ArtemisFowl/Animorphs crossover

Summary: The Last Guardian spoilers. So what'll happen when the yeerks try to invade AF universe?

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Sorry, I’m restarting this, but I changed my mind about half the things. And hopefully, I’ll finish it.
A Few Notes:

  • Last Guardian Spoilers. They’re not that major in my opinion but might be in yours, and there is one major spoiler, so if you haven’t read the book, don’t read (unless you really don’t mind the ending being spoiled). Also, some Animorphs spoilers. Not that major, as what is spoiled is from #7 and #44
  • Yes, I’m an character. If you really want, I can make you a character too, but you’re not going to sound like yourself so yeah.
  • Oh, and that more than and less than bracket thingies, I did upload the image to photobucket since I’m too used to it. Clicking it will just send you to where that image is on photobucket.

The violence level isn’t that bad. It isn’t that much worse than Artemis Fowl.
And I tried my best. Constructive criticism is welcome.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. First paragraph, I think it should be “six months” instead of “six month”. Other then that, very good! Can’t wait for the update! I liked how it was easy to follow, even though I never read the Animorph series. Well done! =D

  2. So it’s really good, you mixed the two different plots together really well, but you kind of need to work on your grammar and your spelling.

  3. @Acekissy
    okay, well, according to microsoft word, the spelling (except for the codes and animorphs/artemis fowl words) are all right, and I do use alot of sentence fragments in my writing. Was that what you’re taking about? Or is there something else as well?
    Thanks ^_^

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