Blood After the Storm

Summary: A VERY short story, non-cannon, of course. It's also a My Little Pony crossover! I may try a prequel if it's well recieved.

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All Holly could see were her two hooves in front of her, stained red. This wasn’t what she signed up for. This wasn’t why she left LEP. Slowly, she pulled her eyes away from her hooves to survey the damage her unit had caused. Houses burned all around her, and ponies jumped from their windows only to be met with a death more swift than fire. Those unlucky enough to still be alive after the impact suffered from broken legs and spines. And then you have the least lucky of them all, the ones who couldn’t escape the flames. Those were the ones who screamed, cried out for help as their flesh burned. One ran right up to Holly, begging to be put out of his misery. She could see his face melting, his eyeballs popping from the heat. She pulled out her Neutrino, turned the setting up as high as it would go, and burned a hole straight through the stallion’s skull. It was the least she could do. Those little rays of mercy are what keep her from turning the gun on herself. Her comerades were already gone by the time she headed away from the wretched place. As she walked down the stone path, she only muttered one thing. “Damn you, Celestia, why?”

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