeh!

✔Cimerene: Trubs was on earlier. :3

Mira_Alyssa: I missed Trubs? GawshDARNIT. TT

✔Cimerene: Heh. :3 XD

Mira_Alyssa: Grumble grumble.

Domvoia_Fowl: Sure Grubby :3

Mira_Alyssa has changed her name to Mira

Domvoia_Fowl now logging off

Mira: Awwww, bye, Dom~!

✔Cimerene: Dommehhhhh! She poofed. :3

Mira: And I missed Trubs too! *Mope*

Grubby09: Yay! Domie comming. Brb I gotta clean up my barbies! 😀

Domvoia has logged in

Mira: B….. Not asking. NEVER asking. Ever.

★Butty<333 ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ ★Amber Root now logging in.★Amber Root: I’m back with messed up hair. :3Mira: 0.o WTF? (Loltotallynotallcapssee?)Domvoia_Fowl: ..Grubby?Mira: ……. This is awkward. Lol?Kitty: lol?Grubby09: Frond dangit!!Mira: Frond dangit. Lol.Kitty: So, which one’s real Kitty…?

★Amber Root: The one above me. ^

Kitty: I hate so much when there are two of us…

Domvoia_Fowl: Grubby what’s wrong? 🙁

Mira: Hey Grub, is Trouble coming on?

Kitty: I knoooooooooooooooooooow *cries*

Grubby09: I fell on a barbie.

Kitty: Awwwwwwwww *hugs Kitty*

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Why do you even have barbies?

Kitty: Grub has BARBIES??? XD XD XD

Mira: This conversation is totally not really awkward for me XD

Grubby09: Cus I like them.

Kitty: It seems to be…

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Grubby…

Mira: *Facepalm*

Grubby09: Dumbledore is my new barbie doll.

Kitty:: Yay, weirdos all around me…

Dovmvoia_Fowl: ..didn’t you nickname me Dumbledore..?

Grubby09: Yuppy! Luppy!

Mira: Just…. Just…. Answer my question please -.-

Domvoia_Fowl: Does that mean I’m your barbie doll?

✔Cimerene: I pooooofed. Heh. :3 Dom’s a Barbie! WOOT!

Kitty: Why are ya writing in different colors? Let EVERYTHING be Orange! 😀

Domvoia_Fowl: *hates orange*

Kitty: Weirdo… I mean, Kitty is.

Grubby09: Yuppy! Luppy! Dumbby Dore!

Domvoia_Fowl: Great…

Mira: You officially need a new boyfriend. *Signs Dommie up for Eharmony*

Kitty: Grub’s bigger weirdo than me…


Kitty: Okay, that IS true…

Kitty: Lol?

Kitty: So not.

Mira: HECK no >:D

Domvoia_Fowl: ..*kisses Grubby*

★Amber Root:: Mah Butty is sleeping on mah couch. >:3

Mira: Ohhhh! Dom, wanna get with Chix!? He totally just popped up as a match!

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Kitty has him O.o

Kitty: So trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee :3

Kitty: yeah 😀

Mira: Whatevs. He can two-time Kitty :3

Kitty has logged out.

Domvoia_Fowl: Grrruubbbbyyy D:

Kitty: YAY! 😀 (not all caps)

✔Cimerene: How did you log out if you’re still here?

Mira: Trolololololololololololololololololololololol?

Kitty: Kitty logged out 😀

★Amber Root: *Sniffle* I miss Sara

Grubby09: Domie?

Domvoia_Fowl: Grubby! <333

Mira: I just want Trouble to come on. *Depression*

Chixishot  has logged on

Chixishot: Hey giiirls!

Kitty: Hi sweetie :3

Mira: -.-’ (Lolnotjustasmileypost)

Mira: Awww d’arvit, gotta go for a bit. BBL!

Grubby09: *Glomps Domie*

Domvoia_Fowl: *glomps Grub

★Amber Root:: Yay! Butty waking up!

Kitty: *hugs Chix*

Mira has logged out

Chixishot: *hugs Kitty back*

Kitty: *kisssssssssssssses Chix*

★Amber Root: Awww…  Butty has a booboo on his head….

Domvoia_Fowl: Grrruuubbbbyyyyyy

Chixisshot: *Kisses Kitty romantically*

Trouble10 has logged on

Kitty: Mhhhi trubs.. *is still kissing Chix*

Trouble10: >.< Chix, dude.

Chixisshort: Whaaaaaat, man? *Still kissing Kitty*

Grubby09: *Hugs mah broder!*

Domvoia_Fowl: Grubby :’(

Trouble10: Hi, Grub -.- Chix: dude, are you on Eharmony AND making out with Kitty? DUDE.

Grubby09: *But kisses Domie*

Chixisshot: TT None of your friggin business, Commander.

Domvoia_Fowl: Yay!*kisses Grubby back*

Kitty: Have something against me, Trubs?

Trouble10: Just…. -.-

Kitty: get off my neck, idiotic commander. *KISSES Chix*

Chixisshot: :3 *Le kisses Kitty*

Mira has logged on

Mira: Yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo! … TRUBBIE! :3

Grubby09:  *Wounders what Amy and Butler are doing at this very moment, in the living room.*

Trouble10: Mirie :3

Chixisshot: Hypocrite.

Domvoia_Fowl: …*hits Grubby upside the head*

Trouble10: TT

Mira: Ohhh geeze, COOL IT, boys!

Trouble10: No.

Kitty: *agrees with Chix*

✔Cimerene: Da doop. :3

✔Cimerene is logging off

Chixishot: Seeee? Kitty agrees with me.

★Amber Root: I’m going to die…. D:

Mira: *Le sigh* Trubs, reminder, dinner at seven?

Trouble10: Oh, right….

Kitty: @Chix I love you, sweetie

Grubby09: asdfghjkl

Chixishot: Love ya too..*kisses Kitty*

Kitty: *Kissssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssses back*

Mira: Dudette, stop making out with your boyfriend.


Trouble10: SERIOUSLY, Chix/Kitty -.-

Kitty: Trubs, I told ya, get off my neck.

Trouble10: I’m not ON your neck!

Mira: …. whut

Grubby09: Please stop fighting!

Kitty: Then SHUT UP, god………………………………….. .

Kitty: @Grubby Or what. Ya’ll call your mommy?

Mira has logged out

Trouble10 has logged out

Domvoia_Fowl: Leave Grubby alone!

Grubby09: It’s not nice! Mummy doesn’t like it when Trubbie and I fight! And Dommie, pleaaaaaaase come over soon! Mira’s here too now!

★Amber Root: God…. Artemis keeps calling……

Kitty: *sighs* *kisses Chix*

Chixishot: *kisses Kitty back*

Domvoia_Fowl: ..I thought I did come over.. Ooooppppssss… Went to Chix’s house O.o

Kitty: Meow 😀 Wait, WHAT!!! Chix, ya were dating HER???

Grubby09: …. 0.o What are they DOING?

Chixishot: What are who doing? *opens door do Dommie*

Grubby09: Trouble and Mira.

Domvoia_Fowl: NEVER IN YOUR LIFE TIME CHIX*runs away to Grubby’s house*

Domvoia_Fowl now logging off

Kitty: *KISSES Chix*

Chixishot: *grins* *kisses Kitty back* *drags her to his room at same time*

Mira is now logging on.

Domvoia is now logging in

Mira: …..

Trouble10 is now logging on

Trouble10: …..

Mira: 0.0 What. The. FROND, Verbil!

Trouble10: FML. I had to see that, didn’t I?

Grubby09: Then what do you call what Mira and you were doing?

Trouble10: Attacking each other with boffer weapons, Grub.

Grubby09: WHATS?

Mira: Foam swords XD

Kitty: *giggles*

Chix: *laughs and closes door*

★Amber Root: Gwad… You guys are so crazy, now I know why Butty doesn’t like you guys…

Domvoia_Fowl: *huggles Grubby* brb

Domvoia_Fowl now logging off

Kitty is busy.

Grubby09: *Huggles Dommie* Okay!

★Amber Root: *Leaves*

★Amber Root now logging out.

Trouble10: *Le sigh* Mira, let’s go.

Mira: Mmm’kay.

Mira and Trouble10 are now logging off.

Domvoia_Fowl now logging on

Domvoia_Fowl: ..Grubby?


SaraParadizo is now logging on

★Sara: Heeeeey guys! Back from church…aw, I missed so much. Grub…Mira..Trubs…Chix…D:
SaraParadizo now logging off
Kitty now logging in.
Kitty: Meow…………………………………….
Kitty is busy again.
SaraParadizo is now logging in
★Sara: Hey, anyone here?

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11 responses to “The Chatting of Randomnesstations.” Join in!

  1. Yay! You posted it! <3

    Only mistake is that in the A/N, you said…

    "This was made by Cimerene, Domvoia Fowl, Amy Root, FowlStar, Kitty, and BoboParadizo."

    Tis supposed to be…

    "This was made by Cimerene, Domvoia Fowl, Amber Root, Fowlie, Kitty, and SaraParadizo."

    Otherwise, this is amazing! Fantastic! The authors must be pretty awesome people! 5/s


    Really? XD I’ll change it, but only cuz it’s you. And Im still calling you Bobo!

  2. Besides what Sara said, there was on more mistake. Second to last line,

    “?Sara: Ewww…you had to keep you video camera on, so we can see you two kissing?!?”

    Sould be:

    “?Sara: Ewww…you had to keep your video camera on, so we can see you two kissing?!?”

    Yay! We went over 3,500! 5/tacos!


    Heh, I’ll fix it. But, I just copied the thing. Sara did it. XD

  3. Lol! I love this :3 It’s nice and long, too. I like a looong fanfic, as long as I can follow it. Chatrooms are my favorite kind, too 🙂

    Something I’m wondering: what is randomnesstations? I get the randomness part, but what is the ‘tations’ part? Tations..

    Anyway, no con crit. (I’ve noticed it goes like that with a lot of fanfics I comment on..)I cannot wait for it TO BE CONTINUED!

    5 stars. 5 Funnies. 5 idiots. (This is a good thing.)


    Tations is what I like to say. (TAY-shons) It sounds shorter than it is. XD

  4. Oh randomnesstations? I think thats just a random word Minnie thought of.

    And Amy, I didn’t type that last part. I think someone editted what I had. *shrug*

    I actually went back and found a few mistakes, but I fixed them on the doc. :3 But I guess it’s a chatbox fic, so typos don’t really matter. 😀


  5. OMG…………..That’s all I’ll say…….

  6. Really good. I love chatroom fics. I noticed a few typos but nothing major.
    5 stars/tacos for Amy/whatever you want.


  7. ^Spam, guys. Spam. -__-

    Anyways, I can’t believe you guys wrote so much while I was a church! :O I like the Kitty and Kitty part. :3

    One thing…I changed it on the doc so that Sara logs out after she says…?Sara: Hi Kitty! Aw, bye Kitty! And you poofed for EIGHT hours. Of course it changed. :3

    Yeah. 😀 Thanks for posting it, Minnie! <3

  8. You updated, you just have 2 to 3 space problems.Good job though, that’s a big chatroom fic.

    OHAIDAR. Sorry for invading your comment, Kristin, but this was the best way I could think of to communicate with Cimerene ^^ I don’t really want to pop up in the middle of her fic.

    If you’re going to talk about those iffy sorts of things in your fic, please put a warning at the top (in red) for younger readers ^^ We know that they always ignore them, but it’s a rule ^^

    ~WE, out

  9. ^ Mmkay. Here we have:

    @Kristin, heh, I know. Im just waaay too lazy to fix it, cuz I spent, like, an hour and a half just doing all the colors cuz it wouldn’t copy that. Not including bolding and such. So, OH WELL! XD

    @WE, fixing it right now. 😀

    Thanks ^^ I appreciate that ~WE

  10. Oh my. Just oh my. This was funny. Just kind of overwhelming. I mostly just scanned the second half of it cuz I wanted to go to bed, but it is funny… I don’t think any mistakes would really matter, anyways, though, since it is a chatroom fic. Good job, guys! <3

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