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Mage Adventures

Summary: This isn’t really an update, but I dedicate this story to my friend, Shankeeka, who is in a bit of […]

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This isn’t really an update, but I dedicate this story to my friend, Shankeeka, who is in a bit of a hard time right now.  Also, another song that would work is Dark Horses by Switchfoot. to watch.

I’m just a step away
I’m just a breath away
Losing my faith today
Falling off the edge today

“Jump or die.” the masked lady said, pointing the gun at his back. Being shot would be no good to Artemis. But it was a long way down. If the sheer altitude didn’t get him, the jagged rocks at the bottom of the chasm would.
Suddenly, something tightened around Artemis’s neck. He couldn’t talk or breathe. He couldn’t even hiss. “Well, If you won’t do that, I’ll kill you myself.” Instantly, there was a burning pain. Suffocating was painful. “And because you won’t live long enough to tell anyone, my name’s Amber. I’m Opal Koboi’s sister. Who do you think was her fallback plan? She knew she was going to be murdered. So she wanted to make sure you suffered for it.”
The world went black. Artemis knew, that if he lived, the LEP would capture this pussycat. He also knew the LEP would never help them. He betrayed them. Broke them down to their core and exposed Foaly to the humans. And now he was dead too. Then, on an impromptu notion, he thought of Holly. All her friends would be dead. A trapdoor opened and sucked Artemis down. He was unconscious and was oblivious to the chaos and screeching that was occurring. Amber’s screams were nails on a chalkboard. They chilled any being to their core.
Butler had it rigged. He found a note a few days earlier warning him of the impending capture. So he had a contact in the theater rig a trapdoor. Butler carried the boy away. Artemis could breathe again, but there was no telling how long Amber’s hold would keep him unconscious.  Amber removed the spell from her features.  A laugh echoed through the abandoned theater as the Dark Sorceress celebrated her victory.

I am just a man
Not superhuman
I’m not superhuman
Someone save me from the hate

Butler knew Artemis was hurt. Mentally or physically, there was no telling what damage he’d taken. “If only he’d wake up…,”mumbled the mountainous manservant. He drove back a few miles to Fowl Manor. When he arrived, he automatically picked up the phone. There was a phone call he needed to make. Maybe he could convince some friends that Artemis never meant to harm them. At that moment, he realized Artemis was his weakness.
He picked up Artemis’s phone and dialed. It would be the only phone that would get a connection down there. Holly picked up on the first ring.
“He’s dead, isn’t he?” she said sharply.
“He’s not dead,” replied the invincible man. “He’s comatose.”
“Well, he meddled and got what he deserved. And now-’
Butler cut her off. “It’s bad. Someone that sounded like Opal Koboi’s legacy put him under. I’m afraid to take him to a human hospital.  What if they discover the magic he once had?”

“I’ll see if they’ll send a shuttle.”  It wasn’t a compromise, but it wasn’t a threat, either.

It’s just another war
Just another family torn
falling from my faith today
Just a step from the edge
Just another day in the world we live

Police Plaza

“Why does he do this?  He found your invention and sold it to the mud people.  We should have just mind wiped him then and there!”  Holly ranted.  You know what?  Just get the stupid shuttle.  And send No.1.  He’ll be able to unravel all the hexes on that D’Arvitted kid’s head.”   Holly was like this more and more lately.  You couldn’t argue.  So just saying nothing was your best option.  It was like her affection for Artemis was warring with her desire to be the best officer she could be.  Foalysent out for a hospital shuttle.

Fowl Manor, about 2 hours later

The shuttle had arrived.  There was a knock on the door, and a shout.  “Let me in!”  It was No.1.  Butler opened the door to see the squat, grey, demon imp at the door.  After crossing the threshhold, No.1 stopped and said, “Well, it’s powerful Dark magic.  A spell.  But it’s not fairy magic.  It’s mage magic.”

“What’s a mage?” asked Butler.  He just wanted Artemis back.

“A human magic user.  There is a mage prophecy, but it has yet to be fufilled. ”

“Why?” asked Butler.

“Well, one mage always turns dark.  It looks like one of them did this.”

The team of elvin Warlocks loaded into the shuttle. ” We have to track down a mage.  Only problem is, we don’t know where they are.” explained No.1.  They headed down to the Lower Elements.  After much ado, and legal issues, they got Artemis checked into Argon’s hospital.

I need a hero to save me now
I need a hero
save me now
I need a hero to save my life
A hero’ll save me just in time

Ravenswood Wildlife Perserve (across the globe in Pennsylvania), now

“We need to get the power crystals.  We can each track one.”  said Adriane.

“I’ll get the D-flies,” said Kara, reluctantly.  Well, then again, who would want dragonflies the size of small birds to braid their hair into a dreamcatcher?  “Hey, Goldie!  Fiona, Fred?  Get over here, y’all.”  The dragons spun her hair, and all three girls, including Goblin Princess Tasha, jumped in.  On their way to Aldemnor, they had no idea of their undergroung friends.  It’s just as well that they had no kowledge of the comatose Irish boy requiring the Healer’s help.

At best of both worlds, their adventures can be called ordinary.  The girls would discover the hidden line of the prophecy: And one will bond with darkness.  Artemis’s friends would discover that the consequences of not finding the mages would result in death.  Either way, it is a race against time.  Until destinies intertwine.

Argon’s Hospital

“The magic is very destructive.  It eventually will destroy him.” This was No.1’s verdict.

“Exactly when?” asked Holly. “I need to know so I can buy a funeral dress.”

“About two weeks.  There’s about a week of leeway.  Then, the deteriation is swift and deadly.   Even if we find the mage in the second week, it’s likely he’ll have severe physical and mental damage.”

“That means we’d better start our search right away,” said Butler, shooting Holly a glare that would stop a hurricane.

“I have a prototype that looks for areas with strong natural energy,” piped Foaly, who was doing a very good job of keeping his muoth shut until now.

“Let’s use it, then,” said No.1.

Ops Booth

Foalys new device had many areas gently pulsing with energy.  But one in particular quickly got the attention of the group.  Somewhere in America, in Pennsylvania.  It flashed violently multiple times.  The portal.  Then, it quieted down.  The area still pulsed a bit faster than the other areas.  “Either that’s a glitch,” exclaimed Foaly, “Or we have a location where someone’s using magic off the fairy scale.  That could be mages.”  After some map manipulation, they discovered that the area was the Ravenswood Wildlife Preserve.  On the website, there was a bar at the top that said ENTER PASSWORD.

“Foaly, can you hack that?”  asked Holly.

“It’s barely even secure.  Of course I can, “snorted Foaly.  The password, Avalon, led them to a database of magical animals and information on a world called Aldemnor.

At the airport

Holly was angry.  She was dressed as a mud girl, in a purple shirt that said, “I Love my nerdy friends!!” and sparkle jeans, as well as platform Keds.  She was supposed to act as Butler’s daughter.  Their reason for visiting the States was because his daughter, Carly, wanted to meet the girls at the Ravenswood Preserve.

When they were in the rental car, Holly whipped off the hat she’d been wearing to hide her ears.  They drove an hour from the Lancaster Airport to Ravenswood.  When they got to the preserve, they were stopped by an owl.  She was white, and possibly the most gorgeous thing Holly had ever seen.

Ariel could tell the girl was magical.  But this wasn’t web magic.  It was similar to the earth.  So, on a whim, she sent a telepathic message to this girl/animal.  Why are you here?  What are you? 

Holly was unsure how to respond.  So she said,”I am seeking a mage.  I am an elf.  My name is Captain Holly Short of the Lower Elements Police Reconnassaince unit.”

The mages you seek have gone to Aldemnor to retrieve the remaining power crystals.  I am Ariel, the owl.  I have never seen an elf like you.  Where are you from?”

I am from underground, in the Lower Elements.  I need the mages because my friend is in a coma.  He is in trouble, and if we don’t find the mages in a week, he will die.”

They will be back in a few hours.  You may stay here, with the other creatures, in the secret glade.

A few hours later, at sundown

A portal opened, right before Holly’s eyes.  It was swirling with color.  A black haired girl, with a glowing bracelet and a wolf, stepped through first.  Then, a girl with a supermodel face, with a glowing necklace this time, followed with a large cat.  Holly was on her feet, with her gun, before she realized that these were the mages.

“What the freak are you doing?” hollared Adriane.  Her wolf now looked more insubstantial, but still growled.

“Will they attack?” Holly asked evenly, but her trigger was still notched.

“No, this is Dreamer.”

“Hey, don’t forget me!  This is Lyra,” piped up Kara.

“I am Holly Short.  I need some mages to help my friend.”

“Well, that’s us, said Kara.  “What do you need?”

Holly explained Artemis’s situation once again.  As her tale wore on, the mages’ faces got longer and longer.

“What’s wrong?  Aren’t you supposed to be able to help us?”  Now Holly was worried.

“You see, “explained Adriane, “There’s three of us.  A Healer, a Warrior (that’s me, Adriane), and a Blazing Star.  That’s Kara.  But Emily, the Healer, is not here.  She didn’t rondezvous, so we had to leave Aldemnor without her.  I have a little healing magic, since our jewls switched once.  Maybe Kara could amplify it, but it might not work.”

I gotta fight today
To live another day
Speakin my mind today
my voice will be heard today

Shuttleport, around Lititz, Pennsylvania.

At the shuttleport, Holly used a computer to check in with Foaly.

“I found them,” she said.

“Well, that’s good.  Can they help?” exclaimed Foaly.

“Possibly.  The healer is lost in that other dimension, Aldemnor.  The ones that I have here are the Warrior and the Blazing Star.”

“My turn for some bad news.  No.1. was right.  There is a leeway, but it’s random.  The deterioration has already begun.”  No wonder Foaly had seemed so grim.

Holly shut off the communication and turned to her mage friends and their friends.  “Change of plans.  I’m going to fly a lep shuttle.  Artemis needs us now.”

I wonder what happened while she was talking to her friend,”  Lyra communicated to Kara and Adriane as Holly went to talk to the elf at the booking desk.

Dreamer added his thoughts. “Maybe something bad happened  to that kid in the coma.  She seems to like him.”

“I don’t know,” said Adriane, twirling her bracelet.  “Any ideas, Barbie?”

“She didn’t say who that friend was.  Maybe she fought with her boyfriend.”

“You are hopeless.”  Adriane snapped.

“Says you, Xena.”  They were about to get into a full on battle, when Holly walked over.

“Change of plans.  We have a private shuttle and I’m driving.”  For reasons unknown to the mages, Holly was smiling.

It was better than a roller coaster.  It was worse than a roller coaster.  Really, it depends on your opinion on roller coasters.  It was a controlled freefall.  It was an unearthly sensation, to be falling, but still have control.

I’ve gotta make a stand
But I am just a man
I’m not superhuman
My voice will be heard today

J. Argon Clinic

“This is unexpected.  I expected a race that lives underground to have a hospital more like Emily’s mom’s,” commented Lyra, who had been treated at the clinic for severe burns caused by the evil, magical poison called Black Fire.

Do they have food?” asked Dreamer.

“I’m sure they do.” laughed Adriane.

Holly walked over to the reception desk.  “How may I help you?” asked the gome, who’s name tag said R. Taylor.

“We’re here to see Artemis Fowl,” replied Holly.

“I’m sorry.  No visitors are allowed, until further notice,” she said, nonchalantly.

“Do you realize what you’re doing?” asked Holly.  “You’re obstructing a LEP officer.”

“Very well.  But if you end up with a curse on your head, it’s not my fault.  Second floor, room 12.”  Ms. Taylor didn’t show it, but she felt very ticked off by this know-it-all LEP elf.

“Wait!” she called.  “No animals allowed.  And those girls clearly have animals.”

“Can you go without them?” asked Holly.

‘They enhance our magic.” Adriane explained.  “They increase the intensity.”

“I’m so glad I’m a fairy,”muttered Holly.  “I’ve got three simple powers and no logic needed.”  Ignoring the  shouting receptionist, they walked toward the elevator.

It’s just another war
Just another family torn
JEN: my voice will be heard today
It’s just another kill
The countdown begins to destroy ourselves

Room 12

Artemis looked paler than death.  Other than that, he just looked like a sleeping person.  However, his friends knew the truth in that.  In fact, they knew how it was too true.  Nobody could tell what was wrong right now.

The silence in the room was unnerving.  Holly whispered to the mages, “Are you ready?”

Adriane replied in the same whispery tone. “As ready as we can be.” She gave a weak smile.

The girls put their hands on Artemis’s shoulder.  Then, both jewels began to pulse in time with his heartbeat, a glow that scared everyone out of their minds, from the sight of that pure power.  This went on for a while.  It didn’t matter.   Their friend wasn’t waking up.  Their concentration was so tense, that not even Holly dared question.

Finally, his eyes flicked open.  “Where am I?” He asked tiredly.

“Yes!” The girls gave each other hi- 5s and hugged.  “It worked!  It worked!” they chanted.

The fairies reaction was quite different from the ones of the teenage girls.  They questioned him about his intellect.  These mixed reactions continued until the mages’ excitement spread to everyone.

“What worked?” Artemis asked once he could get a word in.

“The healing.  We had to track down these human girls to help.” Holly smiled.  Artemis was a fighter.

Kara saw the way Adriane was looking at Artemis and excused them, yanking Adriane’s black clad arm out of the party into the hall.  “You like him!”

Adriane tried to deny it.  “No I don’t.  Why are you asking?”

“You’re just in denial.  He’s cute, isn’t he?”

Adriane knew she could deny it for ages and Kara’s accusation would only get more bizziare and annoying. “Okay.  He might be a little cute.”

“Ask him out then.  Once he’s out of the hospital.  Ask him out.”

“I will, then.”





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  1. Update! This is really good so far. Skillet rocks!

  2. I will. I started this, seemingly eons ago, so it’s harder to get into the groove. One promise: If I let you down, you can metaphorically steal all my lollipops!

  3. I love this song and this is generally good so far, but there are a few mistakes.

    “Ambers screams”
    Correction: ‘Amber’s screams’ This was probably just a typo seeing as you used possession correctly in other places.

    Correction: underground. Again, probably a typo.

    ‘“Exactly when?” asked Holly, “I need…”‘
    Correction:'”Exactly when?” asked Holly. “I need…”‘ ‘asked Holly’ completes the thought, therefore there should be a period, not a comma.

    Correction: jewels

    These are all really minor mistakes that anyone might make, and you seem to know how to write well, so I’ll leave it at that, apart from one tip.

    When you have the setting at the top of a scene, you might want to make it bold so it’s more separate.

    I hope this helps, and I’ll look forward to more of this. I really enjoyed it. 🙂

    Oh my god. When I saw that you, Trubs, we’re the one to be the person who commented. I screamed. :3 Welcome back(I hope)!

  4. Sorry. This was originally a Google Doc, and when I started copying, I noticed not everything transferred.

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