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Poetry/Songfictions Stories

  • New Way…

    Summary: Artemis Fowl...who am I?

    Written on 23rd Feb 2013, by . 3 Reviews.

  • I Left My Heart Behind

    Summary:      I got bored at lunch so I decided to try my luck at poetry. It’s not the first poem […]

    Written on 30th Jan 2013, by . 2 Reviews.

  • More Than A Memory

    Summary:      (Note): Obviously this is an A/H. It is from Artemis’ point of view and (duh) the “she” is Holly.  […]

    Written on 30th Jan 2013, by . 3 Reviews.

  • A Small Adventure

    Summary: A free-verse poem telling the story of an average fairy-world-saving adventure

    Written on 30th Jan 2013, by . 1 Review.

  • The Final Vow

    Summary: A small portion of my creativity. If this is already a real song... Well then, Darn.

    Written on 29th Jan 2013, by . 4 Reviews.

  • Waltz of Shadows

    Summary: WARNING SPOILERS dont read if you haven't read TLG.

    Written on 10th Nov 2012, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Giggling on the toilet…

    Summary: Inspired by my favorite character, Mulch Diggums. Heck, he can own this for all I care.

    Written on 6th Nov 2012, by . 6 Reviews.

  • Cocoon of the Spider

    Summary: It is not always best to take what one wants.

    Written on 8th Oct 2012, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Last Fight

    Summary: NNNOOOO! It sounds like Night of the Hunter!!!! I thought it was familiar!

    Written on 26th Sep 2012, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Mesmer

    Summary: Follow, follow the voice. Tones bass and velvet. Enchanting and hypnotic. Standing on a cliff, willing to jump. Follow, follow […]

    Written on 24th Sep 2012, by . 6 Reviews.