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Chatroom Fics Stories

  • Chatroom 8,118

    Summary: Made in celebration of getting on the top list in math! My first chatroom fic! So, yeah, please review, rate, and […]

    Written on 21st Nov 2013, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Chatting on Facebook

    Summary: This little fan fiction is just poking fun about Arty and Holly's kiss.

    Written on 1st Apr 2013, by . 1 Review.

  • The Party

    Summary: A few of my friends and myself get together the day before Artemis's birthday and plan a huge surprise party for him!

    Written on 24th Feb 2012, by . 6 Reviews.

  • Interview Girl

    Summary: Rated PG-13. Most cussing is bleeped, but there are some other references..

    Written on 22nd Dec 2011, by . 6 Reviews.

  • New meme chatroom fic :D Need people to be in it!

    Summary: Mkay theres six people in teh fic, need two more people 😀 Holls, Amy, Mari, Bobo, Affy, Mira ^_^ Oh […]

    Written on 22nd Dec 2011, by . 18 Reviews.

  • The Chatting of Randomnesstations

    Summary: Everything the title says: Chatting, with a bunch of randomnesstations! NOT FOR YOUNG READERS!

    Written on 18th Dec 2011, by . 11 Reviews.

  • FG and Minerva Proof Fairy Online Server

    Summary:   Note from the author: The Artemis Fowl characters have to meet on a fairy server, not a human server,so […]

    Written on 11th Dec 2011, by . 5 Reviews.

  • Mission # 1: Mission Seemingly Impossible.

    Summary: PG-13 because of cussing and my sense of humor. And possibly mild gore :D

    Written on 12th Nov 2011, by . 3 Reviews.

  • The Randomness of IAFFF

    Summary: Contains cussing and some PG or PG13 themes. Nothing too bad. Deal. RANDONESS AHEAD!!!

    Written on 24th May 2011, by . 26 Reviews.

  • FanFiction Towers

    Summary: Cullen, Fowl, Moon, Potter, Maximum, Ward and Elric are forced to live together under the eye of crazy fans! Madness will ensue!

    Written on 8th Aug 2010, by . 154 Reviews.