Halloween Challenge: Trick or Treat?

Summary: A/N: Due to the popularity of my Thanksgiving story, I’m doing something similar for Halloween! But this time it’s for […]

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A/N: Due to the popularity of my Thanksgiving story, I’m doing something similar for Halloween! But this time it’s for a contest! So please, no con crit.
Mother—sorry, Mum—is reading a magazine. The cover contained a pumpkin with the words “Halloween is around the corner!” I know what Halloween is—candy, costumes, and knocking on people’s doors. We get our fair share of trick-or-treaters each year. And every year, Mother forgets about it. Halloween is a week away. That’s plenty of time for Mother to attempt to force me, and probably some of the faries, into costumes. Mother is very resourceful. I hastily slip away.

Mother has been out all day. Father doesn’t know where she is. I fear she may be shopping for costumes. I hope she can’t find one and is too late. I call Holly, and tell her to collect the others. I may need support. On second thought, I don’t think Holly would be the best choice for that…

I wait by the door for only a few minutes before Holly, No.1, Foaly and Mulch arrive. We all sit in the parlor and discuss what had been going on recently. Holly got a promotion. Foaly invented something. No.1 helped at a hospital. Mulch was in jail. I told them about Mother and the costumes. Not only did I not receive the moral support that I expected, they laughed at me. How disgraceful, after all I’d done to help the People.

It is Halloween. I hide in my room, but Morher finds me.
“Arty, come out,” she calls. I pretend to to hear.
“Artemis!” Once again, I pretend not to hear.
“Artemis Fowl II, get out here right now!” She is getting flustered. I hear it in her voice. Only a few hours until it’s too late. I must hold out until then…
Mother barges into my room. I knew I couldn’t keep her out forever. In her hands, she holds a pirate costume, complete with an eyepatch and a fake beard. And a parrot. Oh Frond…

Mother has myself and my friends in the living room, all in our costumes. Mulch, No.1 and Foaly are themselves, but Mother forces Holly into a costume. She is a princess, and not a happy one at that. Mother took a picture of the four of us, catching our faces before we can turn away. Then she sends us out with little pumpkins to put candy in. I admire the Halloween decorations surrounding our house. Mother set up a haunted house, covering all the antique items in a thick layer of fake cobwebs. There were Halloween creatures all over in various poses. It was quite an intricate display.

Once we are out of sight of the Manor, Holly and I get rid of our costumes, and leave them in a safe place. Then we take a leisurely walk to the nearest town. Holly, No.1, Foaly and Mulch wait in a small park while I buy individually wrapped candy at the convenience store. We fill up our silly pumpkin buckets to make it seem like we have been trick-or-treating, and then rest a while. About an hour later, we walk back to the spot in the forest where we left our costumes, and Holly and I change. Then we return to the Manor. The haunted house part is crowded, so we go in the back. Mother intercepts us as she is restocking the candy bowl. She seems to buy it. If only I had known…

After the fairies leave, Mother finds me. She gives me a calculating look. Finally, she speaks.
“I know you didn’t go, Arty. Why?”
I freeze. “I did. I got candy, as you can see from my bag.”
“No, Arty, I mean you didn’t go trick-or-treating.”
“I did. Now…I wish to eat some of my candy.” I had no intention of eating the dastardly stuff. I merely needed an excuse to get away from Mother.
“Fine. I’ll let you off the hook. But next year…” She shakes her head. Oh Frond…

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  1. Hmmm……..kinda confusing, I can’t follow… But, update

  2. No con crit or chapters, Kirstin.

  3. LEPofficerHollyShort February 20th, 2012 at 5:41 pm 3

    Sound awesome please make a part 2

  4. chocolatetruffles1 April 17th, 2012 at 9:56 am 4

    I can imagine him in the costume. lol

  5. FoalyTheParanoid September 22nd, 2012 at 2:47 am 5

    Lol. But that would never happen.

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