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Hi! Well. since you probably wanna know a bit about me, here goes. My intrests are reading, writing, romance, flowers, shopping, and fighting. I have long red hair and large dark blue eyes. I am in love with &!!*!*%@)@). You can call me Star, Fire, Wilde, or Rose. I am not picky. There is gonna be a lot of romance fics, people, so look out! Au revoir!

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My Favorites

  • Site CLOSED, in READ-ONLY Mode Now, Sorry!

    Summary: Closed to new users and registrations, sorry! Check out the forum instead now.

    Written on 20th Nov 2016, by . 6 Reviews.

  • My First Pimple REWRITTEN

    Summary: This is the updated and hopefully improved version of my story My First Pimple. Contains no actual slash but heavily […]

    Written on 9th Mar 2010, by . 18 Reviews.

  • What Now?

    Summary: Please don’t read this if you don’t like slash, crack pairings, silly one shots. Not appropriate for younger peoples.¬†Also, warning. […]

    Written on 20th Aug 2009, by . 29 Reviews.

  • My First Pimple

    Summary: Warning – This is a slash story. Don’t read if you don’t like that kind of stuff. Also my other […]

    Written on 2nd Sep 2009, by . 30 Reviews.

  • A Love Story, Or Not

    Summary: Warings: This story is slash and contains swearing. I had to put this whole thing up again because last time […]

    Written on 24th Aug 2009, by . 80 Reviews.

  • “Check Mate.”

    Summary: Artemis and his healing process after The Atlantis Complex. Enjoy!

    Written on 14th Nov 2011, by . 22 Reviews.

My Stories

  • Moi Amor

    Summary: This place was perfect for her. The land of chocolates, style, Well, maybe not love.

    Written on 7th Nov 2011, by . 10 Reviews.

  • Artemis’s Halloween (Wilde’s Halloween Challenge)

    Summary: Artemis hates Halloween. Here are the reasons why, with a tantrum from Foaly and a naughty thought from Holly.

    Written on 25th Oct 2011, by . 6 Reviews.

  • You Look Familiar

    Summary: Who are the strange people who came flying(literally!) in to the Fowl's front room? And why do they look so familiar?

    Written on 7th Sep 2011, by . 26 Reviews.