For the love of Minerva. Or Holly. Or Maybe Both. (part 13)

Summary:      Okay, this one is going to be a bit of a crossover. I’m gonna bring in some of the […]

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     Okay, this one is going to be a bit of a crossover. I’m gonna bring in some of the characters from some of my favorite books. I’ll try to explain them as best I can in case you haven’t read those books, but just bear with me. Kay?

Bobby Pendragon: From Pendragon series,14 years old, is a Traveler,which means that he travels through time and space to different territories to save them. Some of them aren’t like earth at all, but still have people and oxygen and stuff.Oh, and the territory of Earth is called Second Earth. Its kind of confusing. More in story.

Harry Potter:If you haven’t read or seen a Harry Potter movie I will kill you. Anyways, he is parentless and lives with his mean aunt, uncle, and cousin, is magical(with a wand) and goes to a witch and wizard school called Hogwarts.

Gandalf: Wizard from Lord of the Rings, has magical staff, is pretty much this awesome old wizard man who knows like everyone and always pops up out of nowhere.

Last but not least, Mulch: We all know about him, and he’s from AF, so let’s get this party started.

     Bobby called second earth into the flume. He had just saved the territory and was exhausted. He expected to end up in the subway station where the flume was on Second Earth, but he was not.(Flume is how he travels. All doors into flumes have stars on them.)Instead, he was in a strange house whose inside was completely dirt. Confused, he walked to the door and opened it. Sure enough, the outside had a star carved on it. So he was on Second Earth, but not in Stony Brook. Interesting. Oh well, he thought. I guess I just have to save this part of Second Earth.

     He walked outside to find that the entrance to the flume wasn’t anywhere remote at all. In fact, it appeared to open right onto a very busy street in….h looked around and saw a sign that said “Welcome to Fairview”…..Fairview. Where was that? He racked his brains and remembered that it was in Pennsylvania, next to Erie.(like lake erie)

     He exited the flume confused, and started walking down the street, surprised that no quigs were attacking him.(quigs can be anything:vicious dogs, sharks, monster cannibal bears, anything. They’re all evil, though and try to stop travelers)

     Bobby looked over his shoulder to see if they were behind him, and saw a boy about his age walking behind him. Could the quigs be humans? No, this kid didn’t have the vicious yellow eyes of a quig. This was just a normal kid. Or so he thought. The kid seemed kind of scared and pulled out some kind of stick. He pointed the stick at a rock, glanced up at Bobby, saw that he was watching, and glanced back down. The boy whispered something, and the rock moved whichever way the boy moved the stick. This was too strange. He had to know what was going on. This was Second Earth for goodness sake. People can’t work magic!

     Bobby approached the boy warily. When he was close enough for the boy to talk to him without shouting, he heard the boy say, “Hi. I’m Harry. I saw that you came out of that building, and was curious. You see, I travel in something like that. I believe you call those flumes? See, I call it the floo, but it transports me, just like you. I thought that maybe you were a wizard. Do you go to Hogwarts?”

     “What are you talking about? I’m not a wizard. I’m a traveler.”

     “Oh, I see. Well, I’m a wizard, and my school is called Hogwarts. I can do magic. Wait, what’s a traveler?”

     “Um, well, there’s different territories all throughout time and space. Where we are now is called Second Earth. There’s other territories too, like Denduron, and Cloral. I travel through the flumes to these territories, and I save them from destruction. Most of them are fine, but this guy named Saint Dane goes to them too  and causes them to fight and destroy themselves. I have to save them from Saint Dane.”

     “Wow. That’s horrible. Are you alone? Don’t you have any friends in it?”

     “Well, I’m not alone. I have my uncle, who isn’t really my uncle, and this girl named Loor who is like, freakishly amazing, and I have a special ring that I can send notes to my regular friends through, so I’m not alone. It’s hard though.”

     “Yeah, I’m sort of like that. I have to live with my aunt, uncle, and cousin, who might as well not be because they’re horrible to me, and they aren’t even magical.”

     Bobby was starting to like this guy. He was exactly like him. “What about your friends? Does your aunt and uncle let you have any?”

     “Oh yeah. I have lots of friends at Hogwarts. My two best friends, though, are Ron and Hermione. Hermione is kind of like you said how Loor was. She’s freakishly amazing too. She knows the answers to everything, but she’s is also a great friend and doesn’t mind breaking a few rules. You know.”

     Bobby was about to reply when some hairy, fat, little thing popped up between them. They had started walking, and were now in the middle of  the local cemetery. Bobby thought a scream would be okay considering where they were. His eyes widened and he jumped back and yelled. The Harry kid just took a calm step backward, as if this happened to him everyday.

     The kid took out his stick. I guess it’s a wand, Bobby thought. He pointed his wand at the thing and said stupefy.

     The strange little man was knocked out, but came to quickly. Harry was about to do it again when Bobby stopped him. “No. Stop. I think he might be human somehow.” Harry have him a strange look, but lowered his wand slightly.

     Bobby bent down to the thing’s height. It was about three feet tall. The thing opened it’s eyes and stood up. Then, it spoke, surprising both teenagers. The thing was, of course, Mulch, but they had no way of knowing.

     “What do you think you’re doing, shooting your stolen magic out of your magic shooter holders at me? I’m just a dwarf, after all! I only wanted to find something to eat, and low and behold, two mud boys pop up right where I”m gonna look for some fruit.”

     Harry was the first to recover. “I.. I’ve never heard dwarves talk before. All of our dwarves on the school grounds can’t talk. And you don’t look like a dwarf,” he said confused.

     “Well, of course I can talk,” Mulch said. He unhinged his jaw and told them,” I have this collossal mouth. Why wouldn’t I be able to talk?”

     At the sight of all Mulch’s teeth, the boys cowered back. From the distance, Bobby asked,”What’s going on? Why are you here?”

     “Ah, you know I was just kidding you boys when I told you that you were in my way. I really need your help,” Mulch said growing serious. “I just learned that one of my friends might be in trouble, and I can’t find anyone else to help. You two are familiar with things that are kind of magical, so I thought I would get you.” Pointing at Harry he said, “But you disgust me. How could you use that stolen fairy magic in your little magic adaptor? I mean puh-lease,” Mulch said, and grinned.

     Ignoring the jibe, Harry answered for the two new friends,”Alright, we’ll do it. Just show us what to do.”

     “Good. All you have to do is ride on my behind underground, possibly through some sewer tanks, climb up the side of a straight up building using only my pores, and save my friend from a power crazed pixie who wants my friend dead.”

     The boys cringed at this, but they had already agreed. “Now, I’ll have to pull up out of the ground to empty my stomach every once in a while,” Mulch said. “It is a pretty long dig, so I can’t hold it all in. Just don’t hold me up from emptying. You’ll be sorry if you do,” he said grinning again.

     “Alright, let’s just get this over with,” Bobby said.

     “Yeah. Let’s go,” said Harry.

     “Wonderful. Now, the heavier boy should ride first with the lighter one on his back. And remember, I shouldn’t have to tell you to get out of the tunnel twice when we pull up, alright?”

     The boys climbed on and nodded. The thought this would be an extremely long ride with several hundered pulls out of the ground. As you now know, though, they were wrong.

     LEP shuttle; underwater, New York harbor, now.

     Still slightly angry about the kiss mix up earlier, Holly was furious when Artemis got himself into more trouble. She screamed the most when he called them, until he silenced all of them. She listened to the conversation and tried to insult him once, but it didn’t bother him. Now he wanted them to all wait while Butler went to fetch him. Was it always about him? Ugh!

     Suddenly, Foaly was getting another call from Artemis. Holly turned away. Couldn’t he just wait for the help to arrive? But it wasn’t Artemis. It was Minerva calling.

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  1. That was, WOW! I love the idea of the different book charactrs *Does a happy dance because of Gandalf, and Harry* no mistakes and again WOW! 5/S

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    also the story was awsome!!!

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  4. i luv u 2 guys. Ur so funny how you hav comment conversation. sry 4 the txtng slang. ive bin txtng.

  5. Gandalf is awesome! And so is Harry! This is amazing!

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