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Challenge Entries Stories

  • Haven

    Summary: A/N:  Written for the prompt “Opal, Paradise Lost” for the Christmas fic exchange.  And I don’t know who prompted, or […]

    Written on 22nd Dec 2009, by . 2 Reviews.

  • Christmas Lists

    Summary: OK… I saw that there’s a contest for a christmas story and this was one of the ideas it said […]

    Written on 13th Dec 2009, by . 21 Reviews.

  • My halloween challenge entry

    Summary: Artemis fumbled around in the dark. The stifling hot air jabbed painfully across his cheast as he ran. The room […]

    Written on 27th Oct 2009, by . 7 Reviews.

  • Vampire, old friend, vampire

    Summary: My entry for Wishes challenge. I’m not very good at horror, but I tried. *shrugs* Oh and I don’t know […]

    Written on 26th Oct 2009, by . 17 Reviews.

  • Worst Day ever ( + explanation on why i ain’t updating )

    Summary: Welp. I am having first, my mom tells me i can’t have a puppy. second, i am in the […]

    Written on 5th Oct 2009, by . 47 Reviews.

  • destined to be (or not, as the case may be)

    Summary: look, the origional idea wasn't mine, it was someone who's name escapes me but did one about foaly and caballine. thanks to them! this is a story of how artemis is trying to propose but it keeps going wrong. thanks also to nelly furtado, who inspired this fanfic

    Written on 20th Aug 2009, by . 40 Reviews.

  • FF Challenge Entry

    Summary: Discliamer: I don’t own AF Title: FF Challenge Entry Pairing: Butler/Chix Warnings: This makes little-to-no sense A/N: I found and AF […]

    Written on 2nd Aug 2009, by . 20 Reviews.

  • Compensation

    Summary: Disclaimer: I always forge to say that I don’t own this . . . Title: Compensation Pairing: Trouble/Grub Warnings: Slash-erific. […]

    Written on 16th Jul 2009, by . 21 Reviews.

  • Love’s last wish

    Summary: What do we girls do to boy's when we change are minds so suddenly?? What is love's last wish if it refuses to complete it's self? Is it death? Or is it a new start, a new love? or both depending on the people.Can one love be stronger then the other. Why? Dose it have to bee that way? Where dose a spirit go after death?

    Written on 15th Jul 2009, by . 18 Reviews.

  • This Is For Kagome.

    Summary: A/N: This is my idea for The Reason. It’s set to Kelly Clarkson’s Hate Myself For Losing You. I woke […]

    Written on 12th Jul 2009, by . 59 Reviews.