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Poetry/Songfictions Stories

  • Holly

    Summary: An eighteen-lined couplet about Holly Short

    Written on 26th Mar 2014, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Domovoi

    Summary: A poem about the one and only D. Butler.

    Written on 14th Mar 2014, by . 4 Reviews.

  • Love

    Summary: L is for laughter O is for oblivious V is for vicious E is for the end.

    Written on 26th May 2013, by . 3 Reviews.

  • Wisher

    Summary: This my first hand at song fiction. The song is "Wisher" by Terminal. It's short, but the lyrics are repeated often.

    Written on 25th May 2013, by . 5 Reviews.

  • See You Again

    Summary: A/N Okay, my first songfic! I usually don’t do these, but I was listening to the radio today and it […]

    Written on 20th May 2013, by . 4 Reviews.

  • The Lonely

    Summary: Yep, another songfic. I like doing those, because I don’t have people hounding me for update. I figure this can […]

    Written on 11th May 2013, by . 6 Reviews.

  • Spies

    Summary: Hello! Back again, and rather soon. I don’t have school today, so I thought I would post something I don’t […]

    Written on 3rd May 2013, by . 4 Reviews.

  • Harbored Love

    Summary: This is supposed to be from Artemis' P.O.V. as he thinks about what Orion was talking about.

    Written on 1st Mar 2013, by . 3 Reviews.

  • The Corner

    Summary: This is kind of a spoiler for TLG, but you would only get it as a spoiler if you have read it. From Hollys' point of view.

    Written on 1st Mar 2013, by . 1 Review.

  • I Left My Heart Behind

    Summary:      I got bored at lunch so I decided to try my luck at poetry. It’s not the first poem […]

    Written on 30th Jan 2013, by . 2 Reviews.