Artemis and the Dragon

Summary: If you have ever seen the likes of it, you know to be afraid. If you have ever heard it’s […]

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If you have ever seen the likes of it, you know to be afraid. If you have ever heard it’s name, you hear it on terrified lips. Fear it, for it is a creature of your worst nightmares. Every year, young brave souls are chosen to train in the Ice Arena. They fight dragons that may or may not harm them, depending on how good they are. This has been the way of the islanders of Berk for thousands of years, and it will never change, until the last dragon closes its eyes for the Eternal Sleep.
Artemis pulled the rough, wool covers off his aching body.
“It was cold tonight, huh, Arty?” A large figure stomped into his tiny room.
“Call me Artemis, Father,” Artemis said, brushing some lint off of his tunic.
“Stop being so formal, you pile of bones!” Artemis’s father laughed heartily, making the icicles that ringed the roofs of the villager’s houses shake.
“Ha ha. Very funny,” Artemis groaned. “I wish that I could have some covers that do not make me itch.” Artemis staggered outside, and was instantly greeted by the smiling face of the village blacksmith.
“Hello there, Arty! Do you mind helping me in the shop today?” Artemis shook his head.
“It is my first day of dragon training today. I will be too busy to help.” Artemis had almost said too dead, but had thought better of it.
The large gates opened with a large SQUEAK, and Artemis entered. He joined a group of other kids as they listened attentively to the teacher.
“Welcome to your first day of dragon training…”
The first thing that the new students had to do was compete in challenges to discover their rank in dragon-training. The best would fight the toughest dragons, the weakest fought the least, etc.
Artemis lined up at the starting line for his first challenge; a race. His opponent was a girl named Enha. She was a fast runner who always ran the errands for the village elders. This was not a very fair match.
“All righty, you weaklings! Get in your starting positions!” the teacher barked. “Ready…set…GO!!!!!”
Enha took off like a shot, leaving Artemis in the dust. Coughing, Artemis struggled as much as he could, but when it became too much, he stopped, gasping for breath. The teacher came up to him.
“You’ve only gone a bit of a mile. Get yourself a spine, lad,” he said as if embarrassed by Artemis’ performance. After he left, three other kids came over. All of them looked triumphant, and Artemis guessed they had won their races.
“You are a looser!” They taunted. Artemis recognized them as Btaf, Woxp, and Zannah D. They were known to bully weaklings. Artemis left them with his head down. The three of them laughed.
That night, Artemis picked at his food. As he poked his meat with a fork, he felt his father’s eyes on him. He looked up, and jumped. His father was leaning all the way across the table, his enormous smile only about an inch from Artemis’s face.
“Sooooo, how’d ya do?”
Artemis slumped in his bed. He hadn’t liked telling his father about his failures, and liked seeing his father’s enormous grin slide down into a frown of dissapointment even less (well, it had been right in front of his face).
“Arty?” his father called, coming into his room.
“What is it, Father?” Artemis pulled his knees up to his chest, not wanting to talk right now.
“I just wanted to tell you that I was a weakling too,” the chief said.
“How did you become like you are now? I mean, if you were so weak,” Artemis asked.
“Well, Arty, it was when I killed me first dragon. I almost didn’t y’see, I was so weak. So after that, I trained meself as far as I could go, farther even, sometimes. An’ here I am!” He gestured to himself. Then he suddenly got up and left the room, breaking quite a few things in the process, and left Artemis to contemplate what he had just said.

Chapters: 1 2

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  1. I love this movie! Good grammer, yada yada. Excellent first paragraph. I laughed so hard at the thought of Artemis as a Viking kid. A bit short, so I can’t wait to see the rest!

    *first comment dance*

  2. ENHA is a girl. I’m not a stalker!! I SWEAR!!

    I haven’t watched the movie, but I like this. CONTINUE!

    “He almost said, ‘too dead’, but changed his mind,”


  3. Artemis? a Viking?! UPDATE!!!!!

  4. Oh, wow. I love this.

    Keep updating. I hate it when people just write halfway, leave it on a cliffhanger, then abandon it.

    P.S. Don’t make me one of the bad guys!

  5. That was a tremendous update. Without the sarcasm, it was what, a paragraph!?

    For a second, I wondered who Woxp was, then I realized… it was ME.

    It is pretty funny, as I’ve said before, but I seriously need more material before I engage in a long comment.

  6. AHHHH!!! STALKER!!! Kidding. Kidding.

    Ah yes, I have finally beaten Artemis at something. Sweet victory. And yes, I am a girl. Most definitely a girl.
    Great update, but you should add more! This is just too funny. Artemis in dragon-training. That’ll be the day. 😀

  7. Heck yeah.

    See my above comment. And, really. Three feet? That would imply that Artemis can’t ever walk a few steps by himself, which he can…

  8. ilove the update and you used me!!!:):):)
    taunt meux!!!!!

  9. six feet. but i agree.

  10. You… updated… and you didn’t… *sniff, cry* TELL US! Or you did, I commented and promised that I would read it, and then I forgot, forgetful person I am.

    Anyway, I watched the movie twenty minutes ago, and this came to mind. So I reread it. It has more meaning to me now, XD.


  11. I love the idea of Artemis the Viking, virtually no mistakes detected, UPDATE OR FACE MY FOWL FARTS

  12. FantasyDevourer May 31st, 2011 at 3:07 am 13

    🙂 I love this!!! This is my favorite movie too!! (If you look closely, my avatar thingy is a dragon) but kinda weird to think of Artemis as a viking. Also, no Angeline because Hiccup didn’t have a mom. (Well, I think she died or something)

  13. I see… you’re kinda putting Artemis in Hiccup’s place. Most interesting. How to Train Your Dragon is now my favorite movie, courtesy of a boy who sat next to me last year and loved it.

    Short update, short update. Same Elfie, then! Didn’t spot any mistakes, actually… Update again? ^^



    Ach. Can you update again? For me? XDXDXD

    (Sorry. I don’t usually spam like this, and you very well know it.)

    (Plus, since this is an update, it doesn’t count as double-posting. *huffs*)

  15. So, How To Train Your Dragon with some AF characters? Epic. Hope there’s some unexpected AF twist.

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